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David Tennant

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David Tennant and Emilia Fox reprise their Love Virually roles as Leo and Emmi.  Can the lovers rekindle their romance?
The Great Scott: The Fair Maid Of Perth
A beautiful glover's daughter is romantically pursued by a warmongering blacksmith, a poetising prince, a clansman and a bumbling bonnet-maker, in lawless 14th-century Scotland.
Defying his father's wishes, Frank is banished to the north where he meets and falls for his cousin, Die Vernon. What is her deadly secret, and why is notorious Rob Roy involved?


Book At Bedtime: Stonemouth
Stewart Gilmour is back in Stonemouth. After five years in exile his presence is required at the funeral of patriarch Joe Murston, and even though the last time Stu saw the Murstons he was running for his life, staying away might be even more dangerous than turning up. Read by David Tennant.

The painter Mario Minniti (David Tennant) has travelled to Naples to seek out his old friend and former mentor Caravaggio. But on arrival, the great painter is nowhere to be found. In a bid to find him, Mario retraces Caravaggio's last known movements. His search reveals a life lived dangerously.
Starring David Tennant and Emilia Fox, Love Virtually by Austrian novelist Daniel Glattauer is a thoroughly modern epistolary novel with one difference - its protagonists Emmi Rothner and Leo Leike communicate exclusively by email.




A version of Macbeth - transposed to the football field. MacB, with the help of his friend Banksie, plans to supplant Duncan King as the star striker in their school football team. A nasty bike accident puts Duncan out of the game and gives MacB hischance. But Banksie becomes suspicious about the accident - just where was MacB at the time and how far would he go when urged on by his formidable mother? The action of the play is worked through as MacB's ambitions sour and crumble on the football pitch. Read by David Tennant.


Comedy series by Graham Duff, set in the year 2099, about Professor Nebulous and his team of eco-trouble shooters. Featuring David Tennant as Dr Beep.


David Tennant and Julia Davis star in this macabre and hilarious drama set in London in 1951 and dramatised by Mark Gatiss. Benji has murdered his mistress and, much to his surprise, he has got away with it.


George Dixon is showing new boy Andy Crawford the ropes on the beat of Dock Green. To PC Crawford's surprise, Dixon is prepared to bend the rules in order to arrest one of a gang of safebreakers.
A baby's life is in danger when some pep pills go missing and Dixon causes a stir at home when he offers PC Crawford the spare room.
Some unsavoury postcards turn up on the Dock Green beat and the link to a recent spate of bicycle thefts makes Andy desperate to notch up his first arrest.some unsavoury postcards turn up on the dock green beat and the link to a recent spate of bicycle thefts makes andy desperate to notch up his first arrest.
When things go missing from the Dixon household Doris, the downtrodden girl from next door, is exposed as a petty thief. But it's Mary Dixon who comes to her rescue, against George's wishes, and who earns the admiration of Andy Crawford.
When a fanatical Spurs fan has his prized football rattle stolen, an FA cup tie provides the perfect excuse for a weekend away in Blackpool for Andy and Mary.
Mary and Andy have some exciting news for George but George is nowhere to be found - and on the other side of Dock Green a desperate young man with a gun is on the run.


A Scottish student falls for a Sudanese girl, but not everything goes smoothly. With David Tennant as Brian.
Nikki Black owes nobody anything. She's hard, selfish, hurt and vengeful. If only she could stop having the Fear and falling from one disaster to the next, she could possibly succeed. But a childhood in erratic care has made her unable to retain a hold on life and when she decides at 28 to kill the mother who left her on the steps of Camden Post Office as a baby, she gains a clean, clear vindictive purpose. Since the preface of Jane Rogers' sixth novel is a local news report of the murder, the tale is less a suspense novel than a whydunnit, setting off at a cracking pace, as Nikki describes her alienation from "the mummied and daddied kids" and her fury at being constantly rejected by her carers.

An episode of the medical drama featuring David Tennant.
An episode of the medical drama featuring David Tennant.

Bewitched by Edith Wharton. Saul still goes out to see his previous girlfriend...even though she died years ago.
Drink My Blood by Richard Matheson is about a young schoolboy whose only ambition in life is to become a vampire.
The Girl With The Hungry Eyes by Fritz Lieber concentrates on the magnetic power of the vampire.
A Lot Of Mince Pies by Robert Swindells focuses on a group of carol singers who visit the same cottage every year.
The Lady Of The House Of Love by Angela Carter a virginal English soldier, travelling through Romania by bicycle, finds himself in a deserted village.
Based on Robert Louis Stevenson's classic travelogues, journals and personal letters.
Stevenson sets off with a donkey across the Cevennes in France and in the process keeps a journal that later becomes his popular travelogue "Travels with a Donkey in the Cevennes." But does his journeying help him to forget the woman he has met and fallen in love with - Fanny Osbourne?
Based on Robert Louis Stevenson's classic travelogues, journals and personal letters.
In pursuit of the woman he loves Stevenson first catches a steamer to New York and then undertakes a momentous train journey across America - ending in California. But will she leave her husband for him.
Eloping with an Argentine girl, young Richard Lamb makes an implacable enemy of his teenage bride's father. Leaving her behind, he goes ignorantly forth into the interior of the country to seek his fortune.Whilst doing so he learns to hunt, ride, herd, love - even kill. On his way to becoming a man.
Murray Gold's new play starts from the suitably Kafkaesque premise that Franz Kafka finds he has to play himself in a musical about his own life. The play - or is it the musical? - introduces Kafka and the audience to some of the key characters in his life, Milena Jesenska, Dora Diamant and Felice Bauer.

