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October 2005

31/10/2005, 12:00pm GMT
We've some great new photos of David for you today ranging from some brand new images of him as Barty Crouch Jr (many thanks to our friends at Veritaserum ) to some older ones of David's past theatre appearances.
To make it easier for you to find the new images in the gallery we will now put 'new!' next to the catergory. Visit our Photos section now!
29/10/2005, 16:31pm GMT
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We've been busy with the scanner today! You can read some great articles about the new series of Doctor Who in our Interviews section and there are a couple of new pics from SFX here and Dreamwatch here.
29/10/2005, 16:26pm GMT
Our friends over at Outpost Gallifrey have discovered that there will be a special Doctor Who documentary on BBC Radio 2 on Tuesday 20th December at 20:33pm. David will be among a host of guests chatting about the show. They say:
BBC Radio 2 will be presenting a new documentary special, Doctor Who: Regeneration this December, Outpost Gallifrey has learned. The new documentary from the radio channel, which earlier this year presented the two-part documentary "Project: WHO", "examines how this year's adventures of the Time Lord became the most talked about television event of 2005. Just how significant was the departure of Christopher Eccleston to the programme and its production team? Has the success of 'Doctor Who' changed the battleground of Saturday night television? And is the TARDIS safe in David Tennant's hands?" The documentary features new interviews, exclusive music by "Doctor Who" composer Murray Gold, and excerpts from the new series, and "tells a fascinating story of why it took forty-two years to become the nation's most popular drama series." Key interviewees include David Tennant, Billie Piper, Russell T. Davies, Julie Gardner, Phil Collinson, Murray Gold, Alison Graham of Radio Times, BBC1 Controller Peter Fincham, Jane Tranter, Camille Coduri (Jackie Tyler), Noel Clarke (Mickey), Penelope Wilton (Harriet Jones), directors James Hawes and Euros Lyn, and others. Written by Brian Sibley and produced by Malcolm Prince, the documentary airs on BBC Radio 2 on Tuesday 20 December at 8:33pm.
28/10/2005, 19:25pm GMT
David is featured in the latest issues of SFX and Dreamwatch. We should have scans etc soon.
28/10/2005, 15:11pm GMT
Make sure you cast your vote for David in this year's Glenfiddich Spirit of Scotland Awards®.
He has been nominated in the Screen catergory. You can also vote in the following categories: Business, Art, Food, Sport, Music, Broadcast and Writing. And you can vote for the Top Scot Award, an open category where you can choose the Scot from any walk of life.Everyone who votes will automatically be entered into a prize draw to win one of five champagne suppers for two at Edinburgh restaurant 'Rhubarb'. They also have prizes to give away to fifty lucky runners-up.
27/10/2005, 21:50pm GMT
AOL Movie Phone have a fab new clip featuring David as Barty Crouch Jr. You can watch it here. Thanks to Judith for some grabs from it which you can see here.
27/10/2005, 15:30pm GMT
Thanks to Emily who e-mailed us to say that while at the NTA ceremony Billie spoke to The Guardian about what sort of a Doctor David will make:
As for her new co-star, Piper said the new Doctor Who, David Tennant, was a "lot lighter on his feet" than Eccleston. "He is a bit more child like and dances around a lot. I'm sure you will like him."
We're sure we will!
26/10/2005, 15:47pm GMT
Noel Clarke, Billie Piper and Camille Coduri

Last night, Doctor Who won most popular series, with Billie Piper winning most popular actress and Christopher Eccleston receiving most popular actor. The National Television Awards are voted for by the public, and were last year dominated by Coronation Street.  You can see the awards on ITV1 at 8pm tonight.

25/10/2005, 15:35pm GMT
Santa has an early present for Cardiff-based Doctor Who fans this year. 17 November sees the Welsh capital's own Christmas Invasion as Billie Piper and David Tennant arrive to turn on the festive lights.
Seasonal celebrations begin at 5.45, with the Red Hot Santas taking to the stage to play some Christmas favourites. The big switch on by the Doctor and Rose happens at 6.45, after which visitors can move on to the City Centre and shop until 8pm. Or they can get their skates on and head to the open-air ice rink at Cardiff's Winter Wonderland, which opens its doors to the public at 7.45pm.

