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Doctor Who

We are pleased to be a mirror of the official Doctor Who Web Guide.The Web Guide Features every doctor who site imaginable. 
Please Note: We are not affiliated with any external site listed on these pages; we do not endorse any site or product, and whilst every care is taken not to link to material considered unsuitable, we are not responsible for any content accessed through these links. 

  • The Web Guide is edited for Outpost Gallifrey by Kenny Davidson.
  • We are not affiliated with any site listed, nor do we endorse any site or product.
  • While not responsible for any content on these links, we do attempt to give warnings for sites that might offend.
  • To submit your site for consideration in the guide, please visit the websites section of the Doctor Who Forum.
This version of the Guide was compiled on Thursday 18th December, 2008.

Updates for this version

Changes made between Monday 21st January, 2008 and Thursday 18th December, 2008

New Sites

  • Mirrors of the Web Guide: DWWG @ Transcendental Time Vortex, (Simon Hoggarth)
  • Story Guides: World of Doctor Who, (Scott Berry) - extensive details on every televised story of Who and its spin-offs
  • Oddities: Dr Who Figures, (Sebastien Hamilton) - details, pictures and reviews of figure toys available and coming soon
  • Baddies: Planet of the Daleks - a site dedicated to everything Dalek
  • Personalities: Georgia Moffett, (Alan Woodward) - fansite dedicated to Peter Davison's daughter, the actress who played The Doctor's Daughter opposite David Tennant
  • Blogs:
  • Creative Works:
    • Genesis Ark, (Andy Hackett) - offers a large selection of original DVD covers and wallpapers
    • Whovonia - Gallifreyan Renegades - an artwork site. Free registration required to view
    • Zero Room - fan fiction site with over 200 stories from Doctor Who and its spin-off series
  • Online Magazines:
  • Other Productions:
    • Botcherby's Fan Audios Database - highlighting fan produced Dr Who audio dramas, and relevant spin-offs
    • Cheeky Monkey Pictures, (Adam Manning) - home of the Tyranny of the Daleks on video download
    • Fanz, (Stuart Robinson) - an audio sitcom about Dr Who fans! Free registration required to download
    • Timelord, (Darren Adams) - streaming video of the first two parts of a new amateur production
  • Miscellaneous Pages:
    • Barlow's Who - showcasing the merchandise collection of a group of friends
    • Doctor Who Polska - a site promoting Doctor Who in Poland
    • Gallifrey TV - a growing collection of media, images and biographies
    • The Tardis - news, downloads and forum from enworld
    • TimeWinds, (Roger Boyes) - news and features on Doctor Who and other sci-fi tv shows
    • Universe of Action Figures - photo scenes composed using Dr Who action figures
    • WhovianNet - a news site which also features notable quotes and trivia per episode for season four
    • Your Face is an Advert - the Doctor Who section of a site that offers news and opinion
  • Newsgroups and Chat Forums:

Updated Sites

Removed Sites

  • Story Guides:
    • Alan Kistler's Profiles on Doctor Who, (Alan Kistler) - no longer at
    • Doctor Who Critiques, (John 'Speedy') - no longer at
  • Reviews:
    • Doctor Who Audios: Rate'n'Review, (Damon Querry) - was at
    • He! He! He! (The Master's Laugh) - no longer at
  • Oddities: Babel Fish Colourisation Website (The), (Stuart Humphryes) - no longer at
  • Baddies:
    • Davros & I, (Steve Worman) - content no longer available
    • Doctor Who and the Daleks, (Chris Balcombe) - no longer at
  • Personalities:
    • 9 Lives - The Colin Baker Tribute Site, (Ron Mallett) - no longer at
    • Ben Jackson (Michael Craze) - no longer at
    • Christopher Eccleston Info - content no longer relates to Christopher Eccleston
  • Blogs:
    • Goldfish & Paracetamol, (Paul Greaves) - no longer at
    • Nothing at the End of the Lane - no longer at
    • Raxacoricofallapatorius, (Tom Beck) - postings stopped in 2005
    • Target Blog (The), (Paul Greaves) - no longer at
    • Trial of a Timelord, (Jordan Wilson) - no content
  • Creative Works:
    • Light in the Dark, (Huw Wilkins) - no longer at
    • Nerva Beacon, (Daniel Stimson) - content unavailable, and link removed by request
    • Nostalgia for an age yet to come, (nostalgia) - no longer at
    • PEAhopeless Doctor Who -based fan fiction, (Peahopeless) - no longer at
    • The tardis rooms, (Paul Aslin) - no longer at
  • Fun Stuff: Doctor Who - The Musical, (bingo99) - no longer at
  • Online Magazines:
    • Sofa of Reasonable Comfort (The) [WebZine], (Rebecca K. Dowgiert) - no longer at
    • The Doctor Who Fanzine Database, (Bob Furnell) - no longer at
  • Other Productions:
    • Bedlam Theatre Company, (Rob Thrush) - no longer at
    • Doctor Who Crossover Adventures (The), (Aron Toman) - no longer at
    • Doctor Who: The Celestial Toyshop, (Oblong Pictures) - no longer at
    • Doctor Who: Time Waits For No Man, (Clifford Hoeft) - no longer at
    • Dogma Audio Productions, (John Karp) - no longer at
    • Megropolis1 Productions, (Rob Tizzard) - no longer at
  • Miscellaneous Pages:
    • Bigger on the Inside, (Jockie) - no longer at
    • Critical Analysis, (John) - no longer at
    • Great Doors (The) - no longer at
    • Living Room Adventures (The), (Gavin) - no longer at
    •, (Michael Foster) - site removed and not replaced
    • Relative Dimension, (Robin Barnes) - no longer at
    • The Doctor's Companion, (Gary Davison) - no longer at
    • Zygon's Home Page - no longer at
  • Clubs & Societies:
    • TDWVS - Tulsa Doctor Who Viewing Society, (Bruce Rich) - no longer at
    • (UnearthlyChild) - no longer at
  • Conventions: Doctor Who Day, (Graham Groom) - no longer at
  • Newsgroups and Chat Forums:
  • Archives: You Know Who..., (Faiz Rehman) - no longer at
  • Commercial/Trading Sites:
    • Alex's Doctor Who Sale, (Alex Rohan) - no longer at
    • DVD Bargains - Doctor Who Section, (Matthew Waters) - no longer at
  • Computer Resources: Pyramids of Mars and other Text Adventures, (Patrick Wigfull) - no longer at

