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November 2006

Site Updates!
28/11/2006, 16:47pm GMT
Moment Of The Year!
The final scenes between the Doctor and Rose in Doomsday have been voted the TV Moment Of The Year by readers of the Radio Times.
The tearful goodbye between the Time Lord and his loyal companion at Bad Wolf Bay topped the poll which was compiled from votes via the Radio Times website.
Doctor Who fared very well coming in again at No.6 for the return of the Cybermen and David was named Hero Of The Year!
Read the article here.
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27/11/2006, 16:11pm GMT
David Picks His Highlights Of 2006 For The Radio Times
As part of their review of 2006, Radio Times asked David Tennant for his views on the past 12 months for their new issue.
"It was quite daunting, quite nerve-racking," noted David when asked how he felt prior to the launch of series two. "But the fact that the Christmas episode had been and gone took the edge off that because people seemed to like it.
"When anything comes out, you're nervous and hopeful, and all those contrary emotions," he added. "But because Doctor Who gets so much attention and scrutiny, everything was amplified."
Moving on to his professional highlight of 2006, David had this to say: "I'm very pleased that Doctor Who seems to be entertaining people. I was also very pleased to get to work with [writer] Tony Marchant in between, on Recovery, which is due out next year.
"It just feels like a kind of rolling professional high. I feel in a very heady place working with Russell T Davies and all the incredible people who work on the show, who I continue to be in awe of."
More from David can be found in the issue of Radio Times on sale from 28 November 2006. Other listings magazines are available, but may not contain Time Lords.
BBC Press Release For The Runaway Bride!
The BBC have released further details about the Runaway Bride:
Award-winning comedy actress Catherine Tate and Sarah Parish star alongside David Tennant in a special Christmas edition of the time-travelling adventure.
Bride-to-be Donna mysteriously vanishes as she prepares to marry her boyfriend Lance in a glittering ceremony on Christmas Eve. She suddenly appears, to her complete astonishment, in the Tardis with the Doctor.
As the Tardis races to get to the church on time, the Doctor and Donna are closely watched by the sinister figure of The Empress of Racnoss from her throne in her spaceship. It soon becomes clear that Donna is the key to an ancient alien plan to destroy the Earth.
David Tennant plays the Doctor, Catherine Tate plays Donna and Sarah Parish plays The Empress of Racnoss.

Site Updates!
22/11/2006, 15:45pm GMT
Christmas Is Coming!
Christmas is coming and the BBC have revealed their fantastic festive line up, the highlight of which is of course the Doctor Who Christmas Special, The Runaway Bride!
The BBC Press Office say: On BBC One Doctor Who re-materialises for a one-off special episode in which The Doctor (David Tennant) finds himself with a new companion Donna (Catherine Tate) - but she's late for her wedding…
  • To find out about the filming of the Runaway Bride and see photos from on set click here.
  • And to find out more about the other shows that the BBC have on offer this Christmas click here.

Christmas Book Project!

Don't forget that you only have until 5pm on Wednesday 6th December to submit a message to our Christmas Book Project.  Click here for more details.

Site Updates!
21/11/2006, 19:26pm GMT
David's Video Diary
The Doctor Who Series Two Box Set was released yesterday and as well as having 14 full episodes including The Christmas Invasion, it's packed with fabulous extras!
One of the highlights is David's behind the scenes video diary.
See photos from it here!
Blue Peter Competition Update - Vote For Yor Favourite
The Blue Peter competition to find a young star to appear in the third series of Doctor Who has moved on to the next stage.
Now it's your chance to help executive producer Russell T Davies and casting director Andy Pryor to judge the Doctor Who acting competition. Who do you think has done the best audition?
So far ten lucky viewers have made it to the judges' shortlist with only one final place up for grabs. Follow the link to watch the audition clips and vote for the person you think should win a role in Doctor Who.
Click here to view audition tapes and to vote!
Site Updates!
19/11/2006, 17:02pm GMT
Doctor Who -  A Celebration Listen Live & Live Chat!
If you weren't lucky enough to get a ticket for tonight's spectacular concert in Cardiff then don't forget that you can listen to it live via the BBC Radio Wales website  from 18:00pm.
You can also join a live chat with other fans and discuss the show on our forum!
Runaway Success!
The eBay auction in aid of Children In Need has raised 1020,00 for the Doctor's trainers worn by David Tennant in the second series of Doctor Who!
Site Updates!
18/11/2006, 17:15pm GMT
Gallery Updates
Some new photos of David as the Doctor have been added to the Photos Section.
New Wallpapers Update
800x600 | 1024x768                      800x600 | 1024x768
800x600 | 1024x768                      800x600 | 1024x768
Site Updates!
17/11/2006, 15:35pm GMT
Don't Forget To Bid!
Don't forget that there are some very special Doctor Who auctions taking place on eBay for Children In Need.
You can still bid for the actual trainers worn by The Doctor.
Described as "Geek Chic" the tenth Doctor's outfit is accompanied with a pair of hi-top trainers. These are David Tennant's very own trainers which were used in the initial promotional pictures for Series 2, as well as in the series itself.
You can bid for them here!
Meanwhile there are lots of other fantastic Children In Need auctions here!
Including the blouse worn buy the lovely Billie Piper in New Earth, The Genesis Ark from Doomsday and a Sycorax helmet from The Christmas Invasion!
Listen To The Doctor Who Celebration Live!

