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February 2006

28/02/2006, 16:45pm GMT have announced the realease dates for Volumes One and Two of the new series DVDs.
Volume One will include The Christmas Invasion and New Earth and will be relased on 1st May 2006. Click here to pre order it.
Volume Two will include Tooth And Claw, School Reunion and The Girl In The Fireplace and will be released on 5th June 2006. Click here to pre order it.

27/02/2006, 16:10pm GMT 
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The Sunday Mirror Magazine continued the press coverage of the filming of The Idiot's Lantern with the above article and photos of David and Billie. Many thanks to Heather for the scan.
25/02/2006, 12:20pm GMT
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There's more behind the scenes photos from the filming of The Idiot's Lantern in Cardiff earlier this month in the current issue (25 Feb - 3 March 2006)  of TV Quick magazine. It's out now priced at just 70p.

22/02/2006, 16:36pm GMT
Glamour Magazine are holding their annual award ceremony in June and you can vote for David to be Man Of The Year.
This catergory is decided by the public and it's up to you to make the nominations.
Nominees should be somebody who has achieved a lot in their career during the past year and David more than qualifies on that front!
You can vote using a form in the current issue of the magazine or click here to vote online.
By voting you will also get entered into a prize draw to win tickets to the event!
Please note that you can also vote for David's Doctor Who co star Billie Piper in the Best Actress and Woman Of The Year catergories.

22/02/2006, 08:53pm GMT
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Here are a couple more photos of David and Billie Piper from the Radio Time Covers Party, courtesy of


21/02/2006, 16:16pm GMT
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David Tennant is featured in the current issue of The Radio Times (25 Feb - 3 March 2006) There are photos of David, Billie Piper and Russell T Davies at The Radio Time Covers Party which took place last month. The photos above show David with Helen Mirren and Russell.
17/02/2006, 17:54pm GMT
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The Official Doctor Who site has released details of another new Doctor Who book, this time featuring the evil monsters that the Tenth Doctor and Rose will encounter in the new series. They say:
This fully illustrated guide to the Doctor's evil foes picks up where 2005's Monsters and Villains book left off. Expect to see baddies like the Sycorax, the Gelth and Reapers within its pages.As well as recent menaces to mankind, Aliens and Enemies also includes classic foes like the Cybermen, Sutekh and the Zarbi. Facts, figures and images of each monster feature alongside a synopsis of the episodes they appeared in. Plus, behind-the-scenes information gives insights into how these monsters were created and brought to life.Doctor Who: Aliens and Enemies will be published on 18 May 2006.

16/02/2006, 19:16pm GMT
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The new issue of New magazine has the above article and photos from the set of The Idiot's Lantern, it's Issue 151 and is out now priced at just 60p!

15/02/2006, 16:35pm GMT
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Two brand new Doctor Who activity books will be released on 25th May to coincide with the new BBC Series. One will be a sticker book, with pics of your fave characters and one will be a puzzle book with codes to crack and will include 50 press out character cards. Both will cost 3.99. You can pre order them at
15/02/2006, 15:23pm GMT
A date with DavidThe BBC are offering fans a Valentines treat in the form of David's short Film Nine And A Half Minutes. They say:
If you've ever wondered what going on a date with David Tennant would be like, and let's face it, who hasn't, the BBC Film Network has the answer. They've just published romantic comedy Nine and a Half Minutes on their site. Made back in 2002, it stars the Tenth Doctor actor alongside Zoe Telford. They play Charlie and Heather, a couple who meet on a blind date and then go on to imagine a whole relationship in just under ten minutes. Warning - the film does contain some very strong language, alongside images of David Tennant pretending to be a crocodile wrestler.
I think most of us have seen it already, but for those of you haven't click here.
14/02/2006, 16:23pm GMT
According to today's Western Mail David Tennant and Charlotte Church have been voted as the celebrities with the sexiest....ears! We kid you not!
They say:
It may not be an issue at the forefront of people's minds as they are sizing up their favourite celebrities, but the owners of the sexiest pair of famous ears have been named.
The RNID, the charity for deaf and hard of hearing people, today picked singer Charlotte Church, also a former winner of Rear of the Year, and Doctor Who actor David Tennant as having the best set of lugs.
Others shortlisted for the female prize were actress Keira Knightley, singer Jamelia and TV presenter Lorraine Kelly, while the men who just missed out on the prize included presenter Jonathan Ross and singer Robbie Williams.
The RNID has now launched a search for the nation's sexiest pair of ears, with members of the public invited to send in a picture to be judged by the charity.

