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May 2006

The Impossible Planet Update!
30/05/2006, 20:59pm BST
Lots of new articles and photos for you in the The Impossible Planet section. Please be aware that it does include spoilers!
The BBC site has had a new look and has wallpapers and the Tardisode online now.

The Idiot's Lantern!
30/05/2006, 09:18am BST
All the usual Doctor Who episode updates for you today:

The BBC Site has lots of great goodies including games and commentries. And make sure you visist our new Doctor Who section for info on all the latest epsiodes!

TV Choice Awards!
24/05/2006, 18:58pm BST
David has been nominated for the Best Actor Award in the TV Choice Awards. You can vote online by clicking here.
Please also cast your vote for Doctor Who in The Best Loved Drama Series and Billie Piper in the Best Actress catergories.

Out And About!
24/05/2006, 18:13pm BST
David Tennant and Sophia Myles attended the opening night of Rabbit at the Old Red Lion Theatre. They are pictured above at the after show party at the Groucho Club.

The Idiot's Lantern Update!
23/05/2006, 18:00pm BST
The press coverage for The Idiot's Lantern continues today, with more articles and photos for you to read, please note that they do include spoilers!!
The BBC Site also has it Tardisode online with a whole host of it's usual goodies!

Script Sells For Over 3,000!
23/05/2006, 17:56pm BST
An old school pal of David Tennant generously paid over 3,000 for his signed New Earth script. The money will go to the Christian Aid Fund. ‘This script is a real piece of history’, said Mr McGlynn. ‘I’m delighted that it has raised a good sum of money for the charity. It isn’t often that someone you were at school with becomes Doctor Who!’

DVD Cover Revealed!
23/05/2006, 17:54pm BST
Click Pic To Enlarge!

2Entertain have released the cover image to the third vanilla DVD release of the 2006 series of Doctor Who. The DVD will include the spectacular two-part adventure Rise of the Cybermen / The Age of Steel as well as the creepy 1950s tale The Idiot's Lantern. This DVD is scheduled to be released on 10 July 2006 (although release dates are subject to change). Two more DVD volumes, containing the remaining episodes from the 2006 season, will be released in subsequent months. A bumper season box-set (complete with The Christmas Invasion and lots of bonus features) will hit the shops sometime before the end of the year.

The Idiot's Lantern Preview!
22/05/2006, 21:19pm BST
Lots of Idiot's Lantern photos and a great article for you in today's update! But be warned they are quite spoilerific!

The Age Of Steel!
22/05/2006, 21:09pm BST
The ususal Doctor Who updates today, from The Age Of Steel.
Don't forget to watch Totally Doctor Who on BBC One every Thursday at 17:00pm for behind the scenes action, interviews with the cas and previews of the next episode!
Plus the BBC Doctor Who site has games, commentaries etc....

Press Update!
18/05/2006, 18:17pm BST
Click pic to enlarge!
Today's Daily Star has an article about the forthcoming Doctor Who episode, The Idiot's Lantern, which includes the above photo. 
You can discuss all the latest Doctor Who news and gossip with thousands of other fans on our forum!

David Donates Script!
17/05/2006, 17:37pm BST
David has donated a signed copy of his very first Doctor Who script to a chaity to help children in Scotland.
Hatwalk 2006, which starts on May 31 in Edinburgh, is trying to help vulnerable kids in Scotland, as well as raising cash for education projects.
David's script, which is also signed by co-star Billie Piper, is expected to raise up to 3,000.
David recently donated his New Earth script to the Christian Aid booksale in Edinburgh.

The Cybermen March On!
16/05/2006, 17:22pm BST
The BBC Doctor Who site has the new Tardisode for The Age Of Steel, a new commentary and some games!
Plus the Radio Times has a revealing interview with Noel Clarke and is also giving away more free Doctor Who stickers!

Blue Peter!
15/05/2006, 18:20pm BST
Blue Peter went behind the scenes of the Cybermen episodes today, with clips of the next episode, The Age Of Steel, and had quick chats with David and Billie. The show is repeated on the CBBC Channel at 18:30pm.