If you didn't get tickets for the Doctor Who - A Celebration concert in Cardiff this weekend (and they sold out within hours!) then don't worry - BBC Radio Wales is broadcasting it live from 18:00pm on Sunday 19th November. And, if you miss the live coverage, you can hear the whole event again for the following seven days via their website here!!
The event includes a question and answer session with Russell T Davies, David Tennant and Murray Gold.
The concert will be filmed for a special Doctor Who Confidential programme, to be shown on BBC One at Christmas, when the whole concert will also be available for digital viewers to watch on BBCi via the red button!
Concert Programme
If you are lucky enough to be going here is what is in store for you at the Millennium Centre on Sunday!
Part 1
Concert Prologue (featuring Melanie Pappenheim)
Rose: Westminster Bridge; Rose's Theme; The TARDIS
Space and Monsters: Slitheen; Cassandra's Waltz; Monster Bossa Nova; The Girl in the Fireplace; Werewolf
The Tenth Doctor: The Doctor's Arrival; Sycorax Encounters; UNIT Theme; Sword Fight; Harriet Jones, Prime Minister; New Adventures
Part 2
The Doctor Who Theme
Q&A session:with Russell T Davies, David Tennant and Murray Gold
The Daleks: Part One
The Cybermen
The Daleks: Part Two
The Songs of Doctor Who
Doomsday: featuring Melanie Pappenheim
Love Don't Roam
Song For Ten 
Site Updates!
16/11/2006, 17:19pm GMT
Children In Need Appeal
Appealing video
David Tennant and Freema Agyeman have recorded a series of special links for this Friday's Children In Need appeal on BBC1.          
Although not on the same scale as last year's mini epsiode, the links have been filmed on the TARDIS set and will be the first video footage of Freema in costume as new companion Martha Jones.            
Earlier in the week, an auction on Terry Wogan's radio 2 show raised a whopping 25,000 for Children In Need. The winning bidder and his family will get to see filming on Series three early next year.

Who Is The Weakest Link
David will be taking part in a Doctor Who Weakest Link Special for Christmas. The show will be recorded on Tuesday 21st November at the Pinewood Studios. David is expected to be joined by Freema Agyeman, and an assortment of characters from the series.
Tickets to the recording are free but are strictly limited and you must be over the age of 16. Click here to apply.
Doctor Who Soundtrack Available For Pre Order
Doctor Who
The new CD soundtrack from Doctor Who is now available for pre order in our shop. Click here to view tracklistings and further details.

