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January 2007

Site Updates!
31/01/2007, 15:12pm GMT
Bafta Screening Of Recovery
There will be a Bafta screening of Recovery next month. Details as follows:
Wednesday 14th February 2007
18:15 Reception
18:45 Screening
Princess Anne Theatre
Dir: Andy de Emmony
Scr: Tony Marchant
Cast: David Tennant / Sarah Parish / Harry Treadaway / Jacob Theato / Jay Simpson
A Tiger Aspect Production for BBC One
Followed by a Q&A with Tony Marchant and members of the crew.
In this powerful drama from BAFTA-winning writer Tony Marchant, David Tennant and Sarah Parish star as happily married couple Alan and Tricia Hamilton. He's the head of a building firm and on top of his game, and she's a part-time beautician and a mother to their two sons. One day their perfect, if unremarkable, life is torn apart when Alan steps out in front of a passing car after a last minute decision to pop out for a quick drink. The resulting accident leaves him in a deep coma but with remarkably few physical injuries. Desperately worried, Tricia is delighted when he comes round, only to discover that the man she loved has disappeared. His behaviour has changed, he's lost all of his inhibitions and he veers from angry and frustrated to vulnerable and childlike. Their relationship is put under intolerable stress as Tricia tries to find the husband she loves - while fearing that she may have lost him forever.
Booking: To reserve a place in advance, please e-mail or call
020 7292 5858.
Academy Members: Free
Non-Members:   10
Toy Story
Chracter Options have announced a new range of Doctor Who themed toys due to be released this year.
Amongst the list of new action figures are from Series One are the Autons, the Empty Child and the Space Pig and from Series Two the Ood and the Clockwork Droids from Girl In The Fireplace.
There will also be new Deluxe 5" figures in special packages. The first to be released is the impressive Empress of the Racnoss from The Runaway Bride. She will be followed by the Face Of Boe.
There are also themed gift sets including a new Genisis Ark set and a Doomsday set.
The 12" range also has new additions with a new version of the Doctor, in his spacesuit from The Satan Pit.  The Ood and the Clockwork Droids are also available.
New Series Three figures will be availble later in the year, with a new look Doctor and Martha figures available.
New Daleks items are also in development. An 18" Voice Controlled bronze 'Supreme Dalek' and an 18" remote controlled 'Dalek Vision' bronze dalek with a camera in it's eyepiece.
Looks like we better start writing our lists for Santa very early this year!
Doctor & Martha Book Updates
As we have previously mentioned the first three Doctor & Martha novel will be published on 19th April. These will be Sting Of The Zygons, The Last Dodo, and Wooden Heart. These are all available for pre order through our shop.
There are a further three books planned for a September release. The titles are purley provisional at the moment:
Wetworld by Mark Michalowski - This sees the Doctor and Martha pitted against nasty swamp monsters.
Forever Autumn by Mark Morris - This is expected to be very scary, given the authors previous work in horror novels.
The Wicked Bungalow by Paul Magrs - We did say these were provisional titles.
There is also a further volume of the Monsters and Villains series, entitled Creatures and Demons, due out in May. As well as covering classic enemies it will also cover the second half of Series Two and some new Series Three monsters.
BBC Three Who Repeats
This Friday (1st February) sees BBC Three start repeating the Tenth Doctor and Rose episodes. The Christmas Invasion and Doctor Who Confidential: The Last Battle kick off proceedings with a marathon of Confidential's New New Doctor, New Earth and Tooth and Claw airing the following Friday (8th February).
See the diary for full details.
Site Updates!
30/01/2007, 17:13pm GMT
New Runaway Bride Images
Those kind folks over at the Official BBC Doctor Who site have found more photos from the Runaway Bride and stuck them  up for your viewing pleasure. See them here.
Meanwhile spoilerific rumours about series three of Doctor Who abound. Discuss them on our forums.
Site Updates!
26/01/2007, 17:58pm GMT
The Cartoon Heores
Click the pic to enlarge!
The Official Doctor Who Website has details of a brand new Doctor Who cartoon featuring the Tenth Doctor and Martha, the cartoon will feature on the children's show Totally Doctor when it returns in the spring.
David and Freema Agyeman will voice their characters as they go on a 13 part adventure called The Infinitive Quest.
"The Doctor And Martha follow a trail of clues across wild and wonderful alien worlds, to find the location of the legendary lost spaceship, the Infinite," revealed Russell T Davies.
Anthony Head, who played evil headmaster Mr Finch in last season's School Reunion, will guest star as a a new character, Baltazar - Scourge of the Galaxy.
Freema in particular was thrilled to be taking Doctor Who into a whole new world of possibilities.
"I didn't think my Doctor Who experience could get any more thrilling but I was absolutely blown away when they approached me about the new animation series!
"The prospect of becoming a cartoon character was both exciting and also a bit nerve-wracking as it was the first time I have been asked to do voice-over work," she said.
"But I needn't have worried - my first session involved being in a small recording room with David, Anthony Head and Toby Longworth - and all of us falling about with laughter as we tried to imagine the movements of the cartoon characters and how mad it all seemed! It was such a fun experience and now I can't wait to see how it all looks!"
Doctor Who Podshock
We'd just like to point you in the direction of the fantastic Outpost Gallifrey and in particular their new feature Outpost Gallifrey presents...Doctor Who: Podshock.
It's a fantastic new free podcast produced by The Gallifreyan Embassy and presented by Outpost Gallifrey. It features the latest Doctor Who news, reviews, interviews, and discussions from US, UK, Australian, and Canadian perspectives.
It's a definate must for fans of the show.
Click here to get further details.
Doctor Who Magazine
The new issue of DWM is due in shops from 1st February 2007.
Details are as follows:
Grab your popcorn, take your seats and discover the story of the lost Doctor Who movie - in the new issue of Doctor Who Magazine !
Find out what connects killer scarecrows, a giant game of pinball, the Daleks, and, er, Vincent Price, as DWM charts the incredible story behind the unmade motion picture - with insightful comments from writers Tom Baker and Ian Marter, as well as a full and detailed plot synopsis, and some beautiful new illustrations from artist Brian Williamson.
