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March 2006

31/03/2006, 16:27pm BST
TARDISODESThe Official Doctor Who Site is reporting that fans will be able to see even more of the Doctor and Rose when the new series starts, by downloading mini episodes on their mobiles or PCs. They say:
There's an extra treat lined up for viewers of Doctor Who this year. In addition to the 13 brand new TV episodes due to hit screens next month, viewers will be able to download 13 60-second mini episodes (or TARDISODES) either to their mobile phones or via broadband. Created by the team behind the interactive adventure Attack of the Graske, the TARDISODES will be additions to the main storyline, featuring back-stories about the characters and adventures coming up in the next episode.
Each one will be available to watch on Saturday nights after the previous week's episode goes out - and the BBC's Doctor Who website is the place to come to get your weekly fix.
You'll be able to subscribe to the TARDISODES from April 1 by texting TARDIS to 81010.
31/03/2006, 16:20pm BST
Lots of updates today including a whole heap of new Doctor Who images in the Photos Section, some spoiler articles and interviews in the Interviews Section and some exclusive desktop backgrounds in the Downloads Section.
31/03/2006, 16:13pm BST
A date with David
I have added more of the bigger news stories covering the launch of the new series here.
Many thanks to Daniel Garrett from BBC Wiltshire for the following Press Launch feature.
The Official Doctor Who site has a video of a BBC News Report from the Launch.
Click here to watch it.
David was speaking on Radio 1 earlier today click here to visit their website.
  • The Doctor Who trailers will start showing from Saturday 1st April on BBC One. It is thought that they will feature David as the Doctor inviting us join him and Rose on their time travelling adventures as he says:  'Think you've seen it all? Think again. If you come with me, nothing will ever be the same again.'

31/03/2006, 16:10pm BST

Doctor Who AdventuresFollowing in the massive success of the 2005 series of Doctor Who amongst younger viewers, BBC Magazines is launching a brand new fortnightly publication aimed at 6-12 year olds. Toni Round, Publisher of BBC Youth & Children's Magazines commented: "Doctor Who Adventures will be packed with monsters and secrets, and be full of entertainment, action and humour - the must-have magazine for young fans." Doctor Who Adventures will include original comic strips featuring the Tenth Doctor and Rose, interviews, competitions, puzzles and behind-the-scenes photos. Each issue will also come with a free gift on the cover - Issue 1 boasts a Doctor Who stationery set. Eager young (and not-so-young) readers can get their hands on the first edition from 5 April.

31/03/2006, 16:00pm BST

Doctor Who's last two incarnations David Tennant and Christopher Eccleston have both missed out on The Broadcasting Press Guild Award for Best Actor at today's ceremony.
Dubbed the Tussle Of The Timelords by the press, the gong went to veteran actor Charles Dance for his part in the BBC drama Bleak House.

30/03/2006, 09:13am BST
A date with DavidThe press and fans are very excited today as it has been revealed that both David Tennant and Billie Piper have confirmed that they will be staying in their roles as The Doctor and Rose for the third series of Doctor Who. 
Speaking at Tuesday's Press Launch David said "I love it so much I think I'll still be here in 40 years time. I can just see it. There I am at 75 being told, 'You've got to come down now David'." 
We've gathered all the press articles together on one page, but be warned if you don't like spoilers we'd advise you not to read them as they do reveal a few details of the first episode, New Earth.
  • Read the Press Launch articles here.
We will be adding any further updates throughout the day...
The Daily Mail Online has revealed some great new series photos.

29/03/2006, 15:02pm BST
Click a pic to enlarge!
The countdown has begun! The new series of Doctor Who will launch on BBC1 at 19:00pm on Saturday 15th April 2006, it was announced at last night's press launch at the Millenium Centre in Cardiff.
David Tennant and Billie Piper attended (pictured above) along with the rest of the Doctor Who cast and crew.
Sky showbiz reports that David told them that he is over the moon at getting the chance to appear in EastEnders in the new series saying:
"I always wanted to be in the show and now it's happened. All the while I get to play the Time Lord too!"
  • David and Billie will be on Wales Today tonight from 18:25pm on BBC Wales.
  • GMTV will be showing exclusive interviews with David and Billie on Friday 31st March. It will be on the Entertainment Today section between 08:30am and 09:25am.

