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April 2006

School Reunion!
30/04/2006, 18:50pm BST
The usual Doctor Who updates today with screen caps, articles etc.
Early viewing figures indicate that last night's episode, School Reunion, drew in avearge audiences of 7.6million.
And don't forget that BBC Three have a repeat tonight, complete with red button commentary.

David Donates Script For Charity!
27/04/2006, 20:51pm BST
David has donated his Doctor Who script from the episode New Earth to next month's Christian Aid book sale in Edinburgh. The script has been signed by both David and actress Billie Piper. Sale organisers have yet to put a price on the script. It is hoped that it will generate a lot of interest among fans and that it will raise a substantial amount of money for the charity. The book sale was first launched 32 years ago and is now the UK's biggest single fundraising event for Christian Aid. It has raised more than 1m.
You can learn more about the work of  Christian Aid at their website.

School Reunion Round Up!
27/04/2006, 20:43pm BST
Friends reunitedThe BBC have issued the following Press Release for the new episode School Reunion:
In the next new episode of Doctor Who (School Reunion, on Saturday 29 April), Rose, Mickey and the Doctor investigate some strange goings-on at Deffry Vale High School. But they aren't the only ones snooping around, and soon the Doctor is reunited with two of his former travelling companions - journalist Sarah Jane Smith and dynamic robot dog K9. For actress Elisabeth Sladen, it's a return to Doctor Who some 30 years since the Doctor left Sarah Jane back on Earth. In the new edition of Doctor Who Magazine (issue 369, published today), Elisabeth explains what it was like to return to the programme: "I think it's a very brave, very bold decision, really, to bring back a character who left 30 years ago. But it's an amazing script. Actually, it's so good that I thought, 'Am I up to this? Should I do it? But I just knew that they wanted the best for my character, as I did, and that's all that mattered..."

New DVD Cover Revealed!
27/04/2006, 20:38pm BST
Click pic to enlarge!
The Official Doctor Who Site has revealed the above cover art for Vol2 of the new series DVDs. They say:
2Entertain have released the cover image to the second vanilla DVD release of the 2006 series of Doctor Who. The DVD will include the fangtastic werewolf adventure Tooth and Claw, the return of Sarah Jane Smith and K9 in School Reunion, and the intriguing mystery of The Girl in the Fireplace.This DVD is scheduled to be released on 5 June 2006 (although release dates are subject to change), so there's no need to panic if you miss any of these episodes of Doctor Who on TV - you'll soon be able to catch up. Three more DVD volumes, containing the remaining episodes from the 2006 season, will be released in subsequent months. A bumper season box-set (complete with The Christmas Invasion and lots of bonus features) will hit the shops sometime before the end of the year.

Doctor Who Photos!
27/04/2006, 20:33pm BST
There's loads of new Doctor Who images in the photo section so head over there to catch up! There may be a few spoilers though!

Out And About!
27/04/2006, 20:32pm BST
David has attended a few theatre functions over the last few days at The Royal Court and The Theatre Royal. Photos of these engagements can be seen in the photos section.

Look Back In Anger Reading!
26/04/2006, 17:23pm BST
According to The Royal Court Mailing List, David will be appearing as Jimmy Porter in the Look Back In Anger reading as part of their 50th Birthday Celebrations on Monday 8th May.
They say: Jimmy Porter will be played by David Tennant (Dr Who, The Pillowman),
Alison will be played by Anne-Marie Duff (The Virgin Queen, Shameless) and
Helena will be played by Helen McCrory (Casanova, As You Like It)
To find out more information and book tickets click here.

School Timetable!
25/04/2006, 19:40pm BST
Make sure that you get to class on time this week for Doctor Who. The new episode, School Reunion, will be shown on BBC One at 19:20pm followed by the new Doctor Who Confidential episode, Friends Reunited, on BBC Three at 20:05pm
The TV mags are going to town with articles on the episode and the retrn of Sarah Jane and K-9. You can read up on it all in the Interviews section.