Mirrors of the Web Guide
This is where to find the guide on-line

DWWG @ David, (Sarah Colley)
DWWG @ Kasterborous, (Christian Cawley & Anthony Dry)
DWWG @ Outpost Gallifrey, (Shaun Lyon)
DWWG @, (Chuck Foster)
DWWG @ Tetrapyriarbus, (Alden Bates)
DWWG @ The Doctor Who Site, (Luke Williams)
DWWG @ Transcendental Time Vortex, (Simon Hoggarth)
DWWG @ Type40 Doctor Who, (Craig Burns)
DWWG @ The Whoniverse, (Stephen Gray)
DWWG @ Whotopia, (Keith Johnson)

Eclectic Sites
Sites with a bit of everything

Asylum (The)
BBC - Sarah Jane Adventures, (BBC Online)
BBC - Doctor Who, (BBC Online)
BBC - South East Wales Doctor Who, (BBC Online)
BBC - Torchwood, (BBC Online)
Big Finish Audio Productions, (Big Finish)
Brief History of Time (Travel) (A), (Shannon Patrick Sullivan)
British Rocket Group, (BBC)
CBBC Newsround Dr Who Special, (BBC Online)
CBC Television - Doctor Who
Doctor Who, (Shaun Lyon)
Doctor Who Site (The), (Luke Williams)
Dr Who Online - (Sebastian J Brook)
Earthbound TimeLords, (Chancellor Z1R0)
Inside the TARDIS, (Matthew Brant)
Millennium Effect (The), (Matt Dale and Kev West)
The Mind Robber
Ninth and Beyond, (Daniel Ludlow)
Nitro Nine Homepage (The), (Siobahn Morgan)
Radio Times | Doctor Who, (BBC Magazines) | Doctor Who
Tetrapyriarbus, (Alden Bates)
Time and Space, (kali), (Daniel O'Malley)
The Whoniverse, (Stephen Gray)
Type40 Doctor Who, (Craig Burns)
Who Is Doctor Who?
Who's Doctor Who, (Louise Lobinske)
Whotopia, (Keith Johnson)

Story Guides
Sites covering the Serials (TV, Books, Audios or Comics) in depth

Bevis King and Duncan White's Episode Guides, (Bevis King and Duncan White)
Chris Augustus Doctor Who Page (The), (Christopher L. Augustus)
Cloister Library (The), (Gareth Jelley)
Dalek Chronicles (The)
Dalek Time Line, (Nathan King
Disc-Continuity Guide (The), (Alden Bates, Jon Preddle and Jeff Stone)
Doctor Who [2005+] Transcripts, (Sarah Roberts)
Doctor Who and the Video Website of Evil, (Mike Rogers)
Doctor Who Chronology, (Doug A. Scott)
Doctor Who Gateway (The), (Mark Parmerter)
Doctor Who In Detail 4, (Nigel Ellis)
Doctor Who Personnel Guide, (Steve)
Doctor Who Quick Archive Reference, (Robert Franks)
Doctor Who Reference Guide, (Dominique Boies)
Doctor Who Transcripts Project (The), (Ian Hammond)
Eighth Doctor Comic Strip Guide (The)
Eyespider's World of Doctor Who (The), (Andrew Kearley)
GEOS - Doctor Who listing, (Ian Poleykett)
Hidden Planet - The Lost Doctor Who Scripts, (Chris McAllister)
Internet Movie Database - Doctor Who (1963-1989)
Internet Movie Database - Doctor Who (1996)
Internet Movie Database - Doctor Who (2005-?)
Iris Wildthyme Pages, (Stuart Douglas)
Lost and Found Episodes of Doctor Who, (Brian M. Hass) (AudioVisuals), (Jeremy Rayner)
Mart's Place - Doctor Who Magazine Guide, (Martyn Alner)
Murray Ewing's Doctor Who Pages, (Murray Ewing)
ON Target, (Tim Neal)
Outpost Gallifrey, (Shaun Lyon)
Project Gallifrey, (Paul Chadwick)
Rassilon's Bookcase, (Iain MacLennan)
Relative Dimensions, (Terry Sibley)
SciFi Databanks: Doctor Who, (Clive Banks)
SciFiOne - Doctor Who Viewer's Guide, (John T Burt)
Screen Online: Doctor Who, (British Film Institute)
Tardis - A Wikia wiki, (James P. Moore)
TARDIS Library (The), (Daniel O'Malley)
Target Practice, (Sarah Hadley)
The Doctor Who Nexus, (Brad Phipps)
The Origin of Doctor Who - Teletronic
The Whoniverse, (Stephen Gray)
Torchwood Guide, (Matt Dale)
The Ultimate Adventure Stage Play
Time's Crucible: A History of the Omniverse, (James Moore)
World of Doctor Who, (Scott Berry)