Check out the Photos and Interviews sections for more pics and articles on the press launch.

28/03/2006, 16:22pm BST
Our usual domain service is experiencing a bit of a glitch at the moment so if you find you have any problems accessing the site in the normal way via , please try instead. Thanks for your patience.
28/03/2006, 16:16pm BST
The episode of Ready Steady Cook with David and his Dad will be shown on 12th April 2006 at 16:30pm on BBC2.
28/03/2006, 16:09pm BST
The new series of Doctor Who holds it's press launch in Cardiff this evening! We at just want to wish David and everyone else involved with the show good luck with the launch and we can't wait to see the new series in April!
26/03/2006, 16:04pm GMT
Click a pic to enlarge!
There are heaps of mags that you need to get your hands on for great Tennant-y stuff. Packed with pics, articles and goodies galore our Mag Stand will tell you which mags to grab!
And don't forget to check out the Interviews and Photos sections for new scans.
SFX Cover Source: DWO
26/03/2006, 14:59pm GMT
Click the pic to enlarge!
Today's News Of The World runs the above Doctor Who article on the screen kiss between the Doctor and his assistant Rose Tyler in the new series. Click on the pic above to read in full.

24/03/2006, 17:53pm GMT
Click a pic to enlarge!
The Official Doctor Who Site has details of the new DWM.
It will be available with two collector's covers, one featuring Billie Piper as Rose and the other featuring David Tennant as The Doctor.
There will be loads of backstage pics and previews of the first two episodes of the new series, New Earth and Tooth And Claw.
They will also officially reveal the launch date of the new series, so make sure you get down to your newsagents early on Thursday 30th March, in fact we might just go and dig our old sleeping bags out of the shed...

24/03/2006, 17:38pm GMT
I've made some screen caps from the BBC Film makers Awards. You can see The full selection here.
*NB These caps have been updated!

23/03/2006, 20:04pm GMT
New pics!Loads of spoilerific Doctor Who goodies for you today.
If you head over to the Interviews section there are a couple of new articles there.
The Photos section also has some great new scans from the Doctor Who set.
And we've got a couple of new papers for your PC in the Downloads section.
And we've updated the diary with dates for Series 2.

22/03/2006, 16:50pm GMT
BBC Three are showing last year's New Film Maker Awards, for which David Tennant was a judge, this week.
But you'll either have to be used to sleep deprivation or have a timer on your video to catch it!
It's on 23rd March 12:40am and 24th March 12:25am on BBC Three.
Check the diary for more details.

21/03/2006, 16:31pm GMT
I have made a selection of screen caps of David's brilliant performance as Richard Hoggart in The Chatterley Affair. You can see the full set of them here.
If you watched The Chatterley Affair then why not let other fans know what you thought of it by writing a review for our new Fan Reviews secton on the David-Tennant.Net Forums.

21/03/2006, 16:20pm GMT
Our exclusive interview with David is being quoted in the press again..this time in The Daily Record! 
Today's article No Book For Doctor picks up on our question about David penning an autobiography.
To read the original and exclusive interview with David-Tennant.Com click here.

19/03/2006, 17:06 pm GMT
Don't forget that BBC FOUR will be showing The Chatterley Affair, in which David portrays star witness Richard Hoggart, tomorrow night at 21:00pm.
There are more scans of promotional pictures of David in the role in the Photos section and I have added an article on the show from The Times to the Interviews section.
Check the diary for times of repeats which will be showing on BBC FOUR throughout the week!

