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Below you can read some messages from David for members of our forum who took part in our various birthday and christmas book projects:
Christmas Book 2008
Birthday Book 2008
I hope you will forgive the lateness of this note. 
Once again I am overwhelmed by your kindness in creating such a special gift for my birthday, I have enjoyed reading and looking at all the contributions, you are all fantastic and I thank you.
DT x
Christmas Book 2007
Dear all,
Happy new year to everyone, and thank you all so much for all your incredible Christmas wishes. I was once again bowled over by your kindness and generosity.
2007 wasn't an easy year as you are probably aware and all that everyone did at for the ACCORD hospice will always mean a great deal to my family and me.
So to then receive a book groaning with so much kindness and goodwill at Christmas was amazing. Thank you to everyone who contributed. I hope 2008 is a healthy and happy year for all of you and your families. You're all lovely.
Lots of love
dt x
Birthday Book 2007
Dear All,
Now this is very very late so you'll have to forgive me. I've been filming in Hungary, having a holiday in Scotland and generally running around like something of a loon of late and your wonderful, extensive and completely fabulous birthday package has only just got to me. 
Thank you all. I am totally overwhelmed by all your amazing contributions. The drawings, the photographs and especially all the fantastic, charming and blush-making messages, not to mention all the gifts too(my second Proclaimers autograph-you can never have too many- whoever got that deserves a medal!) Some of your artwork is really incredible: my mum was particularly impressed.
I am really touched and rendered a bit speechless by all your kindness and generosity. Thank you all so much. You make a rapidly ageing scotsman very happy.
much love, dt x
Christmas Book 2006
Birthday Book 2006
Dear Sarah and all at,
Well, what can I say. I was absolutely gobsmacked to be given a box full of stuff from you guys on my birthday. I am so touched and flattered that you should have taken so much time and effort to put this together for me.
Each message in the book means a great deal. I had no idea there were so many of you, its going to take me a while to properly digest it all, but what a treat to have a book full of people saying nice things about me, you are all bloody lovely.
I will save the Laphroaig for a special occasion obviously and I'll take the mug back to Cardiff with me. Handy to have a mug with your name on it on the set, stops people nicking it!
And  a teddy bear wearing the team colours is a very welcome house guest.
So thank you all. Keep watching DrWho. We've got some great episodes coming up which I'm very proud of, I hope you'll enjoy them.
I'll keep checking in to the site now and again, you always seem to know what I'm doing long before I do, its very handy! Keep up the good work.
It's really great and extremely flattering to hear from you. Thank you all very very much indeed.
lots of love dt x

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