Sites containing online reviews of books, videos and serials

Sites worth a special mention because of their amazing/unusual content or presentation

Sites extolling the virtues of the good Doctor's adversaries

Abslom Daak - Dalek Killer, (Darcy Casselman)
BBC Norfolk, (BBC)
Cybermen (Chris Schuetz)
Cybus Corporation [The], (Christian Tate)
dalek 6388, (Jon Green)
Dalek Builder's Club (The), (David Muirhead)
Dalek Links, (Peter Labrow)
Dalek Time Line, (Nathan King
Guplicity, (Neal Corbett)
How to Build a Dalek, (Stephen J. Crocker)
Planet of the Daleks
Project Dalek, (John Darley)
Renegade Dalek!, (Morris-Henshaw)
The Bumper Book of Doctor Who Monsters, Villains and Alien Species, (Jon Price)
Terry Molloy/Davros Personal Site, (Terry Molloy)

Sites about and/or owned by Actors, Production Staff, Authors, and other persons involved in creating Doctor Who, (Peter Anghelides)
6:13, (Steve Gerlach)
A Bit of a Del Boy: The Peter Alan Tyler Fanlisting, (Grace)
A Tribute to Dudley Simpson, (Chris Brimelow)
Adric's Little Home of SF, (Heather Smith)
Anneke Wills - the official site (Tim Hirst)
Architect of Britian's Golden Age: The Harriet Jones Fanlisting, (Grace)
Base Under Siege, (Darren Sellars)
Bernice Summerfield, (Trina Lynn Short)
Beyond the Forge, (Cav Scott)
Billie Piper .net (Sarah and Jack)
Cavern of Nicola Bryant, (Paul Leach)
Companions' Home Page (The), (Kevin Parker)
Dale Smith Online, (Paul Dale Smith)
Daryl Joyce - Dynamic illustrations, (Daryl Joyce)
David McIntee, (David McIntee)
David, (Sarah Colley)
DeejSaint, (David J Darlington)
Delia Derbyshire
Doctor Who: The Fourth Doctor!, (E. Doctor Smith)
Freema - a fansite
Georgia Moffett, (Alan Woodward)
Girls of Doctor Who (The), (Bill Atkinson)
Greyhound Leader, (Dave Price)
Howe's Who, (David J. Howe)
It's Colin Baker - whether you like it or not, (Rob Cope), (Jean-Marc Lofficier)
John Barrowman Official Site
Jon Pertwee Tribute Website (The), (Alex Bennett)
K-9's Web Site, (Russell Todd Anders)
Lalla Ward and Tom Baker
Mark_Ayres - Composer, (Mark Ayres)
Mark Michalowski, (Mark Michalowski)
Mark Stevens, (Mark Stevens)
Martin Day, (Martin Day)
Mary Tamm official website, (Mary Tamm)
McGann Brothers (The), (Michelle Harris)
Melanie Bush (Bonnie Langford), (Alden Bates)
Michael Briant (Official Site), (Michael E Briant)
Moosifer Jones' Lair, (Mags L Halliday)
Nyssa's Nexus, (Mekel Rogers)
Official John Levine Fan Club (The), (Carolyn Ibis)
Paul Cornell's House of Awkwardness (Paul Cornell)
Paul McGann Page, (Lisa Jenkins)
Peter Davison, (Elsa Frohman), (Philip Purser-Hallard)
Russell T, (Keith Miller)
Standing Wave: Delia Derbyshire in the '60s
Steve Emmerson, (Steve Emmerson)
Steven Taylor Homepage (The), (Jason A. Miller)
Stuart Manning, (Stuart Manning)
Sylvester McCoy Image and Sound Archive, (Trina L Short), (Neil Hogan)
Tegan's Worldwide Admirers, (Jason and Dan Henry)
Terry Molloy/Davros Personal Site, (Terry Molloy)
Terry Nation
The Beasthouse, (Lawrence Miles)
The Largest Tom (The Doctor) Baker Fan Site On The WWW, (pattieanne)
The Official Bonnie Langford Homepage, (Paul Grunert)
The Official Michael Sheard Site (Lou Tambone)
Tom Baker (The Official Site) (Ben Pirozzolo), (Tom Arden)
Un-Official Patrick Troughton Site, (Brendon Schlitt)
Wacky World of Dodo Chaplet (The), (Greg McElhatton), (Yee Jee Tso)
Zoe Herriot Homepage (The), (Siobahn Morgan)