Site Updates!
15/11/2006, 16:35pm GMT
New Wallpapers Update
800x600 | 1024x768                      800x600 | 1024x768
800x600 | 1024x768                      800x600 | 1024x768
800x600 | 1024x768                      800x600 | 1024x768
25,000 Raised For Children In Need Auction
A day on the Doctor Who Set raised 25,000 in a BBC Radio 2 charity auction for Children In Need yesterday!
David Becomes Charity Patron
Doctor Who star David Tennant has agreed to become patron of an Essex charity after working closely with it to research his role in a forthcoming television drama.
Tennant is to play the role of a brain injury survivor in the 90-minute BBC1 drama Recovery, due to be screened in March 2007.
He visited the Colchester day care centre of Headway Essex earlier this year as a major part of his research for the programme, in which he plays a building site manager who suffers a debilitating brain injury in a car crash. Sarah Parish, star of Cutting It, is to play the role of his wife who then becomes his carer.
The actor admitted before he was cast in Tony Marchant's television play, his knowledge and understanding of brain injuries and the devastating effect they can have on people's lives was “shamefully slight”.
He said: “Getting to know some of the clients of Headway Essex was instructive, eye-opening and very moving. These are people coming to terms with lives that have changed beyond all recognition, having to deal with something society often misunderstands, misinterprets and mistrusts.
“I understood how vital the work that Headway is doing can be. They give understanding, experience and community to people struggling to rebuild their lives.
“Against all odds, the spirit and humour of the clients at Headway Essex was remarkable. Spending that time with them and experiencing at first-hand the wonderful work the staff and charity are doing, I felt I wanted to be involved. I am delighted to accept the position of patron of Headway Essex and look forward to helping out when and where I can.”
Joanna Wright, director of fundraising at Headway Essex, said the actor spent a considerable time at the day centre and took part in group sessions that looked at interpersonal skills and communication issues.
She said: “I think that David was very touched by the honesty of our clients and he developed a great understanding of the change in dynamics which occur with individuals and their families after brain injury, along with an empathy for the challenges they face.”
Source: Suffolk & Essex Online
Site Updates!
13/11/2006, 16:20pm GMT
Doctor Who Voted An Icon Of England!
Doctor Who has been named as an official English icon.
Thousands of fans nominated the show as a classic symbol of Englishness.
Doctor Who, first shown in 1963, made it on to a new list of 21 icons including Winnie the Pooh, roast beef — and the V-sign.
The Beatles’ Sergeant Pepper album, Wimbledon tennis tournament and the stiff upper-lip also make the line-up.
Russell T Davies, who writes the Who series starring David Tennant, said: "We are all honoured and delighted. The public have taken the Doctor to their hearts."
The list — voted for by the public but selected by arts experts and academics — joins 56 other national icons in a project to celebrate England’s heritage.
The original list, compiled by academics, included the Routemaster bus and the cup of tea — but historian David Starkey branded that roll call 'quaint and banal'.
Filming Update!
The Doctor Who team have been out and about in Wales again in the last few days:
Dressed in his trademark suit and overcoat, Doctor Who star David Tennant was spotted filming scenes for the new series of the hit TV show on a Cardiff playing field.
With Tardis in tow, the crew were spotted filming for series three of the BBC Wales produced show, behind Cogan Primary and Infants School in Penarth.
Passers-by were forced to do a double-take as they spotted the famous police box which can travel through space and time.
Alongside Tennant was his co-star Freema Agyeman, 27, who plays the Doctor's new sidekick Martha Jones, and who has already starred in the last series as Adeola, who suffered a terrible fate at the hands of the Cybermen.
Dressed in a blue suit and tie, a brown overcoat and red trainers the actor who recently won the award for most popular actor at the National Television Awards looked cold as he hung around between takes.
Agyeman, dressed in a zip up maroon leather jacket, jeans and gold hoop earrings took refuge in a large bomber jacket in-between takes, clutching her script to her chest.Others big names expected to star in series three include Spooks star Miranda Raison as a show girl in 1930s New York and Ryan Carnes, who plays Justin - the boyfriend of Bree's rebellious son Andrew in Desperate Housewives - is also lined up for a role in the series.The new series will start in Spring 2007, but fans can also look forward to a Christmas special. 
Source: ic Wales
A schoolboy met his favourite Timelord when Doctor Who actor David Tennant secretly filmed behind his school.Doctor Who fan Joshua McConkey, eight, was at home because he was ill, when his aunt telephoned to say the Doctor Who crew were filming at Penarth Leisure Centre, behind Cogan Primary School.
So Joshua's mum Nikki wrapped him up warmly and drove him to the site where excited Joshua met and posed for a picture with his hero, David, who was filming with his new sidekick Martha, played by Freema Agyeman.'It was exciting, I love Doctor Who,' said Joshua, of Hewell Street, Cogan.'I like the Doctor and he was really nice and asked me my name and signed my magazines.' 
