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November 2005

30/11/2005, 16:57pm GMT
There is a fabulous two page interview with David in the latest issue of Elle Magazine. Click here to read it.
28/11/2005, 19:24pm GMT
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You may remember that Team Tennant attended the Harry Potter premiere, in the hope of meeting Mr Tennant, earlier this month. Unfortunately they didn't get to see much and got very wet in the process...however Team Tennant member and Forum admin Judith wrote to David to explain what happend and he has replied wih a lovely letter and a photo for Team Tennant! Thanks David!
Click here to read David's letter!
28/11/2005, 19:16pm GMT
Who's on Radio Times?There's a two page interview and full page photo of David in the 10-16 December Radio Times.
The BBC Doctor Who website says:
What happens when you take two national institutions and throw in a touch of festive spirit? The Radio Times Christmas edition with a Doctor Who-themed front cover. It's a rare honour for the magazine to devote a coveted Chrimbo cover to a single show, and the first time that favour's gone to Doctor Who. Readers of the listings magazine will also have the opportunity to win a six foot Dalek from the show. There's also an in-depth look at making of the monsters from the festive episode. Radio Times goes on sale from 3 December. But don't forget - other listings magazines are available.
28/11/2005, 19:14pm GMT
The BBC have confirmed that The Christmas Invasion will be shown at 19:00pm on Christmas Day.
28/11/2005, 19:12pm GMT
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Many thanks to Myleene for sending us some new pics of David as Barty Crouch Jr. Click here to view them.
27/11/2005, 19:17pm GMT
I'm sure you will remember voting for David in the Spirit Of Scotland Awards last month, well the votes are all in and will be revealed on 30th November at the Prestonfield House Hotel in Edinburgh. Scottish viewers can watch the ceremony on the same night at 23:00pm on ITV1 Grampian.  Thanks to Jane.
27/11/2005, 12:10pm GMT
Secret Smile will be shown in two one and a half hour episodes on Monday 12th December and Tuesday 13th December at 21:00pm on ITV1. To keep up to date with all the TV and events visit our Diary.
26/11/2005, 17:35pm GMT
There is an article about David intoday's Sunday mail entitled The Secret Diary Of Dr Who Aged 14 3/4 thanks to Claire for pointing this out.
Thanks also to Judith for scanning Broadcast and it's feature Tennant Top Of TV Talent.
26/11/2005, 12:36pm GMT
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ITV have started showing Secret Smile trailers across their channels. The trailers are accompanied by a Coming Soon logo. Click here to see caps. Please ask permission before using any of these caps. Thanks :)
26/11/2005, 12:34pm GMT
Good news for David's Canadian fans, they will be getting the Christmas Invasion and the new series! A Press Release from the BBC about the BBC Worldwide Sales in Canada states:
Other deals secured include a major licensing deal with CBC Television for the second series of the latest Doctor Who adventures following the critical success of the first series. The deal includes a Christmas special, hosted by Billie Piper exclusively for CBC viewers that air on Boxing Day. The new 13 part adventure is currently filming in Wales and is due to air on CBC in 2006. BBC Video is planning to release series one on DVD in Canada on 14.02.2006.  BBC Worldwide has also recently appointed Buzzworthy as the merchandising agent for the Doctor Who brand in Canada. This is the first time an agent has been appointed solely for the territory. As part of the three-year agreement, Buzzworthy will actively seek partner companies to produce and distribute new and existing Doctor Who products including toys, clothing and gift items from the second series.
25/11/2005, 18:12pm GMT
The media frenzy in preparation for The Christmas Invasion has started already with David being featured on the front of many magazines. Click the links below to read the articles:
25/11/2005, 18:09pm GMT
The Mirror's Christmas TV Magazine has said that The Christmas Invasion will be shown at 18:15pm on Christmas day.
25/11/2005, 18:08pm GMT
Today is your last chance to view the special scene broadcast for last week's Children in Need evening. The video will remain online until 21.30pm, so if you haven't already seen it, or - like us - you want to watch it again for the 28th time, hurry along!

