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June 2006

Tennant Not On The Net!
30/06/2006, 09:0am BST
Further to our recent warnings of hoax posts made by a David Tennant imposter on various forums and via email, the BBC have issued a warning via their Who site:
There have been several recent cases of people posing as David Tennant in internet chat rooms.
David has not made any of these postings because he does not enter into correspondence about the programme or anything else on the internet.
The BBC would strongly advise all Doctor Who fans to ignore any such postings and not be fooled by impersonators - it will never be David Tennant who has made the posting.

To read this statement on the BBC site click here. If you do spot anyone on any forums or chat sites impersonating David simply post the link back to the BBC site so that other fans know that it isn't him.

To chat to other fans safely please use our heavily moderated forums.

Army Of Ghosts!
28/06/2006, 12:15pm BST
Lots of promotional photos and screen caps from the Army Of Ghosts trailers have been added to the site. There's also a couple of articles to read.

Celebrity Spectacle Wearer 2006!
28/06/2006, 12:13pm BST
Specsavers are asking for you to nominate your favourite spectacle wearing actor/actress/popstar etc
They say:
Have you got a favourite specs-wearing celebrity? Do you know of any famous people who look glamorous in their glasses? Who do you think deserves to win the first Specsavers Celebrity Spectacle Wearer of the Year Award?
Please email Gemma Duport at with your suggestions.
All nominations will go into a prize draw and the winner and a friend invited to meet the Specsavers Celebrity Spectacle Wearer of the Year at the awards presentation at the Waldorf Hilton Hotel on Tuesday 3 October. So get voting – prize draw open until 1 September 2006.

Fear Her!
26/06/2006, 16:48pm BST
The usual Doctor Who updates today, with new screen caps and articles etc from Saturday's episode Fear Her!

Fear Her Update!
22/06/2006, 13:26pm BST
Some promotional photos and articles for the forthcoming episode, Fear Her, have been added to the site.
Remember to check out the BBC site for wallpapers, games and goodies!

Love & Monsters!
18/06/2006, 15:51pm BST
The usual Doctor Who updates today, with new screen caps and articles etc from yesterday's episode Love & Monsters!

Rumours On Rose's Replacement!
18/06/2006, 15:43pm BST
Click pic to enlarge!
The above photo shows the Doctor with the girl who is rumoured to replace assistant Rose Tyler as his TARDIS companion.
Adeola, played by actress Freema Agyeman, will appear in the last two episodes of the current series, Army Of Ghosts and Doomsday.
She is rumoured to work for Torchwood and she will help the Doctor battle the Cybermen as Rose bows out of her time travelling adventures.
There has been no official word on who will be the new assistant. But reports in today's News Of The World state that Captain Jack, played by John Barrowman, will rejoin the Doctor as he struggles to come to terms with Rose's departure.
Filming of the new series starts later this summer.

Rock 'n' Roll At The Royal Court!
14/06/2006, 17:04pm BST
Click pic to enlarge!
David Tennant attended the opening night of Tom Stoppard's Rock 'n' Roll at The Royal Court in London.
Set in Prague and Cambridge, Rock 'n' Roll spans the recent history of Czechoslovakia between the Prague Spring and the Velvet Revolution, with Marxism and music – including the Rolling Stones and Pink Floyd - providing the driving forces for plot and polemics. Following its sell-out season at the Royal Court, Rock 'n' Roll moves to the West End’s Duke of York’s Theatre where it runs from 22 July to 24 September.

Billie Bids Farewell To Doctor Who!
14/06/2006, 17:00pm BST
The BBC have issued the following statement revealing that Billie Piper has quit Doctor Who:
Award-winning Piper to depart at the end of series two. Billie Piper is leave Doctor Who in the nail-biting series two finale. Over the past two years, Billie has taken the character of Rose Tyler on an adventure of a lifetime, travelling across the galaxy with the Doctor. "Rose and I have gone on the most incredible journey with Russell T Davies and the cast and crew of Doctor Who over the past two years," said Billie.
"It has been an amazing adventure, and I can confirm it comes to an end, for now at least, as series two climaxes.
"I am truly indebted to Russell for giving me the chance to play Rose Tyler, and to all the Doctor Who fans old and new who have been so supportive of me in this amazing role. Thank you so much."
Russell T Davies, writer and Executive Producer adds: "It has been a wonderful experience working with Billie – we will miss her – and wish her all the success in the world for her future.
"However, the Doctor Who team have had a whole year to plan this final scene and have created a stunning exit for Rose Tyler.
"The Doctor lives a dangerous life and when Rose joined him on his adventures she was aware of this. With a series climax called Doomsday on its way, I can't guarantee who will survive and who won't, but I can assure you the TARDIS is going on its scariest journey yet!"
Since taking on the role of Rose Tyler, Billie has received both critical and popular acclaim. She was awarded The National Television Award for Most Popular Actress 2005 and The South Bank Show's Breakthrough Award for Rising British Talent.
Billie is currently filming the BBC's adaptation of multi award-winning writer Philip Pullman's The Ruby In The Smoke in which she plays the title role, Sally Lockhart.
Filming on the second novel The Shadow In The North will commence later this summer.
Doctor Who series three also starts filming again later this summer and will return with a Christmas special in 2006 and another series of 13 episodes for 2007.

Love & Monsters Update!
13/06/2006, 17:05pm BST
We have added the new Love & Monsters section to the site. There are a couple of articles and some photos in there.
Head over to the BBC Doctor Who site where they have updated the main page and added some fab goodies!