25/10/2005, 15:32pm GMT
The official Doctor Who website is reporting that we won't have to wait until Christmas to catch a glimpse of Doctor Who, they say:
Continuing its long association with the BBC's Children In Need charity, we're pleased to announce that a mini episode of Doctor Who will be included in the evening's entertainment on BBC One.
The episode has been written by Russell T Davies. The contents are being kept a closely guarded secret for the moment.
Children In Need day takes place on 18th November.
24/10/2005, 19:38pm GMT
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A piece about David to promote his role as Barty Crouch Jr was in today's edition of the Daily Star newspaper.
24/10/2005, 19:28pm GMT
Many thanks to Janet for sending us some scans of David from the RSC's book 'Players of Shakespeare Volume 5' you can see them here.
23/10/2005, 16:24pm GMT
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Many thanks to Simon for sending us this fab photo of David as Barty Crouch Jr. Harry Potter and the Goblet Of Fire goes on general release on 18th November.
23/10/2005, 14:37pm GMT
You can read some reviews for Viva Blackpool below. Don't forget that it starts tomorrow on BBC America. Check the diary for further details.

23/10/2005, 14:30pm GMT
There is an article about David splitting from his girlfriend, Keira Malik, on the gossip page of the Sunday Mirror today. You can see a scan of the article here and read about it on their website. Many thanks to Mary.

21/10/2005, 14:50pm GMT
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It's been a while since Whospy offered us anything really interesting to peruse and granted the pic above isn't that great, but hey it's still David! To view all the Whospy pics visit the Official Doctor Who Site here.
21/10/2005, 14:30pm GMT
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Today's issue of the Daily Star has an article about David 'Before He Was Famous' with photos of him in drag in the BBC comedy Rab C Nesbitt. A clip of David in the show will be feature on Channel Five's Greatest Before They Were Famous TV Moments, which could possibly also be the longest show title ever, on Thursday 27th October 2005 at 8:00pm. To see more photos of David in Rab C Nesbitt click here.
20/10/2005, 21:00pm GMT
To celebrate the launch of Viva Blackpool, BBC Ameria have launched a brand spanking new website. It has profiles of all the actors and will soon have photos and video clips from the show. Episode 1 of Viva Blackpool airs for the first time BBC America on Monday 24th October and is repeated on Sunday 30th October and Monday 31st October. Details of future episode times will be on the Diary page.

20/10/2005, 20:58pm GMT
Australian actor Adam Garcia, who will be starring in an episode of Doctor Who alongside David, was full of praise for him at a recent TV Awards bash, he said: "He is amazing and his dream as an actor was to play Doctor Who and then when it was not happening, he was really disappointed but he was like "I'm still gonna become an actor". Now he actually gets to live his dream and he is marvelous, he really is exceptional".
20/10/2005, 17:11pm GMT
Ever fancied having a date with David? Well we have something that is nearly as good - your very own 2006 David Tennant Calendar. These will be available in various themes over the next couple of weeks, but the first one, a Blackpool themed one, is available for you to download right now. Click here to get started.
20/10/2005, 17:09pm GMT
I have made some new Casanova avatars to be used on our forums, you can see them here. Also many thanks go to Lynn who has typed up a transcript of the Big Finish interview that David did here.
19/10/2005, 20:30pm GMT
BBC Books have revealed details about three new Doctor Who novels featuring David as the Tenth Doctor. These books will be available next year. Thanks to our friends at Outpost Gallifrey for the following descriptions:
The Feast of the Drowned, by Stephen Cole
When a naval cruiser sinks in mysterious circumstances in the North Sea, all aboard are lost. Rose is saddened to learn that the brother of her friend, Keisha, was among the dead. And yet he appears to them as a ghostly apparition, begging to be saved from the coming feast... the feast of the drowned. As the dead crew haunt loved ones all over London, the Doctor and Rose are drawn into a chilling mystery. What sank the ship, and why? When the cruiser's wreckage was towed up the Thames, what sinister force came with it? The river's dark waters are hiding an even darker secret, as preparations for the feast near their conclusion...