24/11/2005, 16:15pm GMT
David Tennant has come top of a TV industry magazine's ranking of the UK's best TV talent.  He managed to beat off tough competition from Catherine Tate and Jamie Oliver scoop the top spot in the Broadcast Hot 100.
Broadcast said landing the role of one of TV's most iconic characters has propelled Tennant into the big time. "As yet we've had only the briefest glimpse of him as the Doctor, but if you missed his exuberant, charismatic, detailed performance as the eponymous hero in Casanova - where were you?"
Here at we'd like to all say well done David!
You can read more about this story by clicking the links below:

24/11/2005, 16:11pm GMT
Today's Daily Record has an interview with David featuring many quotes from the BBC Doctor Who Press release.
A few of the best bits include David talking about his new role as the psychotic Brendan Block in ITVs Secret Smile, due to be screened on 12th December, he says:
'Being particularly hard on Kate is a bit weird because she's such an eminently likeable, very gentle and open person. You do feel a bit of a heel, being cruel mentally and physically.'Brendan is a dangerous, complicated character. It is a fantastic challenge to get to play such a dark and compelling part. I look forward to indulging my dark side.'
Talking about his growing fame from starring as Casanova he says: 'There were two enormous poster campaigns. It's quite weird to see yourself. 'I tend to look away - not that anyone passing by the posters is checking to see if you're there.'But it's quite fun, as well. I was on a bus in Edinburgh, when I saw the face of one of the cast, Nina Sosanya and her enormous cleavage, and thought: 'That's my head resting on it!' I quickly texted Nina and said: 'We're 15 feet tall in Edinburgh'.
To read the whole interview click here.
24/11/2005, 16:09pm GMT
There's a few new dates for your diaries over the next couple of weeks, including a re run of David's Posh Nosh episode over on BBC2 next Friday and an appearance by David on The Jonathan Ross Show on 23rd December on BBC1. For all the deatails visit our diary section here.
23/11/2005, 19:32pm GMT
David has done a new interview to promote The Christmas Invasion. Click here to read it!
23/11/2005, 15:28pm
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The BBC's 2005 TV Moments website has nominated David's portrayal as the sinister Brendan Block in ITV's Secret Smile as the Best TV Moment for November/December 2005. And not only that you can watch a clip of it on their website too! Click here to vote and watch!
You can see caps from the Secret Smile preview here! Thanks to Judith!
23/11/2005, 15:24pm GMT
Above is a photo of David that was taken at the Royal Television Society North West Awards that took place at the weekend in Manchester.
Manchester Online says:
"New Dr Who David Tennant was getting the female hearts-a-fluttering at the awards, looking stylish in pinstripe suit and laughing and joking with fans. David was nominated in the best performance in a comedy or drama category for his role as Casanova in the BBC production, which was part-filmed in Manchester, but lost out to David Threlfall for Shameless. Scottish heartthrob David has taken over from Salfordian Christopher Eccleston as the popular time-traveller, and admits he is a little in awe of his predecessor and his success as Dr Who. 'They are incredibly big boots to fill, but I'm going to do my best,' he told me. 'It's great to be back in Manchester tonight and, of course, it didn't really matter that I didn't win. It's just been a fantastic night.'"
22/11/2005, 17:17pm GMT
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We have loads of great info on the Christmas Invasion today. Firstly I have made some caps from the Doctor Who Confidential episode Backstage At Christmas which you can see here. Please ask permission before using any of these caps, thanks.
The BBC have also issued the following press release which gives a brief outline of the story:
It's Christmas and Jackie Tyler is at home preparing for the festive season, not knowing if her daughter Rose will be home in time - or at all.  Then she hears the familiar, ancient grind of the TARDIS! Mickey, who is hard at work, also hears it and they both race across the estate just in time to witness the TARDIS' glorious, chaotic crash landing. The doors open and, much to their delight, out steps Rose and a complete stranger - except it isn't a stranger - it's the Doctor. Disorientated, yet overwhelmed to see them, he takes a few minutes to regain his balance and consider what it is he wants to tell them. "Oh! I know! Merry Christmas!" he yells, before collapsing. The Doctor falls in and out of consciousness, with Rose and Jackie powerless to help him.  In a bid to boost Rose's spirits, Mickey suggests a spot of Christmas shopping. A good plan - until they find themselves under attack by a sinister brass band of masked Santas.  However, they are not the only ones with problems. Prime Minister Harriet Jones has just been informed that a British space probe, on its way to Mars for a Christmas Day landing, has gone missing. It has been kidnapped by a monstrous race known as the Sycorax, who are set on taking over the world.  Meanwhile, back at the Tylers', Mickey and Jackie are trying to fend off a killer Christmas tree, while Rose tries to wake the Doctor.