19/03/2006, 17:00pm GMT
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire is released in the UK on DVD tomorrow.
David stars as Barty Crouch Jr in the film. You can read reviews of his role in the Harry Potter section of our forum.
Order the DVD online at Amazon or
17/03/2006, 18:46pm GMT
If you are a member of our forum at then please remember to post your birthday messages for David. We will print all the messages and send them off in time for his birthday.  
And if you are feeling particularly creative you could submit something for our birthday book, which our admin Judith is kindly organising for us.
We would like you to send us general birthday wishes, fan art, poetry, or maybe even photos or anecdotes of when you met David.
Click here to submit something to the book.
Full details of the project are available on the forum.

16/03/2006, 19:29pm GMT
Click pic to enlarge!
The official Doctor Who site has revealed the cover for the first DVD in the Tenth Doctor series. They say:
2Entertain have revealed their design for the first vanilla DVD release of the Tenth Doctor era. The disc will contain both the festive special The Christmas Invasion and New Earth, the first episode of the 2006 series. The DVD is expected to be released on 1 May 2006 although, as always, dates are subject to change. Four further DVDs will be released, each containing three episodes apiece, before a complete, extras-enhanced set becomes available at the end of the year.

16/03/2006, 18:04pm GMT
We have loads of updates for you today. Firstly head over to the interviews section for new articles on Doctor Who and The Chatterley Affair.
Then pop by the photos section which has some new scans and backstage Doctor Who pics.
And as if that wasn't enough we've got a couple of new wallpapers for your PCs over in the Downloads section!

14/03/2006, 16:09pm GMT
Click the pic to enlarge!
The 2006 Sony Ericsson Empire Awards were held in London last night and David went along. To see our collection of photos from the night click here.
You can also find out more about the awards and who won what at the Empire Website.
14/03/2006, 16:00pm GMT
Despite the article that appeared in Broadcast David will not be appearing in the ITV drama The History Of Mr Polly.
He will, however, be working on a new project over the summer and we will fill you in on all the details as we get them!

13/03/2006, 16:12pm GMT
Click on a pic to enlarge!
Today's Daily Star includes the above photos of David in the character of Richard Hoggart in the forthcoming BBC Four drama, The Chatterley Affair. 
A BBC spokesman told the paper: 'Richard Hoggart is often credited as the star witness in the trial who basically turned the case on it's head.'
The show will air on Monday 20th March at 21:00pm 

12/03/2006, 14:34pm GMT
ic Wales and The Sunday Mail both feature articles about David's photo shoot with Glamour magazine. The Sunday Mail obviously liked our exclusive interview with David as they have included quotes from it in their article!


10/03/2006, 19:32pm GMT
Nick Elliot, the ITV network drama controller, has told the new issue of Broadcast magazine that he has recently commisioned an adaptation of The History Of Mr Polly starring David Tennant:
What's your most recent commission?
The History of Mr Polly starring David Tennant and adapted by Adrian Hodges. It's the a story of a little man who rebels against his humdrum life. It's a great literary classic and with David in it it will be stunning.
The History Of Mr Polly is by HG Wells and was made into a film starring John Mills in 1949.
10/03/2006, 16:18pm GMT
Click on a pic to enlarge!
David and Billie are the cover stars of the April issue of SFX magazine. The magazine, which is out for sucribers now, also features a Doctor Who set report. Many thanks to Amy.
09/03/2006, 14:55pm GMT
Click on the pic to enlarge!
BBC Four's website for the Chatterley Affair is now up and running and has some great features including clips of the drama. Click here to visit the site.
The Chatterley Affair will air on BBC Four on Monday 20th March 2006 at 21:00pm and will be repeated on Friday 24th March at 22:00pm

09/03/2006, 14:34pm GMT

Click on the pic to enlarge!
The Daily Star are today reporting on a chocolate Dalek that was presented to David by a loyal Doctor Who fan!
David and Billie were filming in Cardiff when a fan presented the cast and crew with a plateful of cakes including one in the shape of a Dalek.
08/03/2006, 16:36pm GMT
A date with DavidI have scanned the whole set of photos from the Glamour photo shoot. The photos can be seen here.
The photos are part of a fashion shoot to celebrate the magazine's 5th birthday.
Don't forget to head over to the Glamour website to vote in the annual awards.
You can nominate David for Man Of The Year and vote for his Doctor Who co star Billie Piper in the Best Actress catergory while you're there!

