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Who Do You Think You Are? Preview!
30/08/2006, 18:15pm BST
If you keep your eyes peeled whilst watching the BBC network you may be able to spot an advert previewing clips from the latest series of Who Do You Think You Are? The advert features David. You can see some caps above!
Coventry Set Report!
30/08/2006, 18:12pm BST
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Doctor Who set down the Tardis in Coventry last night... to film part of his latest adventure.
TV's most popular traveller thrilled crowds of fans eager to catch a glimpse during filming at the Ford's Hospital and at the nearby Register Office in the city centre.
The historic half-timbered buildings were the backdrop to a trip for the Doctor back to Tudor times.
Security was tight when David Tennant, who plays Doctor Who, his co-stars and the film crews arrived at Ford's Hospital, Greyfriars Lane, and the fans were kept at a distance.
But one, Andy Shade, aged 27, of Binley Road, Coventry, who was with his wife, Lynn, said: "My dad was into Dr Who and I have liked it ever since. It is great to see what is going on."
However Lynn, aged 32, was less impressed, saying: "I just got dragged along. I'll watch Dr Who but only if there is nothing else on telly."
Avid fan Jonathan Burnside, aged 36, travelled all the way from Bristol to see the cast on set.
He said: "It is my first trip out to Coventry but I think it's great, especially the old parts of it.
The arrival of the timelord was a success for city promotions company CV One.
Spokesman Peter Walters said he believed the episode had the Doctor travelling back in time to meet Shakespeare.
He said: "Although Ford's Hospital stands on quite a boring street, when you get into the courtyard you could be back in Shakespeare's time - it is a wonderful place."This came about because we developed a film location brochure, giving locations which we thought film companies would be interested in."The BBC came back to us and said they would like to have a look at some historic buildings, and we helped them set it up."Ford's Hospital, one of the finest examples of 16th century architecture in the country, was provided for in the will of William Ford, to be an almshouse for elderly men and women.It is still serves today as a home for elderly people. But the residents were moved out to a hotel while filming took place - just in case someone turned on a light or a radio at the wrong time.
David Tennant is the latest actor to portray the popular character who first emerged back in the days of black and white TV in the shape of William Hartnell. He was followed by Patrick Troughton, Jon Pertwee, Tom Baker, Peter Davison, Colin Baker and Sylvester McCoy. 
Many Thanks to icCoventry.
Who's Been Sent To Coventry?!
29/08/2006, 17:35pm BST
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The Doctor Who team rolled into Coventry yesterday to film scenes for a new episode which will feature the Doctor and Martha meeting up with William Shakespeare!
Many thanks to Rob from for his fantastic photos!
Who Do You Think You Are Update!
28/08/2006, 18:53pm BST
Who Do You Think You Are?
As you are aware, earlier this summer David filmed an episode of the BBC genealogy show, Who Do You Think You Are?
The series is due to begin transmission on Wednesday 6th September at 21:00pm on BBC One.
The date of David's episode is yet to be confirmed but we will keep you updated.
Who's On The Box!
28/08/2006, 18:51pm BST
Here in the UK BBC Three continue their repeats with The Satan Pit and Love & Monsters tonight. The channel will continue to show an episode a night until the end of August.
The Doctor and Rose will be meeting up with Queen Victoria and battling a Werewolf as Tooth and Claw will be showing on ATV World in Hong Kong tonight.
New Earth shows on French speaking channel Ztele in Canada on Tuesday.
In New Zealand Thursday 31st August sees the TARDIS landing on The Impossible Planet, the first of a two part story that takes Rose further than she has ever gone before!
And on Saturday 2nd September Australian fans can catch up on the action as ABC also shows The Impossible Planet!

The V Festival!
21/08/2006, 15:42pm BST
David attended the V Festival this weekend and met up with his lovely Doctor Who pal Billie Piper, who also managed to get herself stuck in a portaloo!
She said: "I was locked in for ages. I had to bang on the door to get someone.
I really didn't want to touch anything...gross. It was like being in the Tardis but smaller and smellier."
Photo Credit: Sue H & Jack

Who's On The Box!
20/08/2006, 16:12pm BST
BBC Three are currently repeating Doctor Who Series Two. There is more or less an episode a night, with Tooth and Claw airing tonight, but if you check The Diary you will find full details and show times.
New Earth airs in Hong Kong tomorrow, Monday 21st August, on ATV World.
The French dubbed version of The Christmas Invasion will show on Tuesday 22nd August in Canada.
Thursday 24th August sees New Zealand fans travelling back to the 50's with the Doctor and Rose in The Idiot's Lantern and Australian fans can join the fun on Saturday 26th August when they get The Idiot's Lantern too!