Message From David!
24/04/2006, 15:32pm BST
David has sent a thank you message to all of you who were kind enough to participate in our Birthday Project:
Dear Sarah and all at,
Well, what can I say. I was absolutely gobsmacked to be given a box full of stuff from you guys on my birthday. I am so touched and flattered that you should have taken so much time and effort to put this together for me.
Each message in the book means a great deal. I had no idea there were so many of you, its going to take me a while to properly digest it all, but what a treat to have a book full of people saying nice things about me, you are all bloody lovely.
I will save the Laphroaig for a special occasion obviously and I'll take the mug back to Cardiff with me. Handy to have a mug with your name on it on the set, stops people nicking it!
And  a teddy bear wearing the team colours is a very welcome house guest.
So thank you all. Keep watching DrWho. We've got some great episodes coming up which I'm very proud of, I hope you'll enjoy them.
I'll keep checking in to the site now and again, you always seem to know what I'm doing long before I do, its very handy! Keep up the good work.
It's really great and extremely flattering to hear from you. Thank you all very very much indeed.
lots of love dt x
Tooth and Claw!
23/04/2006, 17:01pm BST
Yet another fantastic adventure for the Doctor and Rose in last night's episode, Tooth and Claw. Early figures show that an average of 8.9million tuned in. 
Don't forget that there will be a repeat of the episode on BBC Three tonight at 19:05pm complete with a 'red button' commentary from David. You can also listen the commentary online at the BBC Doctor Who site.
All the usual goodies for you today including screen caps and episode guide. The BBC are also reporting that next week's episode, School Reunion, will be shown at the later time of 19:20pm.

New Who Merchandise!
23/04/2006, 16:48pm BST
The Doctor Who series two DVD box set featuring David as the Doctor will be released on 20th November 2006. Deatails of three new Doctor and Rose novels have also been released. The Art Of Destruction, The Last Museum and The Nightmare Of Black Island will all be released on 21st September 2006. Details of all these item can be found in our new and improved Shop.

Press Updates!
21/04/2006, 19:17pm BST
There's a few David related articles in the press today.
The Sun talks about David's new role in the BBC drama Recovery:
Doctor Who star David Tennant's next role is a brain injury victim in hard-hitting new BBC1 drama Recovery. David, 34, will swap Tardis time travel for the role of a building site manager trying to rebuild his life after a car crash in the Tony Marchant penned drama which begins filming in May. It will also star Cutting It actress Sarah Parish as David's beautician wife. Writer Tony said that David will research his role by meeting staff and patients at a brain injury clinic run by the charity Headway. He added: "It will explore how a serious brain injury can affect our identities, how it can put extra pressure on a marriage and how people with brain injuries are cared for."
The Sun also talks about who David thinks would make the best eleventh Doctor: Doctor Who hit our screens again last Saturday - attracting over eight million viewers. It's the second series for new doctor David Tennant but he has already revealed who he would like to play the Timelord when he parks up his Tardis.Tennant said he would love League Of Gentleman comedian Mark Gatiss to take over the reigns. Diehard Doctor Who fan Gatiss currently writes for the hit BBC show but Tennant reckons he'd be a wow as the time traveller. Tennant, 35, said: "Mark would be great and would be very keen to do it too I think." But Tennant won’t be vacating the role in the near future. And Gatiss, 39, is glad. He's said of Tennant: "I think he's a brilliant choice, he's a fantastic actor and he loves it so much."
And thanks to Heather who points out that The Daily Mail are reporting on the Royal Court's 50th Birthday celebrations:
Rosamund Pike, Sophie Okonedo, David Tennant ,Jerry Hall and Juliet Binoche, are among those attending the Royal Court Theatre's 50th Anniversary bash on Wednesday at the new 81 Brewer Street venue in the West End. Vanity Fair and Armani are hosting the event,with Dom Perignon putting up one of the big auction prizes.
Guests can bid for a party of 18 to be wined and dined at Dom Perignon's Champagne House in Mayfair.
Meanwhile various magazines are running articles on Tooth and Claw, you can read some in the Interviews section and the new issue of Doctor Who Adventues has hit the newstands.

Totally Doctor Who!
20/04/2006, 21:18pm BST
David was interviewed on Totally Doctor Who this afternoon. He chatted about filming the series and asked the questions in the weekly Who-Ru quiz. They showed behind the scenes looks at New Earth and a prevew of Tooth and Claw. David was also presented with a cake for his birthday!

Highland Terror!
19/04/2006, 17:50pm BST
The next episode of Doctor Who, Tooth and Claw, wil air on BBC One at 19:15pm on Saturday 22nd April.

New BBC Drama For David!
18/04/2006, 19:12pm BST
The Media Guardian are reporting that David Tennant will be starring in a new BBC Drama, Recovery, about a man who suffers a debilatating brain injury in a car accident. David's Blackpool co-star Sarah Parish will play his wife who has to come to terms with the responsibilty of becoming a carer for her husband. Filming starts next month and the show is expected to air in the Autumn.