Sites containing the Frequently Asked Questions documents

Shared on-line journals featuring regular opinions about Doctor Who

Angry Who Fan
Behind the Sofa (Tachyon TV), (Neil Perryman)
Cult Fiction, (Luke Bartolo)
Doctor Who Blog, (Doctor Who Information Network)
Fazzinchi, (Kevin Farrell)
Heart of Tardis (The), (Dave Chapman)
Howe's Who, (David J. Howe)
It's Colin Baker - thoughts of a Timelord, (Rob Cope & Colin Baker)
Life, Doctor Who & Combom
Love and Liberty, (Alex Wilcock)
MySpace: Martha Jones
Nothing Tra La La?, (Simon Guerrier)
Paul Cornell's House of Awkwardness, (Paul Cornell)
Planet Gallifrey, (Jess)
Planet Who News
renegade timelord - random thoughts in time and space, (Paul Baldowski)
reTARDIS (Adam Stoller)
Shouting into a well, (Chris Arnsby)
Smith & Smythe, (Steve Worman)
Tardis and Torchwood Treasures
Tardis Base
The Stage Blogs | Doctor Who, (Mark Wright and Scott Matthewman)
Torchwood.TV, (Anthony Garnon)
World of Stuff, (Paul Mount)

Creative Works
Doctor Who fan fiction, original graphics and other fan creations

Always the 3rd Doctor, (Jeri Massi)
a teaspoon and an open mind, (Versaphile)
Adam's Dr Who 3D Models, (Adam Bullock)
Altered Vistas Productions, (Stuart Palmer)
Androzani, (Thomas Webster & Luke Spillane)
Art Of Infinity, (Martin Hearn)
Bare Bones' Archive (The), (Clive May)
Beck's Web Haunt, (Rebecca Jo McLaughlin)
Better With Two, (LJC)
Book of Taliesin (The), (Helen Fayle)
Bullseye Books, (Andrew Kearley)
Cameron Mason's Webpage, (Cameron Mason)
Chris's Media Covers, (Chris Brimelow)
Cybus Corporation [The], (Christian Tate)
Daryl Joyce - Dynamic illustrations, (Daryl Joyce)
Doctor and the Enterprise (The), (Jean Airey)
Doctor Who - The Second Key (a photo story), (Sean Huxter)
Doctor Who Fan Fiction and Free Role Playing Games, (Gerard Luft)
Doctor Who Fanatics, (Claire Chaplin)
Doctor Who Fiction - Unfinished Business, (Rose M. Pearse)
Doctor Who Graphics, (Thomas Evans)
Doctor Who MIDI Archive, (Stephen Willis)
Doctor Who Project (The), (Bob Furnell)
Doctor Who: Saving the Forgotten, (Jason Vey)
Doctor Who Strips, (Clive Oldfield)
Doctor Who: The Fan Fiction Site, (Jeff Walker)
Doctor Who: The Legacy, (Andy Frankham)
Doctor Who: The Virtual Series, (Terry Austin)
Domain (The), (Lori Summers)
Dreamtime - Webzine of the Paul McGann Estrogen Brigade, (Elsa Frohman)
End of the Phoenix (The), (Douglas B. Killings)
Enduring Image, (Gary McBride)
FORCE H, (Paul and Stephen Hone)
Genesis Ark, (Andy Hackett)
Gordon Dymowski's Webpages, (Gordon Dymowski), (Greg Askew)
Gravis Art, (Anthony Dry)
Infinite Doctor Who, (Staci)
Internet Adventures Homepage (The), (lord zog)
Jasmine's Creations, (Shaun Ferguson)
Jimmy's Doctor Who Art Page, (James McDonald)
John Pettigrew's Covers, (Cameron Mason), (Ian Kildin)
Largest Tom baker Fan Page on the WWW (The), (Patricia Anders)
ljc's fan fiction library (L.J Constantine)
Mysterious Planet (The), (Duncan Johnson)
Mystic Wild Parabola, (Rebecca J. Anderson)
Nerva Graphics, (Adie)
Not The BBC Doctor Who Book Covers!, (James Gent)
Paul Gadzikowski - sketchbook and fanfiction, (Paul Gadzikowski)
Penny and Mills Doctor Who Fiction, (Martin Penny and Michael Mills)
Random Fiction, (Steve Lake & Mark Simpson)
Redemption, (Sean Huxter)
Reid Illustration, (Graeme Neil Reid)
Renegade Timelord (The), (Richard Rogers)
Reverse Polarity, (Chris and Kevin Gregory)
Rob's Dr Who 3D Images, (Rob Semenoff), (Alex Storer)
Shadows Dreaming, (Pete Galey)
Shiny Art, (Simon Holub)
Skaro Command Dr Who Fan Fiction Archive, (Sarah Taplin)
Some of my Sci-Fi Fanfic, Mostly Doctor Who, (C. Meli)
Staggering Stories, (Macfadyan and Adam J Purcell)
Storm God Rising, (Richard Salter and Jason A. Miller)
Strange Times and Places, (Imran Inayat)
Stuart Manning, (Stuart Manning)
Study in Space-Time (A), (Suzanne Macey)
Tardis Indigo, (Mark Gray)
TARDIS Library, (Charlie Day)
TARDIS Tales, (The Timelady Stellastrendenlunjendorf)
Team Endo, (RSAntilles, Gazzatrek & Endo)
The Destiny Of The Doctors, (Andrew Johnson)
The Iris Wildthyme Pages, (Stuart Douglas)
The This Time Round Archive, (Imran Inayat)
The Zero Room, (Nyssa (IceAngel))
Time Lady, (K G Redhead)
Timelord, (Mark Simpson)
Tom Payne's DVD Covers, (Tom Payne)
Twisted Time, (Deborah Wright)
Velvet Jacket, (Joe Cannon)
Velvet Web (The) Cover Artwork Resource, (Jay Williams)
Vendetta UK's DVD Covers, (Iain Robertson)
Vote Saxon - Roleplaying Site, (Peter Ould)
Who3D - Doctor Who Re-Building Site, (Cliff Bowman)
Whomix, (Alexis Glass)
Whovonia - Gallifreyan Renegades
Worlds As I Know Them, (Calapine)
Zero Room