The Rise Of The Cybermen Updates!
14/05/2006, 21:57pm BST
All the ususal new episode updates from The Rise Of The Cybermen! (It was a bit exciting that wasn't it?!)
Don't forget that Blue Peter will be going behind the scenes of the Cybermen episodes tomorrow from 17:00pm on BBC One.
And you can see the second part of the story, The Age Of Steel, from 18:40pm on BBC One on Saturday.

Plus the BBC Doctor Who site has games, commentaries etc....

SFX Interview!
11/05/2006, 22:30pm BST
The latest issue of SFX has lots of Doctor Who articles and the second part of their interview with David Tennant.

Return Of The Cybermen!
11/05/2006, 22:27pm BST
The Cybermen will be making their return on BBC1 at 19:00pm this Saturday, but if you can't wait that long check out our Cybermen articles and gallery... Spoilers are included!

More Bafta Photos!
09/05/2006, 20:56pm BST
ITV1 screened Sunday night's Bafta ceremony last night. You can chat about the show on our forums.

Girl In The Fireplace Updates!
09/05/2006,20:49pm BST
All the usual Doctor Who updates from Saturday's episode today, including screen caps from the show and Confidential.
The Girl In Fireplace drew in 7.4million viewers making it the highest watched show in the UK for Saturday.

Look Back In Anger Tribute!
09/05/2006, 18:26pm BST
David wowed the audience at The Royal Court with his portrayal of Jimmy Porter in a tribute to the John Osborne play, Look Back In Anger, last night. The show was a complete sell out and reviews have been great. You can read what the press say below:

*Just a quick note to say that a lot of forum members who attended the show last night reported that there were people hounding David and the other actors for autographs to sell on eBay. Unfortunately this meant that no body else managed to meet David to pass on their messages, but I can assure you all that I have passed on your praise and David will get to know how much you all enjoyed the show. We would suggest to people that they do not purchase any signed photos off eBay, unless it is a charity auction. David is more than happy to send his fans a signed photo free of charge if you write to him, including a SAE, via his agents ICM at the following address: 

David Tennant  c/o I C M
Oxford House
76 Oxford Street

Who Triumphs At The Baftas!
08/05/2006, 09:45am BST
Click pic to enlarge!
It was a great night for the Doctor Who team at last night's Baftas in London.
They went home with some of the most coveted awards of the ceremony, picking up the awards for Best Drama Series and the Pioneer Audience Award for best programme of 2005 which was voted for by the public.
Writer Russell T Davies also picked up a very special accolade when he was presented with The Dennis Potter Award For Outstanding Writing, which was presented to him by David Tennant.
You can watch the Baftas on ITV1 tonight from 21:00pm ITV2 will also be showing footage of the aftershow party from 22:30pm.

Who Does Who Think He Is?!
05/05/2006, 16:47pm BST
The BBC have confirmed that David Tennant will be tracing his family tree and going back to his roots for a new series of the BBC show Who Do You Think You Are?
David has already been back to Paisley to film segments for the show which will be shown on BBC One in the Autumn.
The Cybermen Are Coming!
04/05/2006, 18:40pm BST
Lots of press coverage on the return of the Cybermen today. The Sun, The Daily Star and especially The Daily Mirror giving out spoilerific details about the forthcoming episodes The Rise Of The Cybermen and The Age Of Steel.
We have some articles and lots of photos for you to view, but if you want to keep it all a surprise don't click the links below!

Tick Tock!
03/05/2006, 18:14pm BST
The Girl In The Fireplace Tardisode is now available online. Head over to the BBC Doctor Who site for more info! There's also some new photos been released.

Arena Article!
02/05/2006, 18:32pm BST
David is interviewed by Doctor Who script writer Mark Gatiss in the new issue of Arena.

The Girl In The Fireplace Press Update!
02/05/2006, 18:20pm BST
The usual press coverage for the new episode of Doctor Who, The Girl In The Fireplace, has been added.
David On Chris Evans Show!
01/05/2006, 18:13pm BST
David was a guest on Chris Evans' Radio 2 show on Friday. You can listen to it again via their website here.