Happy Birthday David!
18/04/2006, 18:32pm BST
Everyone at would like to wish David a very Happy Birthday! You can read fans birthday messages over on the forum.

New Earth!
17/04/2006, 16:38pm BST
So the Doctor and Rose have finally begun their adventures, with the quite frankly fantabbytosie episode New Earth, airing on Saturday! 
We have muchos goodies for you with an episode guide update, screen caps from New Earth and the Doctor Who Confidential episode New New Doctor and the Doctor Who site has a Mp3 commentary fetauring David. If you would like to write a review of New Earth email me at or post one in the reviews section of our forum.

8.3 Million Visit New Earth!
17/04/2006, 16:27pm BST
The new series of Doctor Who pulled in 8.3m viewers on Saturday night. The debut episode New Earth was the highest watched show of the day.
The articles below have more details:

Red Button Doctor Who Preview!
14/04/2006, 16:52pm BST
People seem to be getting very excited over on the forum, I can't think why? Is something supposed to be happening tomorrow?!
Only joking! Of course something is happening tomorrow and all at would like to assure you that we are not already situated in our favourite arm chairs with the remote control safely in our posession just in case any event during the next 26 hours or so prevents us from seeing the debut episode in the new series of Doctor Who! Oh no not us!
Anyway if like us, you can't possibly wait any longer the lovely people on BBC One have provided us all with a Red Button preview, meaning if you press the red button whilst watching BBC One you should be transported through a time vortex and shown the many wonders that the Doctor and Rose saw on their latest time travelling adventures...or something like that anyway.

Listen Again!
13/04/2006, 18:00pm BST
Click the pic to enlarge!
David was a guest on the Radio 1 Jo Whiley show today and if you go to the Radio 1 site you can listen to the chat again. You can also listen to David on The Virgin Breakfast Show from yesterday.

Press Updates!
13/04/2006, 17:45pm BST
Click pic to enlarge!
The Daily Star have the above photo and an article discussing some of the monsters and aliens that the Doctor and Rose will be meeting in the new series and The Sun has an article by David's old school teacher, talking about his essay on his dream to be the Doctor.
Meanwhile the Daily Record are reporting on David falling ill after finishing the gruelling Doctor Who schedule.
They say: Doctor Who star David Tennant has told of his battle with a new adversary - a stomach bug. The Scottish actor, 34, fell ill after spending a gruelling nine months filming the BBC's hit sci-fi show. The new series - which will start this Saturday - will see the Doctor fight it out with a host of baddies including werewolves, Cybermen and old foe Cassandra. But David says he wasn't made ill by the demands of the Doctor's escapades. After the cameras stopped rolling, he was left battling the nasty bug. In the tenth incarnation of the famous Time Lord, the Doctor shares a kiss with his assistant Rose Tyler - played by Billie Piper. Now David admits he has given the infection to his poor co-star. He said: "We finished filming about a week and a half ago and I immediately fell ill, as you do when you've been working for nine months and you've managed to get through it without a single sniffle. "So suddenly your entire body collapses. "I had this whole gastric thing, you really don't need the details. Unfortunately, I've got better but I seem to have passed it on to Billie."After so much hard work, David, who shot to fame in the BBC drama Casanova, admitted he is glad the series is about to be broadcast. He explained: "I'm sort of relieved that it's finally out there because there's been so much build-up to it and we've been filming for such a long time. "It's been an incredibly long time, so it's pretty good to just finally get it out there."
Meanwhile Totally Doctor Who aired for the first time on BBC One earlier today and David will be in the studio to be interviewed on the show next week.

12/04/2006, 20:53pm BST
Today was a bit of a Tennant Telly Fest, with appearances from David on This Morning and Ready Steady Cook!
Doctor Who continues to dominate the magazine stands as well with more new articles on New Earth and a fab intervew in the latset SFX.

Secret Smile For US Telly!
11/04/2006, 16:49pm BST
BBC America have bought Secret Smile, in which David stars as the boyfriend from hell, Brendan Block, and will be showing it in two parts from 27th May 2006.

Tennant On TV (and Radio!)
11/04/2006, 16:45pm BST
Tomorrow is a particularly busy day for David spotting on the TV and radio. He will be featured on Virgin Radio's Christian O'Connell Breakfast Show.
Meanwhile GM:tv will be having un-named Doctor Who cast members in for a chat, as will This Morning who are doing a Doctor Who Special. Then it's over to BBC2 for Ready Steady Cook with David and his dad.
Full times and details are on the Diary page.