Merchandise Update!
20/08/2006, 16:00pm BST
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Volume 5 of the Vanilla DVDs will be released on Monday 4th September. The disc will include the following fabulous episodes:
Fear Her
It's London 2012, and the Doctor and Rose set off to see the Olympics, only to find terror in the most ordinary place.
Army Of Ghosts
The Doctor and Rose are drawn to the Torchwood Tower, but a mighty invasion force is ready to march.
As two mighty armies clash, the Doctor realises that saving the Earth might mean the death of Rose Tyler.
  • You can pre order this DVD from throgh our shop by clicking here!
Who's On The Box!
17/08/2006, 15:13pm BST
Doctor Who Series Two continues with the second part of the Cybermen story, The Age Of Steel airing in New Zealand tonight at 19:30pm on Prime TV. Australia get the same episode on Saturday at 19:30pm on ABC. You can read articles and see screen caps from the episode here, but naturally they do contain spoilers for non UK viewers.
Good news for USA followers as the Sci Fi Channel have anounced that Series Two will premiere there on 29th September.
Series Two will also start on Ztélé in Canada on 22nd August with the episodes being dubbed in French! And non French speaking Canadians can tune into CBC from October to see Series Two.
Fans from Hong Kong will get their Series Two premiere on ATV on 21st August.
Meanwhile back in the UK BBC Three are preparing to show repeats of Series Two from this Saturday.
On Set!
13/08/2006, 15:39pm BST
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The Doctor Who team hit the centre of Cardiff again last week with eager fans hoping to grab a glimpse of David and his new co star Freema Agyeman.
Freema began filming on Tuesday, she will play Martha Jones a medical student who becomes the Doctor's new assistant.
  • Freema will be interviewed live from the Doctor Who set for The One Show on BBC1 tomorrow at 18:55pm.

Series Three Starts Filming!
10/08/2006, 17:04pm BST

With Christmas special The Runaway Bride now in the can, the new series of Doctor Who starts filming this week. Joining David Tennant is newcomer Freema Agyeman, who will play medical student Martha Jones. "I am still pinching myself and can't wait to get started!" Says Freema. "It's been nerve wracking but David has been brilliant in helping me to adjust on my first days on set. I am really looking forward to travelling through time and space with him over the next eight months." Russell T Davies, writer and Executive Producer, adds: "We were delighted and honoured by the second series' success, and we can promise new thrills, new laughs and some terrifying new aliens. The Doctor and Martha are destined to meet William Shakespeare, blood sucking alien Plasmavores, The Judoon - a clan of galactic stormtroopers and a sinister intelligence at work in 1930's New York." Filming of the Christmas episode which guest stars Catherine Tate as a bride who finds her wedding day interrupted by an alien plot to destroy the earth has already been completed. The storyline features the return of the Robot Santas and also guest stars Sarah Parish as the evil, alien mastermind. Returning cast members include John Barrowman who will be making an appearance in the series finale. Guest stars include Anne Reid, Roy Marsden, and Don Gilet. Writers for Series Three include Russell T Davies, Steven Moffat, Gareth Roberts, Paul Cornell, Helen Raynor, Chris Chibnall and Stephen Greenhorn. Charles Palmer, Euros Lyn, Graeme Harper and Richard Clarke will take on directing duties.

Who's Coming To The USA?!
10/08/2006, 17:01pm BST
The SCI FI Channel and BBC Worldwide Americas have confirmed that Doctor Who will return to SCI FI in September 2006.  The run will kick off with a two-hour premiere package that will include David Tennant's debut, The Christmas Invasion. Chris Regina, Vice President of Programming, SCI FI Channel, said "Our audience has clearly embraced 'Doctor Who' and it has delivered a significant increase in viewers in the time period. We are looking forward to keeping the momentum going with David Tennant as the new Doctor." Executive Producer and Lead Writer Russell T Davies says, "We were delighted by the first season's success in the US, and can promise new thrills, new laughs, new heartbreak, and some terrifying new aliens in Season Two." The first season of the new Doctor Who proved a huge success for the SCI FI Channel. We'll let you know the exact premiere date just as soon as it's announced.