21/11/2005, 17:44pm GMT
I've added some new and clearer caps from th Wales Today interview here (thanks Sue!) I've also added some caps from Channel Five's Before They Were Famous here.
20/11/2005, 17:04pm GMT
Firstly thanks to Judith for her photos and report of her trip to Cardiff to see David turn the Christmas Lights on, you can read all about it here. She's also scanned some Welsh newspaper articles here.
I've made some caps of David from the recent Harry Potter TV shows on ITV. Yesterday's Harry Potter Behind The Magic caps can be seen here and today's Harry Poter and the Goble Of Fire Premiere Special caps can be seen here.
Thanks also to Jess to for some caps from the Children In Need appeals that David and Billie did here.
I've also added a new section called Mag Stand which has details of any magazines that you may want to buy with David featured in them.
20/11/2005, 14:12pm GMT
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The above article appeared in today's issue of The News Of The World. The most interesting thing about it is that Secret Smile has finally been given an air date! It will be shown on ITV1 on 12th December! Hoorah!
20/11/2005, 14:00pm GMT
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The BBC website has some great new festive wallpapers featuring the Doctor and Rose as well as fabulous countdown to Christmas look. Click here to check it out!
18/11/2005, 22:40pm GMT
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Oh the excitement is too much! That was well.... fantabbytosie! If you need any proof of this read our forum! haha!
Anyway still slightly hysterical from tonight's Doctor Who special, but anyway I've made some caps from it which you can see here.
Please don't use these caps anywhere else without asking for our permission.
Oh and watch it all over again here!
18/11/2005, 15:53pm GMT
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I'm sure no one will forget that the Children In Need Doctor Who special is on tonight! Here's a few reminders of details you may need:
  • We will be having a chat here from 19:00pm GMT Everyone is welcome.
  • The Doctor Who special will air around 21:00pm!!!! ;D 
  • If you want to donate money online click here!
  • If you want to watch the Doctor Who trailer online click here!
  • The full line up for the night can be seen here!
  • The Doctor Who special will be screened here from 21:30pm GMT

18/11/2005, 15:03pm GMT
The Daily Mirror are reporting that the fabulous Blackpool will be returning for a one off special and David will be appearing in it  as DI Carlisle. They Say:
'Remember Blackpool? Not the place, silly, the BBC's all-singing, all-dancing drama. Well its coming back for a one-off special, in the shape of a spin-off starring David Morrissey as Ripley and Georgia Taylor as his daughter Shyanne.
This time round the funny caper finds Ripley in dubious possession of the Jules Rimet World Cup. Whatever will he do with it?
The drama will be screened to coincide with next years football tornament. Sarah Parish and David Tennant will pop up in cameos, too - hurrah!'
Thanks to Ruth and Jade.
18/11/2005, 14:43pm GMT
Click On A Pic To Enlarge!
The BBC Wales website has the following article about last nights Christmas Lights:
Doctor Who stars David Tennant and Billie Piper marked the build up to their Time Lord Christmas special with lights and fireworks in Cardiff. The pair, who play the Doctor and his sidekick, Rose Tyler, switched on the city's Christmas lights. Tenant makes his debut as the Doctor in an hour-long special, to be screened on Christmas Day, which was recorded in the city. He told the crowd that he also gets to play a woman in the new series. Tennant, 34, the 10th incarnation of the Doctor, was accompanied by Piper for the switch-on outside Cardiff's Civic Centre. Piper revealed to the crowd that other dangers the pair face in the sci-fi series, the second made by BBC Wales, include a werewolf as well as the cybermen. Speaking from the stage moments before switching on the city's festive lights, she confided that the enemy in next month's episode is a Christmas tree.  This is the second year the Dr Who team has lit up Cardiff 
"The Christmas tree attacks us. That's pretty exciting and quite threatening and scary at the same time," she said. The cyberman also seemed to have made an impression on her. She said: "They are giants, absolutely terrifying (but) quite sexy actually." The series is produced by Swansea-born writer, Russell T Davies, who also attended the Christmas lights switch on. He said he did not yet know what time the Doctor Who special would be broadcast, but viewers should expect to be frightened. He said: "It's scary. That's why we can't show it after the Queen." also covered the story:
Doctor Who stars Billie Piper and David Tennant told fans how much they loved filming in Cardiff as they switched on the city's Christmas lights last night.