The Resurrection Casket, by Justin Richards
Starfall - a world on the edge, where crooks and smugglers hide in the gloomy shadows and modern technology refuses to work. And that includes the TARDIS. The pioneers who used to be drawn by the hope of making a fortune from the mines can find easier picking elsewhere. But they still come - for the romance of it, or old-fashioned organic mining. Or in the hope of finding the lost treasure of Hamlek Glint - scourge of the spaceways, privateer, adventurer, bandit... Will the TARDIS ever work again? Is Glint's lost treasure waiting to be found? And does the fabled Resurrection Casket - the key to eternal life - really exist? With the help of new friends, and to the horror of new enemies, The Doctor and Rose aim to find out...

The Stone Rose, by Jacqueline Rayner
Mickey is startled to find a statue of Rose in a museum - a statue that is 2,000 years old. The Doctor realises that this means the TARDIS will shortly take them to Ancient Rome, but when it does, he and Rose soon have more on their minds than sculpture. While the Doctor searches for a missing boy, Rose befriends a girl who claims to know the future - a girl whose predictions are surprisingly accurate. But then the Doctor stumbles on the hideous truth behind the statue of Rose - and Rose herself learns that you have to be very careful what you wish for...
Head over to to pre order them!

19/10/2005, 14:30pm GMT
Many thanks to Anna and Danielle for sending us some more great pics of David as Barty Crouch Jr. You can view the photos here.
18/10/2005, 16:47pm GMT
We've got some more great photos from the Children In Need Galactic Dinner here. Many thanks to Kevin Farrell and Paul Masters for those. Our thanks go to Jamie for more new interviews with David which you can read in the Interviews section.
17/10/2005, 16:48pm GMT
Above are some photos taken from the Children In Need Doctor Who Galactic Dinner on Friday night.
The first photo on the left was kindly sent to us by site visitor Peter, who is pictured with his daughter Jade and David. It looks like a great time was had by all!
If you have any photos of the evening that you would like to share please send them to me at
You can find out more about Children In Need by clicking here.
17/10/2004, 16:30pm GMT
To celebrate London's Royal Court Theatre marking it's 50th birthday next year David will be doing a special reading of Look Back In Anger on 8th May 2006. Information on how to get tickets etc will be given nearer the time. More details on the theatre's new season are available in the article below:
17/10/2005, 16:20pm GMT
The BBC have revealed that there will be a new Doctor Who spin off next year. Torchwood is created by Russell T Davies and will star John Barrowman as Captain Jack. "Torchwood will be a dark, clever, wild, sexy, British crime/sci-fi paranoid thriller cop show with a sense of humour - the X Files meets This Life," says Russell T Davies. "It's a renegade bunch of investigators charged by the British government to find alien technology that has fallen to Earth," BBC Three controller Stuart Murphy told The Independent. The show will be set in Cardiff, and will be 13 45-minute episodes, transmitting between series of Doctor Who. Confirmed writers include Sapphire and Steel creator PJ Hammond. Below are a couple of articles on the new show:

17/10/2005, 16:17pm GMT
Many thanks to Jamie over on our forums for finding some excellent old David articles. You can read them now in the Interviews section.
16/10/2005, 18:20pm GMT
Click to enlarge!
David Tennant is providing the voice of Hamish for the English language version of the forthcoming computer animated feature film Free Jimmy, the first CGI movie produced in Norway. Due out in December 2006, it features a paranoid drug addicted circus elephant, who makes a break for freedom. Yes really! The English screenplay is by Simon Pegg and adding vocal talent are Mark Gatiss and Jim Broadbent.
Tennant and Gatiss' performances in The Quatermass Experiment will be released on DVD on 24th October. Both actors feature on the DVD commentary, and were reunited in late June to take part in the documentary Bring Something Back: The Quatermass Experiment. See photo above!
16/10/2005, 18:15pm GMT
Firstly we'dlike to thank Charlie for her report of the Doctor Who Galactic Dinner. You can read the report on our new Fan Reports section. You can vist Charlie's site here.
I've added the new Production Notes from the latest issue of DWM and a new section called Site Info where you can have a quick glimpse at what's on offer in all the different sections.
15/10/2005, 21:50pm GMT
The BBC are reporting that last night's Galactic Dinner, which was held in aid of Children In Need, has raised £20,000:
Doctor Who stars David Tennant and Billie Piper have helped raise £20,000 for the BBC Children in Need appeal.