The Amazing Maurice And His Educated Rodents
The Amazing Maurice And His Educated Rodents... Maurice, a streetwise tomcat, has come up with the perfect scam. Inspired by the Pied Piper tale, cat and kid lead a band of rats from town to town to fake invasions of vermin. The rewards to get the rats out of town are plentiful. It works perfectly - until their little con game is sussed.


Dead Persons In Hungry
David Tennant reads Antoine Calmet's accounts of real Vampires, gathered from people across Europe who believed they had seen the creatures with their own eyes.
Thanks to Lora Colver.
The Family Of The Vordalak
Gorcha sets off on a mysterious mission but tells his family not to accept him if he should return after 10 days - for then he will be a vampire. Read by David Tennant. Thanks to Lora Colver.

The Horla
Guy de Maupassant's striking psychological tale enters the world of the Vampire and how it corrupts and destroys the brain. Read by David Tennant. Thanks to Lora Colver.

Luella Miller
Luella Miller seems incapable of helping herself. But everyone who comes to her aid soon ails and dies in their efforts. Read by David Tennant. Thanks to Lora Colver.

In this true struggle between good and evil, heaven and hell, Theophile Gautier creates a whirlwind world of sensuality, seduction and rampant vampirism. Read by David Tennant. Thanks to Lora Colver.

David Tennant and Liam Brennan star in Donna Franceschild's dramatisation of John Steinbeck's seminal novel about migrant workers in Thirties California, whose dream of one day owning a place of their own is tragically destroyed.
Of Mice And Men explores the friendship between George Milton and Lennie Small via the last three days in Lennie's life.
On the run from a town where Lennie has been accused of rape, they pick up new jobs on a ranch further north – a place where the boss has recently married a flirtatious young woman.
Thanks to Lora Colver.
David Tennant stars in David Hare's new drama for radio, Murder In Samarkand, based on the memoir by Craig Murray.
In Hare's play, Craig is a high-flyer in the Foreign and Commonwealth Office who loves his job and is proud to be appointed Ambassador for the first time, to Tashkent. It's before the Iraq war and Uzbekistan is newly in focus as a useful ally in the "War on Terror".
Thanks to Lora Colver.
On the twentieth anniversary of Roald Dahl's death, David Tennant tells a new tale of the unexpected - the stamp he's left on the world of pop.Kate Nash reveals how Dahl's fantastical children's books have influenced her own storytelling style, stirring her to invent surreal characters and magical places in songs like Mariella and Little Red.Kelly Jones of the Stereophonics explains how he found inspiration for songs such as I Stopped To Fill My Car Up in Dahl's grisly, suspenseful short stories.Plus, David reveals how a song about Willy Wonka gave a Rat Pack legend his only U.S. number one.
Thanks to Lora Colver


In the eighth in the Strangers and Brothers series Donald Howard, a young science Fellow is charged with scientific fraud and dismissed from his college.This novel, which became a successful West End play, describes a miscarriage of justice in the same Cambridge college which served as a setting for The Masters.
David Tennant plays Donald Howard.
The corridors and committee rooms of Whitehall are the setting for the ninth in the Strangers and Brothers series.They are also home to the manipulation of political power.Roger Quaife wages his ban-the-bomb campaign from his seat in the Cabinet and his office at the Ministry.The stakes are high as he employs his persuasiveness.
David Tennant plays Donald Howard.
The story of Emperor Caligula, whose name has become a byword for depravity. Starring David Tennant.
Colin rents out his Edinburgh flat to a small theatre company for the duration of the Festival. Roped in as company dogsbody, and asked to help the actress with her quick change, he soon finds himself completely out of his depth. David Tennant plays Colin.
The Mill On The Floss
Brought up at Dorlcote Mill, Maggie Tulliver worships her brother Tom and is desperate to win the approval of her parents, but her passionate, wayward nature and her fierce intelligence bring her into constant conflict with her family. As she reaches adulthood, the clash between their expectations and her desires is painfully played out as she finds herself torn between her relationships with three very different men: her proud and stubborn brother, a close friend who is also the son of her family's worst enemy, and a charismatic but dangerous suitor. With its poignant portrayal of sibling relationships, The Mill on the Floss is considered George Eliot's most autobiographical novel; it is also one of her most powerful and moving.


Michael Crompton's adaptation of John G Fuller's book based on events surrounding the crash of the airship R-101 in 1930. With Miranda Richardson, Kevin Whately, Jack Davenport, David Tennant and Jason Watkins.
Back in 1998 David was featured in The Golden Triangle Part 2 - The Order Of Release which was the second of three plays about painters broadcast on Radio 4.

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