The ceremony was marked with a spectacular fireworks display, which delighted the thousands of families who turned up to watch.
The actors led the countdown to the big switch on.
Piper told the crowd, "Cardiff is like my home town now - I have been here for about two years. We have the warmest welcome wherever we go, it's been really lovely.
"You have been so generous, giving up your streets and restaurants for us to film.
"It's all been great, we're having such a great time here at the moment, everyone is being so nice and so friendly."Tennant said, "I'm having a great time in Cardiff, it's such a nice place and it's quite overwhelming to be here."Tennant is the 10th Doctor and he made his first appearance, taking over from Christopher Eccleston, in the final scene of the last series, penned by Swansea writer Russell T Davies."I'm having a miserable time - Max Boyce is taking over as the new Doctor," he joked, before adding, "I'm having a ball, I get to hang out with Billie Piper, it's a great time."Every day is different, the other day we were hanging 30ft in the air, although I can't tell you why."Before the Doctor Who actors arrived on stage the audience were entertained by the BBC's Derek Brockway and Claire Summers.
See photos from the big switch on here!
18/11/2005, 14:25pm GMT
Click To Enlarge!
The Daily Star had the above article, covering the Cardiff Christmas Lights switch on in todays issue.
17/11/2005, 19:53pm GMT
Good news for David's fans outside the UK, the BBC will be streaming the Children In Need Doctor Who special on their website which you can visit here.
They say:
Billie Piper and David Tennant are starring in a special Doctor Who scene written exclusively for BBC Children in Need.
The contents of this special mini adventure, written by Russell T Davies, are a closely guarded secret. But you can watch the clip at 9pm on BBC One or online here from 9.30pm this Friday. In the meantime, whet your appetite by watching a BBC Children in Need mini trailer.
17/11/2005, 18:57pm GMT
David and Billie have just lit up Cardiff city centre with a spectacular light display. They did a short interview with Wales Today which you can see here. In which David confessed he was scared of the new look Cybermen! We have some caps from the interview here but they aren't very good quality. Sorry.
17/11/2005, 14:41pm GMT
As you all know David and Billie are turning on the Christmas Lights in Cardiff tonight. If you aren't lucky enough to be going the event will be shown on Wales Toay at 18:30pm on BBC Wales. You can watch it online after 18:30pm here.
17/11/2005, 14:36pm GMT
If you would like to send David a Christmas message or even a Good Luck with The Christmas Invasion message to be included in the Christmas card, then please send your messages to
All messages must be recieved by 30th November 2005. That is also the closing date for our Ask David questions so don't delay!
15/11/2005, 18:00pm GMT
The Official Doctor Who site is reporting on a great new radio documentary about the show's revival. Including whether the TARDIS is safe in David Tennant's hands! It will also include an interview with David. The show ais at 8:33pm on 20th December 2005.
They say:
Next month sees a brand new Doctor Who documentary to be broadcast on Radio 2. Called Doctor Who: Regeneration, it will examine how the series revival became the most talked about TV show of the year.
"We live in an age now where you would never cast an older Doctor," says Russell T Davie in an interview for the show. "Absolutely never. Never over fifty, I wouldn't say over forty-five actually. So we'll always have young Doctors now, because that's what a hero is these days."
The documentary will ask if the success of the show has changed the battleground of Saturday night television? And also, is the TARDIS safe in David Tennant's hands?