Fun Stuff
Parodies, Satire, Scarves, RPGs...

900 Year Diary(The), (The Timehamster)
[RPG] Chronicles of Stanislaw, (Chris Heffernan)
[RPG] Doctor Who: Doctor & Co, (TimeLadyX)
An Unruly Child Novelisation Project, (Charles Daniels)
Bates Motel, (Cameron Mason)
Behind the Sofa (Tachyon TV), (Neil Perryman)
Bloopers List (The), (Daniel O'Malley)
Brit Trivia, (Mick Spencer)
Caption Who?, (Michael S. Lucart)
Crocheted Dalek, (A.M. Downs)
Dalek Comicals, (The After Hours Blues Band)
Dalek Song (The), (The Partyman)
DIY Sheep versus Doctor Who, (DIY Sheep)
Doctor Who - The Scrapbook, (Ian McPherson)
Doctor Who Dynamic Rankings, (David Dewhurst)
Doctor Who Fan Fiction and Free Role Playing Games, (Gerard Luft)
Doctor Who Pinball, (Richard H. Poser)
Doctor Who Quotations, (A.M. Kuchling)
Doctor Who Scarf, (Chris Brimelow)
Doctor Who Toy News and Review, (Rick Hurtt)
Doctor Who: David's New Adventures, (Scarlett Hartley)
Dr Hall, (Henry Burrows)
DR WHO - The News Resource
Dr. Who Rumour Central!, (Martin Fairgrieve)
Dr. Who Shoebox of Triviality (The), (JackalAndromeda)
Five-Minute Doctor Who, (Mark Wilson)
Glasgow Police Boxes, (Gordon Barr)
High Council (The), (David French)
Maddog's House of Waffles
Marlons Doctor Who Lego Page, (Marlon Wuytenburg)
Mistfall, (Graham Nealon)
Mr. T Versus the Cybermen!, (Tony J. Case)
Planet of the Sh*t-St*rrers
RADW/#DWC Birthday Listings (The), (Richard H. Poser)
Ragdoll Balls
Red Shirt, (Matt Marshall)
Return to Kendal, (Matt Dale & Kev West)
Revenge of the Unrealistatrons, (Daniel Bowen)
Rockin' the TARDIS
Role Playing Games, (Ian McDonald)
Save A Time Lord, (Jay Phinney-Melton)
Skaro Toy Museum (The), (Dave Hicks)
Staggering Stories, (Macfadyan & Adam J Purcell)
TARDIS Storage Shed, (Johnny Miller)
The Blue Box Project, (Jase)
The Bovril Plan, (Mug and K.B.)
The Doctor Who Fake News Page, (Erik Pollitt)
The Fantasy Carousel, (Lisa Conner)
The History of Tom Baker's Scarves, (Bill "the Doctor" Rudloff)
The Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual Guide to Doctor Who, (Fiona Moore)
The New Adventures RPG, (Chris Lupton)
The Renegade Chickens Salute Doctor Who, (S. Bruce)
The Vervoid, (Lissa)
The Whovian Observer, (John Daiker)
Time Lord: The Doctor Who Role-Playing Game, (Steven J. Ege)
Timelord: Adventures Through Time and Space, (Nathanael)
Tom Baker Or Normal
Tom Baker Says
Ultimate Dalek Factory (The)
Wah Kazoo - dig the krazee sound, (Wah Kazoo)
Who Sim Universe, (Jen Kokoski)
You Tube - DoctorWho
You Tube - DrWho

Online Magazines
Magazines available for reading, or listening to, on the Internet