07/03/2006, 17:54pm GMT

Click a pic to enlarge!
David has done a photo shoot for the April issue of Glamour magazine. It's out on Thursday 9th March 2006. Many thanks to Roxie for the above photos which will feature in the spread! Head over to our forums to see some more!

07/03/2006, 16:00pm GMT
The Radio Times website is giving you the chance to ask David a question, but you'll have to be quick as you only have by the end of today get them in!
The interview will be printed in an issue of the Radio Times to coincide with the start of the new series of Doctor Who.
Click here for more deatils and to send your question.

07/03/2006, 15:51pm GMT

According to the BBC Press Office The Chatterley Affair will be shown on Monday 20th March at 21:00pm on BBC Four. It will be repeated on BBC2 at a later date which is yet to be confirmed.

03/03/2006, 16:00pm GMT
The Official Doctor Who website has revealed the following details on how younger fans can get involved in the new CCBC show Totally Doctor Who:
CBBC's new Doctor Who-themed magazine show will be called Totally Doctor Who - and the programme team want all young fans out there to get involved.
Totally Doctor Who are recruiting cadets for a Companion Academy. Eight Cadets will be picked, but only the best will make it through the gruelling physical and mental challenges of the Academy. The prize? A day on the Doctor Who set.
Or if you think you're the biggest Who brainbox around, take the Who-ru challenge. Stump the Totally Doctor Who studio guests with your Who knowledge and you'll walk away with some serious prizes.
And Totally Doctor Who also want to hear how much you love Doctor Who. Have you built your own time machine or held a Doctor Who fancy dress party? Send in your photos, videos, stories, pictures, or anything else.
Plus, if you've got a burning question you want to put to Doctor Who cast or crew, send it in and the Totally team will do their best to get an answer.
How to get involved.
To enter for Companion Academy, send a video of yourself, no more than a minute long, explaining why you'd make a great Cadet. Previous time-travel experience isn't essential, but you must be between 7 and 12.
For Who-ru, send in your three best Doctor Who facts (all about the ninth and tenth Time Lord).
Or just send in questions and cool stuff to:
Totally Doctor Who, PO Box 5158, CF5 9BD, marking whether it's a Companion Academy or Who-ru entry,
or by email to
If you're sending a video, make sure your parent or guardian gives their permission in a letter. Send it in along with your tape.
02/03/2006, 15:07pm GMT
The Guardian are reporting that David Tennant will go head to head with his Doctor Who predecessor at this year's Broadcasting Press Guild Programme Awards, with both stars nominated for the Best Actor award. The Guardian says:
David Tennant and Christopher Eccleston will compete in a battle of the timelords at this year's Broadcasting Press Guild Programme Awards.
Both "doctors" are nominated for best actor, Eccleston for Doctor Who and Tennant for BBC3's Casanova, ITV's Secret Smile and the Doctor Who Christmas special.
Only one ITV programme is nominated - 49Up, in the best single drama category, along with a nomination for Ant and Dec as best performers in a non-acting role.
Doctor Who and Bleak House each have five nominations, with both BBC1 series up for best drama series.
Bleak House's Charles Dance, Gillian Anderson and Anna Maxwell Martin are all in the running for acting awards, while Doctor's Who's Russell T Davies and Bleak House scripter Andrew Davies are nominated for writing awards. The doctor's assistant, Billie Piper, is also nominated for best actress.
Elsewhere, BBC4's acclaimed political satire The Thick of It is nominated for three awards, including best comedy or entertainment, where it is up against Ricky Gervais's Extras and BBC1 comedy drama, Love Soup.
Channel 4 has bagged nominations in the best single drama category for The Government Inspector and A Very Social Secretary. They will compete against BBC1's Much Ado about Nothing and BBC2's Jerry Springer - the Opera.
This year's BPG awards, sponsored by Homechoice, will take place at the Theatre Royal in Drury Lane in London on March 31.