Featuring brand new interviews, exclusive music by composer Murray Gold, and excerpts from the new series, Doctor Who: Regeneration tells the story of how it become the nation's most popular drama series.
Tune in to Radio 2 on Tuesday 20 December at 8.33pm (yes, really!) to hear interviews with the likes of David Tennant, Billie Piper and producer Phil Collinson.

15/11/2005, 17:47pm GMT
We will be having a live forum chat on Friday night to coincide with the airing of the Children In Need Doctor Who episode. The chat will start at 19:00pm and will go on throughout the Children In Need show which will be on BBC1. You can join the chat at any stage so feel free to join us! You will need to be a member of our forum to participate. Click here to join. There are more details of other chats taking place on the forum.
15/11/2005, 17:43pm GMT
If you missed David in the Radio version of Much Ado About Nothing on Sunday night, fear not! As you can download it here! Please note that it will take a while to download! Thanks to Sue.
13/11/2005, 22:00pm GMT
Click To Enlarge!
I've made some bigger caps from the Children In Need advert. You can see them here.
12/11/2005, 14:55pm GMT
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According today's The Sun TV Mag Secert Smile will be shown on ITV1 next month. We did suspect that they were holding it back in a kind of 'Look we've got Doctor Who when he was a psycopath' kind of way lol Anyway click the pics to read the article.
12/11/2005, 14:50pm GMT
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The Daily Star is dragging up the whole Doctor Who accent issue again. Yawn! Anyway click on the pic above to read the article.
12/11/2005, 11:25am GMT
Click To Enlarge!
Many thanks to Katie for sending us the above caps from yesterday's Children In Need Advert.
The ad was shown at 22:00pm on BBC2 and featured the following exchange between the Doctor and Rose:
Rose: Who are you?
Doctor: I'm the Doctor
Rose: What's happening?
Doctor: We're going to crash!
Hopefully you'll all be able to catch it soon!
11/11/2005, 17:08pm GMT
Many thanks to Taylor for making us some great wallpapers. You can see them here.
10/11/2005, 17:15pm GMT
The latest issue of DWM, which was out today, has revealed the very exciting news that there will be an extra episode of Doctor Who available to Digital TV viewers. After the Christmas Invasion has been broadcast, fans should simply press the red button on their remote controls and they will be able to join the Doctor on a new adventure. The episode is written by Gareth Roberts and David has already filmed scenes for it. Julie Gardner reveals that viewers will even be able to fly the TARDIS by using their remote control!
10/11/2005, 17:10pm GMT
The BBC have revealed the new look Cybermen that David wll be battling in the new series. The BBC Official Doctor Who Site says:
Filming of the eagerly awaited Cybermen adventure is underway in Cardiff. The first two-parter of series two written by Tom MacRae (Nine Lives, School’s Out) sees The Doctor and companions’ battle against a new, more deadly breed of Cybermen who are out to convert humanity into their own kind.

Producer, Phil Collinson says: ‘The villainous Cybermen are as much a part of Doctor Who heritage as the Daleks and so it’s a huge personal thrill to see them back. I hope that the evil silver giants will terrify a whole new generation of viewers as they confront the tenth Time Lord.’

The sinister breed of monsters; second only to the Daleks in their infamy made their first appearance in 1966 and haven’t darkened our screens since 1988. Next year will mark their 40th anniversary.

Originally created by Kit Pedler and Gerry Davis, (also the creators of Doomwatch), the modernised version have been superbly redesigned by Edward Thomas’s design team and Neil Gorton at Millennium FX.

The episodes which will be seen next year in the highly anticipated second series, directed by Graeme Harper, also stars Camille Coduri as Rose’s mum Jackie, Noel Clarke as Rose’s hapless boyfriend Mickey, Roger Lloyd-Pack as the monstrous John Lumic Andrew Hayden-Smith as Jake Simmonds and Shaun Dingwall returns as Peter Tyler, Rose’s dad.