Mags To Grab!
11/04/2006, 16:38pm BST
Literally all of the TV Guide magazines are running articles on New Earth, the Radio Times is by far the best with a snazzy cover and interviews with David and Billie Piper among it's treasures.
The new issue of SFX is released tomorrow and it features a fab new interview with Mr Tennant so it's a must have for us all.
Glamour magazine will be having a beind the scenes feature in their new issue, but we've got a first look at it in the Interviews section and Heat magazine features snippets from the Press Launch interview in it's current issue.

The Countdown Has Begun!
10/04/2006, 17:25pm BST
Last night's Doctor Who Night on BBC Three included the fabulous Doctor Who Confidential: One Year On and I've made some caps, which do include spoilers, for the site.
The press coverage continues with the BBC News site covering the episode Tooth and Claw.

Ready Steady Cook!
10/04/2006, 17:11pm BST
Click on the pic to enlarge!
Don't forget that David will be on Ready Steady Cook on Wednesday at 16:30pm BST on BBC Two. There will also be some of the Doctor Who cast on GM:tv on Wednesday morning.
Hold The Front Page!
10/04/2006, 17:05pm BST
Click the pic to enlarge!
The Official Doctor Who Site have revealed details from the latest issue of the Radio Times.
They say: Radio Times has pushed the boat out once again to celebrate the return of Doctor Who to our TV screens (don't forget - Saturday 15 April, 7.15pm, BBC One). The new edition boasts a specially-shot fold-out cover and a 16-page supplement all about the new series, featuring photos, facts and interviews with David Tennant, Billie Piper and Russell T Davies. The magazine also boasts a huge photo of all of the cast and crew involved in making the new series - and from Tuesday, you can visit the Radio Times website to see a video of how this shot was achieved.

Diary Of David Tennant (Age 34 and a bit)!
08/04/2006, 16:42pm BST
Today's Telegraph has a fantastic article written by David all about a day on set as Doctor Who, how he is coping with his new role and how it has changed his life. It really is an amazingly interesting read.

Doctor Whooooo!
08/04/2006, 16:36pm BST
We haven't even had the first episode of the new series of Doctor Who yet, but already the press are revealing secrets of Tooth and Claw, the second episode. And there's scary things to come as the Doctor and Rose battle to save Queen Victoria from a hell raising WereWolf in 19th Century Scotland! The Sun and The Daily Star are among a few to run the story and Russell T Davies says "It's one of the scariest episodes of the series and possibly my favourite. I thought it was time to go for broke. It's scary  but - I hope - good scary.'
The episode will air on BBC One on Saturday 22nd April.

Red Magazine!
08/04/2006, 16:25pm BST
Click the pic to enlarge!
David is featured in this month's Red magazine. We've got the article and some wallpapers for you.

Tooth And Claw Glasgow Launch!
07/04/06, 18:47om BST
Click on the pic to enlarge!
David Tennant, Billie Piper and the Doctor Who team where in Glasgow yesterday, for the launch of the second Doctor Who episode Tooth and Claw, and to celebrate the fact that David uses his native accent as he defends Queen Victoria from an evil WereWolf!
David and Russell T Davies were featured on Radio Scotland this morning and David confirmed that he has a new project coming up over the summer that will be 'Totally different to Doctor Who' We'll bring you the latest on that as we get it.

Photo Frenzy!
06/04/2006, 19:06pm BST
Click on the pic to enlarge!
There are loads of new photo scans from SFX, TV Quick magazine and Doctor Who adventures over in the Photos Section.
  • If you have emailed us with a query recently then please be patient, we've been absolutely inundated with emails about David and we are working our way through them. Thanks for contacting us though and we promise we will always reply to you all. Sarah x

David On The Jo Whiley Show!
05/04/2006, 21:15pm BST
David will be a guest on the Jo Whiley show on Thursday 13th April 2006 on BBC Radio 1. 
You can listen to the show live via their Official Site.

Starburst Scans!
05/04/2006, 20:59pm BST
Click on the pic to enlarge!
David and Billie are the cover stars on yet another magazine. This time it's Starburst. The mag is packed with behind the scenes articles including interviews with series writer Toby Whitehouse and Tooth and Claw actress Pauline Collins. It also comes with a free double sided A3 poster featuring the Doctor and Rose.