The actors took a break from filming the new BBC Wales series to join diners at a fundraising event in Cardiff.

Money raised through the "Doctor Who Galactic Dinner" will help improve the lives of children and young people.

Writer and executive producer Russell T Davies presided over a special auction of coveted Doctor Who memorabilia.

Guests bid up to £4,000 for some of the items, which are destined to become valuable collectors' items.

More than 250 guests attended the event at the city's Macdonald Holland House Hotel.

The dinner was one of a number of events being held across the UK to raise money for the annual charity event.

This year, appeal organisers will distribute more than £2.6m to support vulnerable children and young people throughout Wales - with a total of £35m being given across the UK as a whole.

"We always knew it was going to be a fantastic event, but it exceeded all our expectations," said David Tennant, who has taken over the role from Christopher Eccleston.

Billie Piper, who plays the Doctor's assistant, Rose, said: "Everyone had an amazing night. Thank you so much to all the generous people who were there raising so much money."

Menna Richards, controller of BBC Wales, said: "The Doctor Who team made a fantastic contribution towards raising a huge sum of money for Children in Need.

"But they couldn't have done it without the amazing support of all those Doctor Who fans who bid for prizes and gave so much money to the event."

13/10/2005, 16:14pm GMT
Now is your last chance to grab a ticket to help Children In Need and have dinner with David and Billie Piper in Cardiff tomorrow night.
Five hundred guests are promised a drinks reception, three-course meal and memorabilia auction at the event at Holland House Hotel, in Newport Road, Cardiff, which starts at 7.30pm. Call 029 2032 3855 Tickets cost £100 a head.  The article below from IC Wales explains more.
All money raised will be donated to Children In Need!
12/10/2005, 14:56pm GMT
A bit of Doctor Who news for you today. Firstly The Sun are reporting that there will be a 'Robot War' in the next series' finale, with a battle between the Cybermen and the Daleks. Whether or not this will materialise remains to be seen, we'll have to wait until next Spring to find out! The article below from Manchester Online explains a bit more about it.
Next you can vote for the last series of Doctor Who at The National TV Awards. Billie Piper has been nominated for Best Actress for her role as Rose and Christopher Eccleston has been nominated as The Doctor. The series itself is up for Best Drama. Click here to vote.
A couple of articles about this are available to read below:

Rex Features have a couple of thumbnails (pixie's thumbnails in this case, they're so small!) pics of David and Billie meeting up at the very posh St David's Hotel in Cardiff:


And finally the new issue of DWM is out tomorrow and this time it's all about the girls, with the lovely Billie as the cover star.

Celebrate the Doctor's lovely lady companions in the latest issue of Doctor Who Magazine!

"Rose isn't sure about herself and what she can achieve," executive producer Julie Gardner tells DWM. "She can either stay in her London life and eat her baked beans and watch the telly, or she can step through the TARDIS doors and literally travel anywhere. Once she makes that choice, she's constantly in danger, constantly faced with difficult choices..."

Also in this issue, composer Murray Gold chats about re-jigging the Doctor Who theme, making Bad Wolf music, and influential tunes by The Pixies, (and even plays some air guitar!); script editor Simon Winstone takes readers behind the scenes in Production Notes; and The Fact of Fiction takes an in-depth look at 1977's The Invisible Enemy - the story that unleashed K-9.

Meanwhile, things are getting stranger and stranger for the Doctor and Rose in the concluding part of The Cruel Sea, DWM's brand new comic strip from Robert Shearman and Mike Collins...

Plus there are more casting exclusives in Gallifrey Guardian, a look behind the microphones on Big Finish's new Cyberman series, the latest reviews in Off the Shelf, and all your usual favourites.

DWM goes on sale from Thursday 13 October.