Own A Piece Of Who History!
13/06/2006, 16:56pm BST
You could own an amazing piece of Doctor Who history and help out The Great Ormond Street Children's Hospital at the same time!
Lancaster's Armourie who crafted the swords used in the famous fight scene between the Doctor and the Syorax in The Christmas Invasion have kindly donated the prototype, and as an added bonus the blade has been etched with the signatures of both David Tennant (The Doctor) and Sean Gilder (The Sycorax Leader).
The sword is currently up on auction site eBay.
Click here to view the listing.
Safety Message!
12/06/2006, 16:47pm BST
It has come to our attention that somebody has been masquerading as David Tennant via emails to fans and also by setting up a site.
We have consulted ICM and they have told us that these sites and emails are definately nothing to do with David Tennant.
The fake email is registered to a hotmail account so if you have been corresponding with this person please be aware that they are not David, nor do they have any connection to him.
Please do not accept MSN buddy requests from anybody you do not know and remember to never give out any details about yourself to anyone over the net.
There are also two websites hosted on the Bebo network, one for David and one for Billie Piper. Neither of these sites have anything to do with David or Billie so please don't be fooled into thinking that you are chatting to them.
Please remember how important it is to stay safe on the internet.

The Satan Pit!
11/06/2006, 19:02pm BST
The usual Doctor Who episode update for The Satan Pit.
Click here for some goodies and head over to the BBC site for downloads!

News Clippings!
11/06/2006, 18:56pm BST
There are a couple of news stories today including this one from
Which celebs are backing England?

A host of celebs have been telling us if they are supporting England this World Cup - and for Scottish actor David Tennant the choice is easy. The Dr Who star said: "I don't get football it just leaves me cold. It's got nothing to do with England, Scotland anyone else, I just don't get it. "I know there's the traditional Scottish thing that you can't support England but I've lived here for 12 years so I've got to try." And Welsh songstress Charlotte Church is equally happy to lend the England team her support, not being much of a footie fan either. She said: "I don't care, Wayne Rooney, so what. But Coleen - I really like her. "I'm Welsh but good luck to the English. I mean it sincerely. The rugby England/Wales thing is different. But football I don't care so good luck to you." And radio DJ Edith Bowman, also Scottish, said: "I like playing on that Scottish people don't cheer on England thing. Generally we do."

The Doctor Who site also has some news regarding series 3 of the show:

We might be more than halfway through the spectactular second series of Doctor Who, but plans are already well underway for the thrilling third series! At the BBC Worldwide Licensing Showcase event held this week in St Albans, Doctor Who's Executive Producer Julie Gardner gave the assembled delegates a few exciting hints about what's to come. "We're in pre-production on Doctor Who 3", she said. "We'll be filming for 34 weeks, beginning with a Christmas special." Julie then went on to say that the TARDIS will be travelling into the future during the third series: "...and into the past, where we will meet Shakespeare - and why wouldn't you?!" But of course there are still five episodes left to be shown in the second series, including a guest appearance by comedy legend Peter Kay and a spectacular two-part season finale that sees the return of some familiar faces... Don't you dare miss it!

Steaks Are High For Doctor Who!
09/06/2006, 16:08pm BST
Click Pic To Enlarge!
The Sun has the following photo of the Doctor trying to lure a vile alien with a piece of meat from the upcoming new episode, Love & Monsters...
Also on the subject of Doctor Who, the following article appeared on
Dr Who stars David Tennant and Billie Piper say they are getting such big names on the show, they can take a back seat.
Billie said: "We've got Peter Kay coming up soon as a villain and the lovely Marc Warren. We're not even in those episodes so much."
Tennant added that there is also a very exciting episode coming up that he described as "The Exorcist meets Brookside".
And as to rumours that Billie is planning to leave the show, she dismissed them as pure speculation.
Tennant joked: "No it is true, wee Jimmy Krankie is taking over soon".
Series Two Of Doctor Who To Air In Oz!
08/06/2006, 16:23pm BST
Trailers for the second series of Doctor Who are currently showing on ABC in Australia.
The advert says  "Do you fancy a Christmas in July?" and features clips from The Christmas Invasion.
There is no official date of transmission as yet, but we will keep you informed on any further news.
You can read a preview of the episode on the ABC site.
The Glamour Awards!
07/06/2006, 07:37am BST
David attended the Glamour Awards in London last night where he presented his Doctor Who co star Billie Piper with the award for Best UK TV Actress.

The Amazing Maurice and His Educated Rodents!
05/06/2006, 18:14pm BST
BBC 7 will be repeating their adaptation of the Terry Pratchett story, The Amazing Maurice and His Educated Rodents, on Saturday 10th June at 13:00pm.
David stars as Dangerous Beans. It will be available for seven days on the BBC 7 website.

Shop For Who!
05/06/2006, 16:16pm BST
The Impossible Planet have listed four new books in the Doctor Who range. The Books each focus on a specific character from the show, The Doctor, Rose, The Slitheen and The Sycorax. Each book is packed with facts about your favourite character and also contains a brand new adventure story featuring them!
They will be released on 31st August 2006.
Also being advertised is the 2007 Doctor Who annual featuring the Tenth Doctor and Rose and the new Tenth Doctor, as played by David Tennant, action figures.
You can buy or reserve all of the above items plus many more in our shop!

The Impossible Planet!
05/06/2006, 16:13pm BST
The usual Doctor Who updates for the episode, The Impossible Planet. Click here for articles, photos and screen caps.
And head over to the BBC Site for commentries, games and wallpapers.