A Podcast of Impossible Things, (Caleb Woodbridge), (
Skonnos, (Mark Campbell)
625-Online, (Nick Cooper)
Brax's Shooty Dog Thing, (Paul Castle)
Broadsword (NA/MA Fanzine), (David Robinson)
Curse, (Nigel Ellis)
Doctor Who's Deanstruction, (Barry Stanton)
Dreamwatch Total SciFi, (Titan Magazines)
DWO WhoCast, (Paul Wilson and Sebastian J Brook)
Earth-2: Bigger on the Inside (Michael Sims)
Fringeworld (incorporating Faze Online), (Bob Stanley)
Gallifreyan Embassy (including Podshock)
Happiness Patrol (The), (Mel & Sarah)
Kasterborous Webzine, (Christian Cawley & Anthony Dry)
Lost Luggage, (Mags L Halliday)
Myth Makers: Fan Fiction from the Doctor Who Information Network, (Matthew Grady)
Reverse the Polarity!, (Alexander Ballingall)
SAD Magazine, (Rob Morris)
SFX, (Dave Bradley, Future Publishing)
Shockeye's Kitchen, (Simon Kinnear/Robbie Langton)
Sonic Screwdriver - Supplemental, (Daniel Payne)
Strange Skins (Neil Johnson)
The Eyepiece, (Matthew Harris)
This Week In Doctor Who, (Benjamin F. Elliott)
Tin Dog Podcast, (Michael Gilroy)
TVM_ezine, (Tom Simpson)
Whotopia, (Bob Furnell)
You Are Not Alone (Gemma Rouse)

Other Productions
It's not just the BBC and Big Finish that are creating stories in the Whoniverse...

BBV Online
Big Finish Audio Productions, (Big Finish)
Botcherby's Fan Audios Database
BrokenSea Audio Productions, (Paul Mannering)
BTR Productions, (Matthew Kopelke)
Cheeky Monkey Pictures, (Adam Manning)
Creatures of Hate
DAM Audio Productions, (David Nagel)
Darker Projects: Doctor Who, Star Trek, and original Audio Works, (Eric Busby)
Doctor Who: 'Devious Project' (Ashley Nealfuller)
Doctor Who Fan Film Database (The), (David Nagel)
Doctor Who Fan Videos, (Colin Caulkins)
Doctor Who TRIDENT, (Ben Pocock)
Doctor Who: Time Lock, (Ken Rogers)
Fanz, (Stuart Robinson)
Federation [Official Site] (The), (Jennifer Adams Kelley)
Homegrown Productions Official Site, (Vasilios Alagiannis)
Jaroson Films
Kaldor City, (Fiona Moore)
Loose Cannon Productions (Reconstructions)
Mediocre Renaissance Films, (James Mah)
MEV Productions, (Marq English)
Mini-UNIT Minstrels
Offstage Theatre Group, (Barnaby Jones & Vince Stadon)
Once in a Blue Moon Productions, (Owen Spratley)
Silent Who, (Terry Austin)
The Cat Who Walked Through Time II, (Alryssa Kelly)
The Doctor Who Audio Dramas, (Lighthope)
The TARDIS Viewscreen, (Julian Smith (Vark))
Time and Again, (Dennis Kuhn)
Time's Champion Productions, (Sean Corcoran)
Timelord, (Darren Adams)
Trickshot Film Productions, (Richard Allison)
Ultimate Reality Online Productions
Westlake Films, (Andrew Crines)
WHOvianity Productions, (Luke Pietnik)

Miscellaneous Pages
The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly - they're all here