10/10/2005, 17:41pm GMT
Many thanks to Helena for e-mailing us to say that Daniel Radcliffe mentioned how much he enjoyed working with David in a recent interview with his fansite
David and Daniel worked together on the forthcoming Harry Potter Movie, The Goblet Of Fire, here's what Dan says:
“...I loved working with David Tennant, who plays Barty Crouch, Jr. And I wish, I really wish he could have been in it more, because I would have loved to sort of get to know, because we only really got two scenes together in the entire film, and one of those we don’t even speak together, so I wish I could have worked with him more because he was fantastic."
To read the full interview with Daniel Radcliffe click here.
08/10/2005, 17:15pm GMT
Click to enlarge!
David's Barty Crouch Jr costume will be included with the costume cards in the new Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire trading cards set.  The base set will include 90 foil-stamp cards, plus randomly inserted foil cards, costume cards, prop cards, and autographs! 8 trading cards per pack. 24 packs per box.To find out more about the cards (and see a little pic of David) click the pic above.
You can pre order a box of these cards here.
Thanks to Groovy from our forum.
07/10/2005, 09:21am GMT
David is amongst a host of theatre stars who will be celebrating The Lyceum's 40th Birthday in January 2006. The Scotsman has the full details:
A galaxy of stage stars is set to gather for a night of "indulgence, luxury and merriment" to toast the 40th birthday of one of Edinburgh's best-loved theatres.
Members of the public will have the chance to rub shoulders with the likes of Brian Cox, Billy Boyd and new Dr Who actor David Tennant at the glittering gala evening to mark the ruby anniversary of the Royal Lyceum Theatre Company (RLTC) next January.
The star-studded bash has been planned to coincide with the opening night of Liz Lochhead's Tartuffe, a critically-acclaimed Scots translation of the play by French playwright Molière, which drew unprecedented audience numbers to the Grindlay Street theatre when it was first performed there nearly 20 years ago.
A "mystery guest" is being lined up to cut a 40th birthday cake, complete with candles, while musical entertainment will transform the venue into a party hotspot.
One of those certain to join in the festivities is former High Road actress and RLTC stalwart Eileen McCallum.
Together with fellow Scottish thespian greats Una McLean and the late Russell Hunter, Ms McCallum starred in the RLTC's first ever production in 1965, A Servant o' Twa Maisters, Victor Carin's Scots translation of the farce by Carlo Goldoni.
She said: "I just love the Lyceum, probably because it was my first real company that I was part of.
"I have come back periodically over the years and I never stay away that long."
04/10/2005, 17:17pm GMT
Click to enlarge!
Many thanks to Lynall for sending us some fab new Doctor Who photos. The pics are from the first official shoot with David and Billie, but have not been released yet by the BBC. You can see the full set of pics here.
03/10/2005, 15:59pm GMT
A nine minute sneak preview of behind the scenes of The Christmas Invasion has been officially cleared to be included on the Doctor Who Series 1 Box Set. Full deatails available at the BBFC Website.
03/10/2005, 15:55pm GMT
The Scottish Style Awards took place in Glasgow on Friday and although David was nominated for the Most Stylish Male award he failed to win it. The award going instead to Robert Carlyle.
The Scotsman reports:
Meanwhile, actor Robert Carlyle was named Scotland's Most Stylish Male after beating Hollywood favourite Ewan McGregor, Alan Cumming, Dougray Scott and Dr Who actor David Tennant. A notable absentee from the shortlist was actor Sir Sean Connery, 74. "We wanted to make the list more contemporary," explained one insider.
01/10/2005, 18:11pm GMT
Click to enlarge!
These Barty Crouch JR pics are like buses you wait for one then five come at once! This fabulous picture of David as Barty comes courtesy of The Leaky Cauldron. Click here for more pictures of David as Barty Crpuch Jr in Harry Potter and The Goblet Of Fire.
01/10/2005, 18:08pm GMT
Many thanks to Jack for this fabulous exclusive Doctor Who wallpaper!
01/10/2005, 18:05pm GMT
Click to enlarge!
This fab picture of David and Billie filming for the new series was printed in today's edition of The Daily Star. To see more Doctor Who photos click here.
01/10/05, 18:00pm GMT
Loads of updates today, firstly head over to the Interviews section where you will find the new SFX article and some info on the new Doctor Who Monster.
You can also read the production notes from the series here. 
There's photos from the new SFX here.