10/11/2005, 17:05pm GMT
Our friends over at Outpost Gallifrey have discovered further details about the special Children In Need episode of Doctor Who to be screened next Friday. They say:
The special mini-episode is actually 3 and 1/2 minutes long, and will begin at exactly 9:06pm during the telethon (though of course there is always room for slight variation in the timing). Additionally, we've learned that K9 will be in the studio joining the presenters for the evening. As always, this information is subject to change up to air time!
10/11/2005, 17:00pm GMT
Sarah has made some screen caps from the Quatermass DVD which you can see here. Plus many thanks to Heather who has sent us some caps from the BBC Quatermass interview which you can see here.

09/11/2005, 16:22pm GMT
Great news for David's Australian fans - ABC have announced that they will be showing the wonderful Blackpool from Wednesday 30th November at 20:30pm
Click here to read ABC's summary of the show. Make sure you always check our Diary page to keep up to date.
09/11/2005, 16:10pm GMT
As you all know there will be a special episode of Doctor Who, starring David, on Children In Need on Friday 18th November. The Radio Times website has suggested that the air time of this will be between 21:00pm and 21:30pm, although given the general set up of this live event it is subject to change.
Thanks to Gary who tells us that BBC Radio Jersey interviewed the director of the Children in Need special, and he had this to say on the Doctor Who special:
"It's the moment that links the last series to the new series, it's a real episode but I don't think its fifteen minutes.
I haven't been allowed to see it yet, they filmed it last week in Cardiff but they aren't giving us the tape until just before the show because they want to keep it secret so nobody is allowed to see it.
So I don't know what’s in it, I don't know how long it is but I do know it's a scene between Billie Piper in the TARDIS and it's the moment David Tennant materialised at the end of the last series.
This is the beginning of the second series where they are in the TARDIS going off on their first gig."
You can listen to an audio clip of the interview here.
09/11/2005, 15:54pm GMT
Click To Enlarge!
Many thanks to Joathina for her fabulous pics of David from the Goblet Of Fire Premiere. If you have any pics or a report of the premiere please e-mail me at
*You can download David's red carpet arrival and interview here.
08/11/2005, 18:00pm GMT
I have added my report of the Goblet Of Fire premiere and some photos that Team Tennant took of the event here.
If you want to submit a review or some pics e-mail me on
07/11/2005, 15:47pm GMT
BBC Radio 3 will be broadcasting Much Ado About Nothing starring David as Benedick this Sunday 13th November at 19:15pm
Their website says:
Shakespeare's delightful comedy sparkles with the verbal sparring of our two reluctant lovers in a world where nothing is quite what it seems. David Tennant and Samantha Spiro star as Benedick and Beatrice, with an introduction by Sir Richard Eyre.
Click here for more details including a full cast list.
07/11/2005, 10:48am GMT
Click To Enlarge!
We have a big collection of photos of David from last nights Harry Potter and the Goblet Of Fire. Click here to view them all.
There's a lot of press coverage from the premiere too, the best of the articles are below:

06/11/2005, 21:50pm GMT
Click To Enlarge!
Many thanks to Gemma for sending us these caps from the web cast from earlier this evening. Click here to watch it again.
06/11/2005, 20:50pm GMT
Click To Enlarge!
You can watch David arriving at the Harry Potter and the Goblet Of Fire premiere and a small interview with him here.
David wore a black suit, a T Shirt and some brown shoes.
Head over to our forum to discuss the premiere with other fans.
06/11/2005, 15:50pm GMT
If you aren't going to the Harry Potter premiere, do not fear! You don't need to miss a thing as AOL will be broadcasting the whole thing live from 17:00pm!
To see the live webcast of the premiere go to
The premiere footage will also be available on demand following the event.  Warner Bros will also broadcast the premiere live here.
You may also want to catch the news bulletins as they will more than likely have clips from the premiere.
Tomorrow GM:TV and This Morning (both ITV1) will be showing reports from the premiere.
04/11/2005, 17:37pm GMT
The filming in London has started a press frenzy! Click the pics above to read the relevant articles from The Daily Star and The Sun. And Click here to see loads of new photos from yesterday's fiming.
04/11/2005, 11:20am GMT
The Doctor Who team have been filming in London all week and above are some photos from yesterday's shoot by the River Thames.