(re)Search my Trash, (Mike Haberfelner)
A Gallifreyan Retrospective, (Matthew Kilburn)
Anti-Time (Billy Townsend)
Back in Time, (Herenya)
Barlow's Who
Beans on Toast, (Corinne Auffret)
Black Orchid, (Andrew East)
Build High for Happiness, (Gordon Dempster)
Caroline Miller's Home Page, (Caroline Tracy Miller)
Caroline's Tardis, (Caroline Sinclair), (Carson Maynard)
Chris Heffernan, (Chris Heffernan)
Chris Maples Dr Who Page, (Chris Maples)
Chris' Page, (Chris Sweitzer)
Complete(ly Useless) Doctor Who Website
Counter-X, (Tom Prankerd)
Dalek Blaster, (Daniel)
Dalek Genetic Labs, (David J Richardson)
De Nederlandse Doctor Who Pagina (Frans van Lottum)
Doctor Who, (Randy)
Doctor Who Collection, (Anthony Forth)
Doctor Who Collectors, (Richard Briggs)
Doctor Who Deutchland
Doctor Who Polska
Doctor Who Project (The), (Gareth William Parker)
DRW Series 3 USA, (Meredith)
Doctor Who TV, (Christian J)
Doctor Who World (Andrew Hearne)
Doctor Who Zone, (Drew Payne)
Doctor Who: The Web Planet, (Richard Burman)
Doctor's Digital Domain (The), (Zach Crisman)
Doctor's TARDIS (The)
Dr Who Dimensions (Paul Nicholls)
Dr Who Movie Page
Dr Jack Beven's homepage, (Dr. Jack Beven)
dr.who?'s Adventures in Cyberspace, (dr.who?)
DVD Who, (Andrew Kelly)
Gallifrey 5, (Nigel Potter)
Gallifrey TV
Gallifrey Two, (Stephen Newton)
Gateway to Exarius, (Christopher Krisocki)
Icons of England - Doctor Who, (Culture Online)
International Electromatics, (Phillip Porteous)
Irrelevance and Irreverance, (A X Green)
Kopic's Doctor Who & Torchwood News, (Simon R. Mills)
KryssTal: Dr Who Page, (Kryss Katsiavriades)
Longleat'83 - What a year that was for WHO, (Stuart Halliday)
Nathan's World, (Nathan Roberts)
Oh Look, Another Seventh Doctor Page
Police Box, (Trevor Ennis)
Police Box (The), (K-9)
Police Box Collection Gallery, (Immanuel Burton)
Red Home Page (The)
Sarah Jane Smith Wardrobe Appreciation Society (The), (Llin)
Selornia, (Selornia)
Serendipity?, (Chuck Foster), (Steve Phillips)
Swinging Space Age Bachelor Pad of the Emperor Dalek (The), (Tony Whitt)
Tapezine Matrix, (Alan Hayes)
TARDIS Zone (The)
TARDIS, Hasshin! - Doctor Who in Japan, (Douglas B. Killings)
Tardis Scanner, (Dave Lewis)
Tardis Travels, (Lindsay Adams-Riley & Jarrod Cooper)
Temporal Intervention - The Doctor Who Compendium, (Bill Thompson)
Tenth Doctor's TARDIS (The)
The Doctor Who Facts & Figures page, (Paul Rance)
The Gallifrey Archives, (Deborah Rylands)
The One And Only Doctor Number Four, (Scarlett Hartley)
The Tardis
The TARDIS Library, (Glen Walker)
Time Vortex, (Chris Thompson)
TimeWinds, (Roger Boyes)
Transcendental Time Vortex, (Simon Hoggarth)
Turlough, (Trina Lynn Short)
Universe of Action Figures
UK Sci-Fi TV Book Guide, (Kieran Seymour)
Valkyrie's Dr. Who Pages, (Valkyrie)
Varos: Doctor Who, (Jason Fraser)
Vicky and Doctor Who!, (Victoria Short)
Wanderers in the Fourth Dimension, (The Renegade Timelord and Madame Prez) (Matt Dale)
Whopix, (Bryan McCormack)
Your Face is an Advert
Zero Room (The), (Andrew R Barber)

Clubs & Societies
Doctor Who Clubs and Societies

Brisbane Doctor Who Fan Club, (Jules)
Chronicles of Who, (Wil Roysdon)
Doctor Who and Company: The Role-Playing Game
Doctor Who Appreciation Society (The)
Doctor Who Club of Australia (The), (Dwayne Bunney)
Doctor Who Club of Victoria (The), (Shane Mengaziol)
Doctor Who Information Network (Canada), (Stephen Christian)
Doctor Who New York, (John Roulston-Bates)
Doctor Who Philadelphia, (David Crawford)
Doctor Who Yahoo Autograph Group
Dutch Time Travellers Association (Frans van Lottum)
Edinburgh Who (Martin Rogerson)
Eye Spiders of Pergross (The), (Andrew Kearley)
Glasgow Who (Alan McWhan)
Guardians of Gallifrey (The), (Arthur Dykeman)
Intergalactic House of Daleks (IHOD), (James Mahaffey)
Knights of the White Guardian (The), (Rob Claffie)
Merseyside Local Group, (Lee Davies)
Milwaukee Time Lords (The)
Mind Robbers, Gloucestershire, (Francis Moloney)
New Zealand Doctor Who Fan Club, (Alden Bates)
Northern Virginia Doctor Who Viewing Society (The), (Jeffrey Jacobs)
Not Just Dr Who, (Dwas Leeds Group)
Paul McGann Estrogen Brigade (PMEB) (The), (S. Linz-Gould)
Plymouth Who, (Mike Brumpton)
Prydonians of Prynceton (The), (Tom Beck)
Rocky Mountain Doctor Who Viewing Society
South Australian Doctor Who Fan Club Inc (The)
Space City Timelords, Houston
St Louis Celestial Intervention Agency (The)
tardis builders guild, (R Bradley)
Tardis Social, (Adam Woods)
The Atlanta Gallifreyans, (Alan Siler)
The Ohio Type 40, (John Takacs)
The St Louis Celestial Intervention Agency
The Temporal Renovators, (Chuck Foster)
The U.S. Branch of U.N.I.T, (Paul Aldred)
The Whoovers, Derby & District Doctor Who Group, (Steve Hatcher (co-ordinator) Robbie Langton (webmaster))
Time Lord Academy, (Joe Conlan)
Time Meddlers of Los Angeles, (Shaun Lyon)
Timeless (South Wales) (Tim Farr)
Universal Network of Iowan Timelords, (UNIT)
Unwilling Warriors (The)
Whoosier Network Online, (Mark 'De Boss' Dooley)
WhoSim Universe [Roleplay community], (Jen Kokoski)

Sites advertising up-and-coming fan conventions, and other gatherings

Newsgroups and Chat Forums
Places to talk about Doctor Who, plus sites about the newsgroups