Mag Stand!
10/08/2006, 16:56pm BST
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DWM have released the details of their latest publications as follows:
Doctor Who Magazine #373
Doctor Who Magazine begins a no-holds-barred interview with the man at the very top ­ executive producer and head writer Russell T Davies. Russell chats to DWM about the impact of Series Two, the imminent coming of Torchwood The Series, and the Doctor Who spin-off that never was...
"The greatest thing for me is that Doctor Who is no longer a phenomenon," Russell tells DWM. "The first year was brilliant, and exhilarating, but terrifying, because it felt so mad to have Doctor Who back, being the BBC's flagship drama. Everyone was talking about it. And it was awful to think that it might be a flash in the pan. We were all determined for the second year ­ especially with David Tennant on board, cos Chris Eccleston had been so brilliant ­ that we couldn't let it expire. Not that it would have been David's fault, but what if the show had dwindled naturally, with his face on it? To see the climax get one-and-a-half-million more viewers than last year makes you think, yeah, we've done it. The fear and the wonder of it being a one-off hit has gone now. I think we're guaranteed that Doctor Who will last, and last as a brand..."Also this issue, Russell writes an exclusive and revealing article detailing the secrecy surrounding Billie Piper's departure, Freema Agyeman's casting as Martha, and the shock arrival of Catherine Tate as the Runaway Bride...
Meanwhile, DWM reunites Noel Clarke (Mickey Smith), Camille Coduri (Jackie Tyler) and Shaun Dingwall (Peter Tyler), for a chat about their characters' thrilling exit in Doomsday; Murray Gold speaks out about scoring the music for the series; the second part of the brand new comic strip adventure The Futurists; The Time Team looks back over the entire Fourth Doctor era as well as the festive special K9 & Company; plus all the latest news in Gallifrey Guardian; reviews in After Image and Off the Shelf, and a bumper DW Mail. DWM 373 is on sale from Thursday 17 August.
The Series Two Companion
Your complete guide to the BAFTA-winning BBC One series!
Written and researched by Andrew Pixley. In 2006, Doctor Who maintained its position as one of the most popular and critically-lauded programmes on British television. Eight million viewers tuned in every Saturday evening for the adventures of the Doctor and Rose Tyler, as they sailed through time in the TARDIS. Their travels have taken them to the distant past, parallel worlds, the far-off future and an impossible planet ­ for an encounter with the devil himself... Now, Doctor Who Magazine takes you behind the scenes on this incredible series, with an in-depth episode-by-episode guide to all of this year's adventures, including original storylines, deleted scenes, and thousands of facts about the making of the series ­ illustrated with never-before-seen photographs. We cover all 13 episodes of Series Two, plus The Christmas Invasion, the Children in Need mini-special, interactive adventure Attack of the Graske and the Tardisodes, as well as features on BBC Three's Doctor Who Confidential and CBBC's Totally Doctor Who.
Plus, for the first time anywhere, executive producer and head writer Russell T Davies presents his original Series Two story document, fully annotated with the changes that were made during production. Discover the origins of the Runaway Bride, how a Werewolf turned up very late, what inspired the redesigned Cybermen and why the TARDIS never stopped off in the 1920s! This is the essential time-travellers' guide to Doctor Who. If you think you've seen it all, think again... On sale Thursday 10 August.

Who's On The Box!
08/08/2006, 11:53am BST
The Cybermen are on their way to New Zealand and Australia with The Rise Of The Cybermen airing there this week.
On a parallel Earth, a deadly new version of the Doctor's old enemy is about to be reborn.
Rise Of The Cybermen will premiere on Prime TV in New Zealand at 19:30pm on Thursday 10th August and will make it's debut in Australia on ABC at 19:30pm on Saturday 12th August.
Meanwhile rumour has it that the Sci Fi Channel in the USA will start showing Series Two Of Doctor Who at the end of September. We will keep you updated on that as soon as we get any official word.

Doctor Who Series Two Companion!
08/08/2006, 11:51am BST
Wedding Plans




                                                  Russell T Davies has explained the genesis of this year's Christmas Special in the pages of Doctor Who Magazine's Series Two Companion. "The Runaway Bride was another of those ideas I'd had for ages, ever since the return of Doctor Who was first announced," he said. "Then, at the BAFTA screening of The Parting of the Ways, Jane Tranter announced not just the 2005 Christmas Special, but another for 2006 as well (I swear, Julie Gardner had forgotten to tell me about the 2006 one - as Jane was on the microphone, Julie was watching my head explode. 'Oh yes, sorry, I knew there was something I meant to tell you...') "And since we all knew that Billie would be leaving at the end of Series Two, and that I didn't want to introduce the new companion until the start of Series Three, then suddenly The Runaway Bride took on a whole new lease of life," he added. "So the story was taken out of Series Two, elevated to Christmas, and the gap was filled by Tooth and Claw, which was bumped up to the second slot..." More of Russell's behind-the-scenes scoops, plus a comprehensive guide to all of the last series can be found in the Doctor Who Series Two Companion, on sale Thursday 10 August, priced Ł5.99. Source: Official BBC Doctor Who Site.

Who's On The Box!
02/08/2006, 16:28pm BST
The Girl In The Fireplace airs in New Zealand on Thursday 3rd August and in Australia on Saturday 5th August. Check the diary for show times etc. Also make sure you check out the Doctor Who section for photos and articles etc on this episode!
Series Two will premiere in Hong Kong with The Christmas Invasion on Monday 14th August on ATV World at 21:10pm. The series will then continue every Monday at 21:00pm.