Today's issue of The Sun runs the following article:
Doctor Who star David Tennant gets to grips with his new role — and his co-star — during filming yesterday.
David, 34, who replaced Christopher Eccleston as the Timelord, grabbed sexy assistant Rose Tyler (Billie Piper) by the face as they shot scenes by the River Thames in London. A BBC insider said: “The on-screen chemistry between the two is explosive.
“They work really well together and we are sure the next series will be even more popular than the last.”
03/11/2005, 11:42am GMT
Many thanks to Karen for sending this article to us, it is from IC Refrewshire:
He's been described as having the looks of a weasel and is said to be a leading exponent of "geek chic." But now new Doctor Who, Paisley's David Tennant, is apparently going to be something of a doll. For the BBC - makers of the cult sci-fi series - are considering commissioning a character action doll of Tennant once he hits the small screen in the coveted role. And the move could boost the former Paisley Grammar School pupil's profile even further, with youngsters wanting the toy as a must-have present. Amazingly, the BBC has just released a Doctor Doll that looks like actor Christopher Eccleston, who has just left the series. But fans of the Time Lord's adventures will have to wait until next year until they can get their hands on a doll with 34-year-old David's characteristics. Slim and with sharp features, David, who was brought up in Ralston, has not had the best of reactions to news that he is the next Doctor Who. Diehard fans of the series have variously described him as looking like a weasel and a geek. But David's distinguished Dad the Rev Dr Sandy MacDonald, a former Moderator of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland, defended his son, describing his son as "slim and handsome." And, as revealed in the Paisley Daily Express, Buddies also came to his defence, with one smitten woman saying there was a mischievousness about him that she found attractive. However, it's unlikely the actor's looks will affect the sales of the Doctor Who doll. Those most likely to have it on their wish list are children and fanatical adult fans. A spokeswoman for the BBC said: "There are no definite plans for a David Tennant doll yet. But it could well happen next year."
03/11/2005, 11:30am GMT
The BBC have officially confirmed that they wil be showing the Doctor Who Christmas Special on 25th December. The official site says:
Cancel those plans. David Tennant and Billie Piper will face The Christmas Invasion on Christmas Day itself. No time slot has currently been confirmed, but get ready for a great day in with the family.
The Doctor Who special will be an integral part of their Christmas schedule and is rumoured to be shon between two episodes of the popular soap EastEnders.
The Sun also runs a story about the BBC Christmas Day schedule here.

02/11/2005, 17:21pm GMT
If you are planning to join Team Tennant at the Harry Potter and the Goblet Of Fire premiere on Sunday then you will be pleased to know that David has confirmed that he will be attending. Red carpet arrivals begin at 17:00pm at The Odeon Leicester Sqaure, London. Photos and reports from the premiere will be much appreciated, so please do send them in! Head over to our forum to discuss it with other members who are attending the event now! You should also be able spot members of Team Tennant as they will be wearing T Shirts designed by our competition winner Ruth! For a full list of attendees please visit our friends at Veritaserum
02/11/2005, 10:50am GMT
The Daily Mirror are running the story that David is dating his Doctor Who Co Star Sophia Myles. David and Sophia attended the opening night of their fellow Who colleague Anthony Head's new play, Otherwise Engaged, in London on Monday night. You can see more photos from the aftershow party here. Several news sites are covering the story you can read them via the links below. Many thanks to Clare
01/11/2005, 17:28pm GMT
Thanks to everyone who e-mailed us to let us know about a new trailer for Harry Potter and the Goblet Of Fire. The clip features a small scene with David. Click here to view it. The clip comes courtesy of Mugglenet. Thanks to Judith for the photo.
01/11/2005, 17:19pm GMT
Just to let you all know that Sarah isn't too well so I'll be updating the site until further notice, so if you have any news or queries etc could you please e-mail me at  Thanks!
Anyways on with the updates thanks to Judith we have some more new pics of David in various RSC productions you can find them and the new Photo Of The Month on in the Photos section. The Fan Of The Month has also been updated and last months news is in the archives.
Thanks to Joe McKee for letting us know that David is on the cover of emagazine, a magazine for teachers and students of A Level English Literature and related subjects.