Also this issue, Helen Raynor talks exclusively about her new Doctor Who episode, Daleks in Manhattan; The Fact of Fiction uncovers Fourth Doctor classic Image of the Fendahl; and the Tenth Doctor and the Brigadier find themselves in the thick of the battle in Part 2 of their new comic strip adventure, The Warkeeper's Crown.
Plus! The first three Doctors are plucked out of their timestreams to solve Doctor Who's dating problems; Russell T Davies goes for a 3am walk around Cardiff Bay in Production Notes; and all the latest news, views and reviews from the worlds of Doctor Who.
DWM 379 is on sale from Thursday 1 February 2007.
Site Updates!
25/01/2007, 19:45pm GMT
New Woman Poll Results
David has scored highly in this year's New Woman Sexiest Male Poll. He has moved up from his postition last year at No.20 to No.13 in the magazine survey. All is well in the world:
1. Take That
2. Daniel Craig
3. Johnny Depp
4. Orlando Bloom
5. Jake Gyllenhaal
6. George Clooney
7. Brad Pitt
8. Mat Willis
9. Robbie Williams
10. Justin Timberlake
11. Matthew Fox
12. Jesse Metcalfe
13. David Tennant
14. Russell Brand
15. Steve Jones
16. Luke Pritchard
17. Johnny Borrell
18. James McAvoy
19. Joaquin Phoneix
20. David Beckham
For the full list visit the New Woman Website.
Site Updates!
24/01/2007, 15:35pm GMT
David Talks To Sci Fi
David has been chatting to the Sci Fi Channel website about Doctor Who and has spoken about Billie's last scenes, Freema's arrival and what the new series has in store for the Doctor and Martha.
The beach scene at the end of Doomsday, where the Doctor says his final goodbye to Rose, was named Best TV Moment of The Year by the Radio Times and Best Drama Moment by the BBC. It was of course Billie Piper's last scene in the series and David says it was difficult to film:
"Of course that scene meant that Billie was leaving the show (although it wasn't the final scene she shot), and that was very sad," David said in an e-mail interview.
"She is a great actor and had become a great friend. It's also a beautifully written scene, and even when we ran through the lines together on the makeup bus that morning, we started sniffling. In fact, in the video diaries on the DVD you can see us both have a good old weep about the whole thing."
In the new series the Doctor will be joined by a new assistant, medical student Martha Jones, but will she be like Rose Tyler?
"The Doctor and Martha have a very different relationship to the Doctor and Rose," David said. "The Doctor doesn't really think he needs a new traveling companion at the moment, but Martha makes herself indispensable."
David knows what it is like to take over from a popular cast member on Doctor Who, but he didn't need to offer Freema Agyeman, who plays Martha, any advice on dealing with it.
"Oh, she doesn't need any advice, and I wouldn't be pompous enough to offer it," he said. "Freema hit the ground running and has inhabited Martha Jones from day one without a hint of trepidation or nervousness. I found myself quite envious of her confidence. She is going to be brilliant."
But even though Rose is gone don't expect the Doctor to be over her just yet.
"As with any big relationship, it takes time for the scars to heal," Tennant said. "Perhaps the Doctor feels like he's dealt with it, but Martha might disagree."
Site Updates!
22/01/2007, 16:19pm GMT
New Doctor Who Exhibitions
The biggest ever Doctor Who exhibition will be opening in Manchester on 31st March 2007 at The Museum Of Science and Industry.
Visitors to the exhibition will be able to get up close to props and costumes from the drama and new items from the third series will be added as they are seen on TV.
Tickets an be purchased for the exhibition from TicketWeb.
Further information can be found on The Museum Of Science and Industry website.
There is also an exhibition opening in Lands End at Easter further details can be found on the Lands End Landmark website.
Site Updates!
17/01/2007, 18:43pm GMT
Note From David
Click to enlarge!
David has very kindly sent a thank you note for all your lovely messages that were included in our Christmas Book.
The messages were collected from fans on our forum and can still be read online here.
The messages were collected, printed and presented in a book for David. also had a star named after David and registered with the international star registry.
Thanks to all of you who contributed to the project by leaving a message! :)
David says:
To all at,
What can I say? I was completely bowled over to get your Christmas parcel. So many amazing messages and pictures, I'm still discovering new ones - and the star! What a brilliant, bonkers, fantastic idea.
You are a bunch of very very lovely people and I can't thank you enough.
Lots of love and luck for 2007 - have a great one.
Thanks again.
Love David x
New Interviews & Articles
A couple of new Runaway Bride interviews and articles have been added here.
I'd just like to say thank you to all of you who have sent us lovely emails congratulating us on the site's success in the BBC Drama Awards.
They are much appreciated and I hope you all continue to enjoy the site and the forum as much as I enjoy making it for you all!
Sarah x
Site Updates!
15/01/2007, 18:33pm GMT
Doctor Who Sweeps The Board At The BBC Drama Awards!
(And we get a mention too!)
David and the Doctor Who team have swept the board at the BBC Drama Awards!
David walked away with Best Actor with a massive 39.96% of the vote!
His co star Billie Piper won the Best Actress Award with a whopping 42.74% of the votes!
Doctor Who, perhaps unsurprisingly, won Best Drama with 31.33% of the vote.
Rose's emotional exit from the show also managed to clinch the Favourite Moment Award with 27.25%! And the Daleks Vs Cybermen battle also got a worthy mention.
The Doctor Who website won Best Drama Website and we are very pleased to say that was the higest ranking non BBC site, making it to No.9!
So a huge thanks to all of you who nominated us and who voted for David!
Full Results Below:
Best Actor
1. David Tennant 39.96%
2. Jonas Armstrong 13.25%
3. Toby Stephens 10.49%
4. Richard Armitage 4.97%
5. John Simm 3.09%
Best Actress
1. Billie Piper 42.74%
2. Ruth Wilson 16.01%
3. Lucy Griffiths 11.03%
4. Amanda Mealing 5.65%
5. Lacey Turner 2.69%
Best Drama
1. Doctor Who 31.33%
2. Robin Hood 19.38%
3. Jane Eyre 12.08%
4. Life On Mars 6.37%
5. Holby City 5.29%
Favouite Moment
1. Rose's Exit (Doctor Who) 27.25%
2. Jane and Rochester Reunited (Jane Eyre) 4.11%
3. Daleks Vs Cybermen (Doctor Who) 4.08%
4. Ruth's Exit (Spooks) 2.49%
5. Marion Accepts Guy's Proposal (Robin Hood) 2.05%
Best Drama Website
1. Doctor Who
2. Robin Hood
3. Spooks
4. EastEnders
5. Torchwood
6. Jane Eyre
7. Holby City
8. Casualty
Our Network sister site also got a mention at No.17!