Doctor Who Night Details Confirmed!
04/04/2006, 17:18pm BST
Confidentially Yours...The Official Doctor Who Site has released more details of the impending Doctor Who Night. They say:

Get yourself thoroughly prepared for the start of the new series of Doctor Who by watching BBC Three's Doctor Who Night on Sunday 9 April.

The evening kicks off at 7pm with a brand new hour-long edition of Doctor Who Confidential. Narrated by Mark Gatiss, this special programme, entitled One Year On, will take viewers on a retrospective journey through the 2005 series of Doctor Who.

This new special will also give viewers some tantalising glimpses of what they can expect to see in the weeks to come on BBC One, including some frightening new baddies and the return of a certain mechanical mutt...

Following on at 8pm is another chance to catch David Tennant's debut as the Doctor in The Christmas Invasion. In this special 60-minute adventure, the planet Earth is left vulnerable to alien attack as Rose tends to the unconscious, recently-regenerated Doctor.

Rounding off the evening is a repeat of the 2003 documentary The Story of Doctor Who, created for the programme's 40th Anniversary. It's a must for anybody who wants to learn more about vintage Doctor Who.

  • Make sure you don't miss anything by checking our Diary regularly.

Press Updates!
03/04/2006, 16:23pm BST
The Scotsman are running an article today on why the Doctor Who team decided that David shouldn't use his native accent for the role. This is what they say:

THE Doctor Who actor David Tennant has told how he was asked to abandon his Scottish accent to play the Time Lord.

The 34-year-old actor said scriptwriter Russell T Davies did not want the latest Doctor to have an accent.

The most recent incumbent, Christopher Eccleston, used his Manchester accent in the role, but Tennant stunned fans by dumping his native Scots lilt.

He said: "Russell said we'd like to not go for another obvious regional accent, because I suppose they'd done that. Not that, I hasten to add, a slightly off-London accent isn't a regional accent, because it is, but it reads slightly more generically than a Scottish accent does.

"Russell said, 'that's how we'd like to take it', and I was quite happy to go with that."

Sylvester McCoy played the Doctor from 1987 with what he has described as a gentle lilt compared to his normal Scottish accent.

Tennant hinted in his interview with SFX magazine that playing Doctor Who was not quite what he thought it would be.

He said he had been a Doctor Who "junkie" since his childhood. As a teenager, he wrote an essay about his addiction to the show and queued to meet former time-traveller Tom Baker.

It was watching the sci-fi show in its early days that made the young Tennant - whose bedroom was filled with Doctor Who posters - decide to become an actor.

But asked whether the reality of playing the TV icon matched the picture Tennant had imagined, he said: "What I realised when I came to do this was that any sort of fantastic notions one might have had about this were just that - fantastic notions.

"When you have to come and make real decisions about it, it's a different thing.

"Actors often say that the best bit about getting a job is a phone call that says you've got it, because at that moment it is all potential, and it could be anything.

"It's all possibilities, and as soon as you start making decisions, it starts becoming reality, which is never as much fun."

Tennant promised that the Doctor's relationship with Rose, played by Billie Piper, would hot up in the second series. "I think it's explored quite deeply," he said.

David is also featured in today's Western Mail commenting on what a great location Wales is to film in. He says: "In London people are so hacked off with film crews, they've no time for them," he said. "But one of the great things about filming in Wales is everyone is so pleased to see us."

The Doctor Will See You Now!
02/03/2006, 14:04pm BST
There is a nice interview with David in today's Sunday Telegraph. It's by Matthew Norman who took his little boy Louis, henceforth known as the luckiest boy in his class, to meet the Doctor and Rose on the set of the new series.
  • View theTelegraph Scans here.
  • Guardian Desktops to download here.

Nothing Will Ever Be The Same Again!
01/03/2006, 21:16pm BST
The new Doctor Who trailer aired today for the first time on BBC one at 19:00pm. It featured the Doctor and Rose in the TARDIS and was interspersed with clips from some forthcoming episodes.
  • Caps from the new series trailer can be seen here.
  • Caps from the press launch covered by BBC Wales here.
  • Watch the trailer on the Official Doctor Who site here.
  • Watch The New Earth TARDISODE here.

Guardian Angel!
01/03/2005, 21:08pm BST
David is featured in The Guardian today, discussing his style and modelling some cool clothes.
You can read the interview and see the photos here.
  • The Guardian also had a podcast featuring David Tennant and his Doctor Who co star Billie Piper here.
  • Check out the rest of the Interviews Section for even more new interviews with David.