14/02/2006, 16:19pm GMT
Thanks to Kirsty for letting us know that David was featured in The Paisley Daily Express regarding an appeal for the local hospice:
Paisley's own Doctor Who - David Tennant - is backing our bid to make sure the future of the ACCORD Hospice is not in doubt.
And yesterday the actor, who is a long-time supporter of the hospice, pleaded for everyone to support the appeal and raise enough money to fill his Tardis time machine!
And he had this special message for all our readers: "Coming from Paisley I'm very proud of the ACCORD Hospice and the extraordinary care they provide.
"I heartily support this building appeal and I urge you to do the same. Please help ACCORD to continue with their outstanding and valuable work."
Accord Hospice provides specialist palliative care to the communities of Renfrewshire and parts of East Renfrewshire. If you would like to make a donation please click here.
14/02/2006, 16:15pm GMT
Below or some pics from Rex Features of David learning to ride his Vespa and filming of The Idiot's Lantern in Cardiff last week:

13/02/2006, 15:38pm GMT
David Tennant and Billie Piper
There's another celeb face joining the new series of Doctor Who. Daytime TV host Trisha Goddard will play herself in the supernatural episode, 'The Army Of Ghosts'. The Doctor will discover that the Earth is overrun with ghosts before stumbling upon a recording of the Trisha show. A Doctor Who insider told today's Daily Mirror: 'The episode of Trisha is called I'm In Love With A Ghost and Trisha asks Can you trust him? Is he always disappearing?, It's hilarious.'
Most Haunted Psychic Derek Acorah will also be in the episode playing himself, he recently told the Liverpool Echo that he filmed his part in Cardiff before Christmas. He also added that David and Billie had asked for readings and had since phoned him to say that some of the things he predicted for them have already happened! Spooky!
12/02/2006, 17:25pm GMT
icWales and the South Wales Echo continue with tales of filming from the Doctor Who set, with the below article:

Here's an attack not even the sonic screwdriver could prevent - Doctor Who being mobbed by schoolchildren.Pupils from Marlborough Junior School couldn't contain their excitement when they saw actor David Tennant filming scenes for the TV series near their school in Penylan, Cardiff.Deputy headteacher Robert Cook, who brought the group to watch, said: 'Lots of the children are big fans. Ever since they found out it was being filmed here, they've been unable to talk about anything else.'TV star Tennant posed for photographs, signed autographs and chatted with the children. Alice Fogaty, nine, said: 'I like seeing how the actors do their job.' Fellow pupil Mehrnaz Vaizirian, said: 'I got an autograph. It was really exciting.' Yomna Gharib, said: 'I'm looking forward to seeing it on television. 'It was cool seeing the filming.' Part of Bleinheim Terrace and nearby roads were closed to traffic and transformed into a scene from the 1950s.One shop on the junction with Amesbury Road was converted into a shop called Magpie Electricals.To fit in with the coronation-era scene, David Tennant was sporting a quiff, and stunt doubles for the actor, and sidekick Billie Piper, were involved in a chase on a scooter.

And if you head over to the Doctor Who section in our forum you can read some set reports and see some great fan photos!

11/02/2006, 14:37pm GMT
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Today's Daily Star continues their coverage of the filming in Cardiff. Today they have pics of David and Billie learning to Jive!
09/02/2006, 15:09pm GMT
There's a lot of press coverage surrounding the filming of The Idiot's Lantern in Cardiff at the moment, below are some articles and photos covering the story:
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The Daily Star and The Sun have both run articles about filming today:
Click to read!
Meanwhile ICWales and the South Wales Echo are also reporting:
Billie Piper filming Doctor Who in Cathays, CardiffRESIDENTS of a city street were faced with a blast from the past when they opened their curtains to see Doctor Who being filmed outside.
Florentia Street, in Cathays, Cardiff, has been decked out with bunting and turned into a scene from the 1950s.Vintage cars were parked on the street and on a wall was an old advert for HP sauce.
Curious passers-by were amazed to see the television series stars Billie Piper and David Tennant and the Tardis itself made an appearance.

Evan Chapman, 39, of nearby Tewkesbury Street, who works at the National Museum and Gallery, said: "I didn't know what was happening so I came down for a look.

"I'm surprised to see all the bunting, I'd presumed the road was closed for the gas board.

"It will be curious to see the area on television."

David Tennant and the Tardis

Gareth Jones, 28, from Llanedeyrn, said: "It's all good fun - although it does look a bit strange."

Florentia Street, which was changed to the fictional Florizel Street, and parts of adjoining Monthermer Road, have been closed to traffic while the filming, due to finish tomorrow, takes place.

Diversions have been arranged and traffic is being made to stop for a minute at a time so modern vehicles don't get filmed.

And thanks to our friends at Outpost Gallifrey for the following photos of David taken on location by Neil Ingleson:


09/02/2006, 14:55pm GMT
David Tennant and the Tardis The cover for the new Doctor Who novel The Stone Rose has been revealed.
According to Amazon the book is due to be released on 13th April. They say:
Mickey is startled to find a statue of Rose in a museum - a statue that is 2,000 years old. The Doctor realizes that this means the TARDIS will shortly take them to Ancient Rome, but when it does, he and Rose soon have more on their minds than sculpture. While the Doctor searches for a missing boy, Rose befriends a girl who claims to know the future. But then, the Doctor stumbles on the hideous truth behind the statue of Rose - and Rose herself learns that you have to be very careful what you wish for...
You can pre-order online here.
08/02/2006, 15:22pm GMT
Emma from our forum was lucky enough to see David and Billie Piper filming a new Doctor Who episode, The Idiot's Lantern, yesterday. Here's her report so far:
This is as much as I can remember about watching the filming of Doctor Who [Episode 7 -- The Idiot's Lantern] in Florentia Street, Cathays, Cardiff.
So first off the day before [ie; yesterday] I had seen flags and army people in the Uni gardens. Kinda thought "that must be Doctor Who" because well 1) everything was clean and 2) they had only the union jack flying [if it had been something to do with Wales there would've been the Welsh one too. A lot of Doctor Who is set in London but filmed in Cardiff ergo the Jack on its own screamed Doctor Who. Well, to me at least. heh. Couldn't stop then though because I had a lecture. Though interestingly this morning I noticed there were set decorations on a statue in the Civic Centre so I dunno if they plan to film there too.
ANYWAY on to the good stuff. So I arrived about 12ish. A few of the girls from the HP soc were already there [including Kathryn who stayed the longest]. Tonks [a girl from the HP soc nicknamed as such because she used to have bright pink hair] said they had earlier filmed scenes where the Doctor aka David Tennant was riding a moped into the TARDIS. Thrilling stuff.
The security guys were for the most part very helpful and even gave us guidance on where to stand so that we could see stuff but also be out of the shot and out of the way. Florentia Street was decorated with loads of Union Jack flags. Rose aka Billie Piper was wearing a bright pink skirt and what looked like a blue denim top and the Doctor was in his usual suit with a fifties hairstyle. From what I've heard about the episode it has something to do with the Coronation of the Queen and TV sets. Lots of extras were dressed up, most of the men in flat caps. However one of the guards said to us it was to do with the Olympics though I don't know how true that is. Maybe he was trying to fob us off *shrug*
We mainly saw three scenes. One where someone was being pushed into an old fashioned Rolls Royce. Another was of the Doctor and Rose making what looked like a getaway on the aforementioned moped. The rehearsal of this was particularly funny because it was sans moped so Billie ind of jumped onto David's back.
Shortly after the cast and crew went for lunch and being the avid fans that we are, Kathryn and I [along with several new-found DW enthusiast friends] proceeded around the corner and hovered outside the place where the trailers were. We stood there for a long time. Eventually Billie Piper and David Tennant emerged but they seemed in a rush so I assume they were behind schedule [by that point it had also started spitting with rain].
As David turned the corner Kathryn grabbed my arm, pointed and we both started bouncing and squealing. Looking back I can't imagine what we must've looked like, especially with our Slytherin scarfs. Shameless fangirls. After that we managed to watch a scene actually being filmed [rather than rehearsed] involving the Doctor talking to someone in a car and then making a speech about how wonderful life was [or something like that]. Couldn't really hear the exact dialogue because we were too far away but we could make out his high-pitched shrieks and it was funny seeing him bounce around. Then someone screamed and the Doctor and Rose ran in the direction of a house [which a bunch of people had taken a TV into earlier in the scene]. They repeated that same sequence 3 or 4 times and then moved on again. At which point we left because it was getting really cold.
05/02/2006, 15:11pm GMT
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The Daily Star are reporting that David is learning to ride a motor bike in Cardiff on his days off from filming Doctor Who. Who'd have thought it when he has a TARDIS!
04/02/2006, 11:01am GMT
Loads of updates for you today. Firstly we have made some new Doctor Who wallpapers, a sample of which you can see above, go to the Downloads section to view them all and save them to your PC.
We've also scanned some new pics from the latest issue of DWM and you can find them, along with some screen caps of last night's episode of Posh Nosh in the Photos section.
And lastly we've got a couple of new articles in the Interviews section.
03/02/2006, 19:40pm GMT
We are pleased to launch our new video section today, click here to launch videos including clips of The Christmas Invasion and David on The Jonathan Ross Show. Many thanks to Clara. All clips require Macromedia Flash Player 7 or higher.
02/02/2006, 16:09pm GMT
David, Billie Piper and Russell T Davies all attended the Radio Times Covers Party on Tuesday night at the Savoy in London where David was presented with a framed version of his Casanova cover. Click here to see a selecton of magazine covers featuring David!
02/02/2006, 15:50pm GMT
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David is at No.20 in the New Woman poll of their readers' 100 sexiest men. Coming in higher than Rugby star Gavin Henson and Hollywood stars Heath Ledger and Leonardo DiCaprio. Brad Pitt was at No.1. To see a gallery of the Top 100, courtesy of Sky Showbiz, click here.
He is also in the new issue of Starburst in the Top 10 Sci Fi Hunks feature at No.9!
Last month he was voted Sexiest Man On The Planet at the gay newspaper, The Pink Paper Awards.
02/02/2006, 15:47pm GMT
Thanks to Victoria for letting us know that David was on the Who's Calling Christian? section on Virgin Radio a few weeks ago. Apparently the idea is to ask a celebrity to phone in, in order for you to be in with a chance of winning 20,000,  and someone managed to persuade Mr Tennant to phone up the show. You can listen to his chat here.