[Mailing List] Jade Pagoda, (Iain Truskett, Jon Parkinson and Backrubslut)
[Mailing List] DoctorWhoAudio
[Mailing List] Panopticon
[Mailing List] Sadwank
Alternate Eighth Doctors Matrix (The)
Bulletin Brash Reflections, (NitCentral)
Cardiff Rift, (Tim Coysh)
CBBC Doctor Who Forum, (BBC Online)
Creative postings (no binaries)
Doctor Who and his Blue Box, (Andrew Ainsworth)
Doctor Who Binaries
Doctor Who, (Shaun Lyon)
Doctor Who in the UK
Doctor Who vs Star Trek
Doctor Who YaWho List, (Nathan Baron)
DWIN Mailing List
Facebook | Doctor Who, (Gina Nearing)
Facebook | Doctor Who Magazine, (Tom Spilsbury)
Facebook | I want a Tardis, (Graeme Mealey)
Facebook | Torchwood Appreciation Society, (Richard Nelson)
Faction Paradox Forum, (Mags L Halliday)
FAQs + Info (Moderated)
General Discussion
Kiwi Fans of Doctor Who, (David French)
Logopolis Metropolis, (RichieTimeLord)
McGann Library (The), (Estelle May)
Planet Skaro, (Ant Williams and Pip Madeley)
RADW Rogues Gallery (The), (Jim Vowles)
rec.arts.drwho Quote File (The), (Robert Smith?)
rec.arts.drwho.moderated FAQ
Tamino BADWOLF, (Mindez)
The Doctor's Rose, (Little Rose)
The Gallifrey Archives, (Deborah Rylands)
The New Doctor Who Forums, (Billy)
The Whoniverse, (Stephen Gray)
Timelord, (Mark Simpson)

Sites consisting of large amounts of stuff eg Pictures, WAVs, (Paul Gutteridge)
Doctor Who Cuttings Archive (The), (Roger Anderson)
Doctor Who Image Archive (The), (Steven Hill)
Doctor Who Logo Collection, (Chris Throup)
Doctor Who Magazine CD Covers, (Ethan Bunke)
Doctor Who WAV Archive (The), (Mike Rogers)
Doctor Who's Tragical History Tour, (Troughton)
Film Archives, (Ryan K. Johnson)
Lovingwho's Doctor Who Magazine Index, (Andrew Loving)
Nitro9, (Siobahn Morgan)
On Target, (Tim Neal)
Sounds Page, (Doug Vermes)
TARDIS Data Banks (The), (Worth Godwin)
The Desktop of Rassilon, (Shag Matthews)
The Hidden Planet - The Lost Doctor Who Scripts, (Chris McAllister)

Commercial/Trading Sites
Sites from which you can buy or trade Doctor Who (and other) merchandise

[Official BBC Site] BBC Shop
AJRimmer's Britcoms (Video Trading Page), (Joel Kathrens)
Ambrosia Books & Collectables, (Shaun Lyon)
Androzani, (Tara Eastwood)
Australian Music Books, (Harry Butler)
Bad Wolf Jacket, (John Doyle)
Big Finish Audio Productions, (Big Finish)
Black Tree Design Ltd
Blackpool Dr Who Museum Store
Brandler Galleries, (Kathy)
(Charity Compilation) LifeDeath
CM Gifts Ltd
Cult TV & Science Fiction Trading Page, (Paul Sida)
Doctor Who: Battles in Time, (GE Fabbri Ltd)
Doctor Who, (Gene Smith)
Dr Who Ringtones, (Dave Allan)
Forbidden Planet
Galaxy 4
gallifreyanguy's Doctor Who Trading, (gallifreyanguy)
Known Space Books Info Site, (Known Space Books)
Kulture Shock, (Richard Stubbings)
Larry's Sci-Fi-Spy Media Catalog
Mike's Comics Web Site, (Michael Salvo & Patricia Cryan)
Millennium FX Replicas, (Paul Gorton)
Parallel Worlds
Product Enterprise Ltd, (Steve Walker)
Science Fiction Continuum (The)
Scifind, (Brian Edwards) Doctor Who Zone, (Evan Marshall), (Brian Edwards), (Telos Publishing)
Tenth Planet, (Paul Taylor)
The Memorabilia Shop, (Duncan Day)
The Prezzy Shop, (Faction Limited)
Third Zone Collectibles, (Craig Ernst)
Time's Champion, (Eric J. Carter)
Timelord Knitwear, (Julie Hart)
TV Toys, (Frank Dugdale)
Video Trading Page, (Reuben Herfindahl)
Who North America, (Keith Bradbury)
Who One Ltd
Who Shop (The)

Computer Resources
Computer Games, Screensavers, and so on

Sites that exist primarily to point you towards other sites

Archive of Archives, (David S. Rubin)
Dmoz Open Directory
Doctor Who Search, (Christian Graham)
Doctor Who Time Ring, (Keith Bradbury)
Jon Pertwee Dot Com, (Roger Harris)
Patrick Troughton Dot Com, (Roger Harris)
Who Links (The), (Peter Wood)
WhoLINK @ Who's Doctor Who?, (Louise Lobinske)
William Hartnell Dot Com, (Roger Harris)

Other Related Sites
Sites peripherally connected to Doctor Who

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