His mum Nikki, 25, said: 'David Tennant signed his Doctor Who magazines and he's had them out in the lounge to show them to everyone.'He's a huge fan and makes us watch Doctor Who on Sky every day.
'I'd kept him home because he was ill then his aunt called to tell us about the crew.'He was so upset he missed them, I took him down in the car. He was so excited.''I saw some lights in the distance and it turned out to be the Tardis!' said Gareth, who lives with wife Sue, and son Ryan, 21, in Brangwyn Close, Cogan.'I thought, 'Blimey, it's landed in Cogan'.'It was quite bizarre.'I'm a bit of a Doctor Who fan and used to watch it when I was younger in the 60s and 70s so I thought it was fantastic.'I got my camera and watched them film some of the scene outside the Tardis.
'There must have been 40 crew and about 15 vehicles including a lighting trucks and a costume vehicle.
'David Tennant was fantastic, very friendly.' 
Source: The South Wales Echo
Children In Need Doctor Who Concert Update!
Full details of the upcoming Doctor Who Celebration event, in aid of Children In Need, have been announced - along with some exciting auction news.
David Tennant will host the entire evening's proceedings on 19 November 2006, introducing each section of music. Each song will be accompanied by specially edited sequences of scenes from the last two years of Doctor Who.
As well as the BBC National Orchestra of Wales and Chorus, conducted by Ben Foster, composer Murray Gold will perform live with his own band. Murray will also join Russell T Davis and David Tennant for a Q&A session.
If you weren't lucky enough to get tickets, there will be a chance to bid for a pair on Friday's Children in Need show. The winning bidder will also get a chance to shake hands with David Tennant!
Talking of bidding, the Celebration event will feature a "silent auction" of props and memorabilia from the series (open to non-ticket holders too). Goodies on offer will include:-
A Sycorax Staff, David's 'Doomsday' script signed by David, Billie and Russell (including the final scene), A Parallel Jump Transporter, a Sanctuary Base wristband, 2 sets of Earpods, a bottle of Vitex, concept artwork, a set model, Bliss' sculpture from Love & Monsters, signed Doctor Who Confidential DVDs, a leather-bound, signed score of the music and last, but not least, the Doctor's motorcycle helmet from The Idiot's Lantern!
If you can't make it along, you might want to bid on eBay for highly collectible Genesis Ark, Rose's top from New Earth, a Sycorax Helmet and The Doctor's trainers (worn by David Tennant himself!).
Click here check out the bidding or visit .
All proceeds from both auctions will go to Children in Need.
On the day of the concert there will be several front of house events at the Cardiff Millennium Centre, open to the public.
These include the chance to have your picture taken with the TARDIS, and a Dalek (for a small donation to Children in Need). There will also be face painting, plus Ood, Clockwork Droids, Cybermen and the Daleks patrolling the foyer. And maybe one or two guests wandering about and chatting too.
As well as being broadcast live by Radio Wales, the show will be available to Interactive viewers over the coming months too. An hour-long behind-the-scenes special, produced by the Doctor Who Confidential team will also be screened in the not too distant future.
BBC Site
Site Updates!
09/11/2006, 17:10pm GMT
NME 2006 Year Book!
David is featured in the NME 2006 Year Book alongside the Kaiser Cheifs! There is a fantastic article with the band and David and some great pics which you can see here...
You can buy the NME 2006 Year Book for 5.99 online at or at the usual retailers.
Doctor Who Soundtrack Release Details!
In what will be music to the ears of many, we can finally reveal initial details of the upcoming Doctor Who soundtrack album.
Released by Silva Screen Records on 04 December 2006, the album will feature Murray Gold's version of the Doctor Who theme, plus many of his various incidental scores from Series 1 and 2.
The Divine Comedy's Neil Hannon contributes a version of Song for Ten (from last year's Christmas special) and Love Don't Roam, which will feature in the Runaway Bride.
Also included is the much-requested Doomsday - the song that played during Rose's trip to Bad Wolf Bay in Episode 13 of Series 2.
Other tracks include Cassandra's Waltz, Harriet Jones, Prime Minister, plus the themes specially created for the Doctor and Rose.
Source: BBC Site
Site Updates!
02/11/2006, 18:31pm GMT
National Television Awards Caps!
Our coverage of the National Television Awards continues today with some caps from last night's ITV broadcasts!
Photos from ITV2's Red Carpet Coverage can be seen here!
Photos from ITV1's Ceremony Coverage can be seen here!
Site Updates!
01/11/2006, 17:20pm GMT
National Television Awards Update!
Lots of news stories today about David's triumphant win at last night's National Television Awards! We have collected all the best ones and put them together for you to read here!
You can also see some photos of David at the awards here!
And there are a few caps from the ITN News coverage of the photo call here!
Don't forget that the awards will be shown on ITV tonight:
  • 01/11/2006 The NTA's Red Carpet & Backstage (UK)
    ITV2 18:30pm
    Jack and Kelly Osbourne catch up with the celebs on the red carpet.
    01/11/2006 The National Television Awards (UK)
    ITV1 20:00pm
    Trevor McDonald hosts the star studded ceremony from The Royal Albert Hall.
    Doctor Who stands a good chance of glory with three nominations.
    01/11/2006 The NTA's Backstage Exclusive (UK)
    ITV2 22:30pm
    Jack and Kelly Osbourne chat to the celebs at the aftershow party.

We will be having a Live Chat throughout the televised ceremony on the forum!