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David Tennant

Double Income With No Kids is a radio sit-com written by David Spicer. It was first aired on BBC Radio 4 in 2001 and was highly successful with exteremely high listener figures.  Thanks to it's popularity it has since been repeated several times on BBC Radio 7. David played the lead role of Daniel in the show alongside Elizabeth Carling as Lucy. 

As Daniel's birthday approaches, Lucy tries to tempt their friends away from their offspring long enough for them to attend a party. With Elizabeth Carling, David Tennant, Meera Syal, Polly Frame, Toby Longworth,Tony Gardner and Joanna Brookes.
When best selling author April Prescott gets writer's block, Lucy and Daniel get lumbered with an unwelcome little house guest.
Lucy and Daniel find themselves succumbing to other people's marital problems when all they really wanted was a quiet weekend.
Poker and childbirth make for uneasy bedfellows. Nevertheless, Dan has a poker night and Lucy pretends to be a mum.
Lucy is up for a big promotion at work, but is distracted by Katie's post-natal indecision about her new baby's name.
Daniel and Lucy have been asked to be godparents, but are they right for the job? How can they refuse without damaging old friendships?
Dan isn't happy about becoming a godparent but Lucy wants to, and has even bought her new godchild a present - a Teletubby.


Lucy decides it is time to shape up. But having managed to drag Daniel to the gym, she faces an unexpected problem - how can she persuade him to leave?
When Lucy joins a school reunion website, youthful indiscretions return to haunt Daniel's best friend, Andy.
Daniel's brother suggests a night in the pub and Lucy's best friend meets a new man, thwarting their plans for a week away from other people's problems.
When their new friends invite them to a dinner party, Lucy feels that it would be nice to reciprocate. But Daniel is less than convinced.
The news that their best friends are expecting another baby produces an unexpected reaction in Lucy. Daniel is forced to turn to his mother-in-law for help.
Lucy offers to help a first-time celebrity author write a book - which turns out not to be such a good idea.


Andy and Katie have a lovely new baby, Daniel has a brilliant new job and Lucy has a horrible new feeling. Is Daniel about to leave her for a woman called Katriona who is obsessed with cheese?
Golf, holidays with friends and having a baby are the three things that Daniel and Lucy have always sworn they will never do in life. But when they find themselves on a golfing holiday with their unbearable friends they start to realise that life doesn't always turn out how you plan it.
Change is in the air when Amanda and Richard put their happy lives together on the line by becoming engaged. But when Lucy and Daniel decide to change their lives Lucy resolves not to tell anyone. What Daniel hasn't told Lucy is that he can't keep a secret.
As an expectant mother Lucy is trying to avoid stress - until she tries to gently break the news of her pregnancy to her Mum and Dad. Meanwhile Daniel gets an unwelcome taste of the joys of fatherhood.
With a new baby on the way it's time for some house improvements. So, against their friends' advice, Daniel and Lucy hire a 'reassuringly middle-class' builder called Nigel.
Friends are getting divorced, accountants are living as cavemen and eighty seven year old women are having triplets. Have Daniel and Lucy finally had enough of dealing with other people's problems?


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