Site Updates!
11/01/2007, 19:35pm GMT
Doctor Who Illustrations
We'd just like to point you in the direction of a fabulous new website Gravis Art.
The site features a collection of drawings, many featuring David Tennant, by Anthony Dry.
You may recognise the above drawing of the Doctor and Rose as it was featured in the booklet for The Complete Second Series DVD Boxset. The site is well worth a visit, the images are truly fantastic!
LA Without A Map Interview
An exclusive interview conducted by Tony Earnshaw with David on the set of his film LA Without A Map in the 1990s is to be featured in a new book, Made In Yorkshire.
The book will chronicle many of the big feature films that have been shot in Yorkshire from 1888 onwards. The section on LA Without a Map will also feature previously unseen location photographs taken by Jim Moran.
The book will be published in 2008.
The Girl In The Fireplace Nominated For Award
Steven Moffat's Doctor Who script for The Girl in the Fireplace has been included in the Preliminary Ballot for the Nebula Award for 2006.
The episode which featured the Doctor and Rose travelling back in time to save Madame de Pompadour from some seriously scary clockwork killers is up against scripts for Batman Begins and Howl's Moving Castle.
Site Updates!
06/01/2007, 18:40pm GMT
Gallery Update
Lots of screen caps from last nights Friday Night Project have been added to the gallery along with some from last months Newsround interview.
The Friday Night Project
Newsround | Runaway Bride Press Screening
Site Updates!
05/01/2007, 14:07pm GMT
Recovery Trailer
Tiger Aspect have a short preview of Recovery available on their website. You can view it here.
They also have a summary of the show:

Alan and Tricia Hamilton (David Tennant and Sarah Parish) are very happy.  He’s the head of a building firm and on top of his game.  She’s a part-time beautician and a full time mother to their two sons.

One day their perfect, if unremarkable, life is torn apart when a last minute decision to pop out for a quick drink with a colleague sees Alan step out in front of a passing car.

The resulting accident leaves him  in a deep coma but with remarkably few physical injuries.  Desperately worried about him, Tricia is delighted when he comes round – only to discover  that the man she loved has disappeared.  His behaviour’s changed, he’s lost all of his inhibitions and he veers from angry and frustrated to vulnerable and childlike.  Simple tasks like making toast and getting dressed are beyond him, he’s unable to hold down the job he loves and he plays and laughs with his sons as if he’s a teenager.

Alan’s behaviour puts his relationship with Tricia under intolerable pressure as she realises that the husband she loves is in there somewhere – she just has to try and find him.

The Friday Night Project
The Friday Night Project was recorded last night and the photos above show David as the Doctor's new assistant!
As well as taking part in the spoof version of Doctor Who, David will be presenting the show, taking part in a Q&A session and generally joining in the fun and games!
The Friday Night Project is on tonight at 23:05pm on Channel 4.
There will be a live chat in the forum during transmission.
BBC Podcast
The latest BBC Radio 1 podcast has an exclusive chat with David about the new series of Doctor Who: "He's got quite a Arnold Schwarzenegger chest - which obviously they took from a cast from my own body."
Click here to listen.
Site Updates!
04/01/2007, 17:11pm GMT
The Doctor & Martha Get Set For Their Travels
Click pic to enlarge!
The first official photo of the Doctor and his new comapanion Martha in the TARDIS has been released by the BBC.
Freema Agyeman will play medical student Martha Jones and will join the Doctor on his adventures in the new series of the show later this year.
Freema told the BBC "It's such an incredible thrill to step inside the Tardis and to be part of such an iconic show. I just hope that I'll be a good companion for the Doctor!"
The photo is also featured on the front cover of the new issue of DWM.
Click here to view a scan of the cover.
  • To find out more about Martha Jones and the new series of Doctor Who click here.
New Wallpapers!
800x600 | 1024x768                     800x600 | 1024x768
Above are a couple of exclusive new wallpapers of the Doctor and Martha. Simply click on the size of wallpaper you require, wait for the image to load, then right click and select Set As Desktop Background.
New Merchandise
There is lots of new Doctor Who merchandise available now and more being released in the next few months.
There's the new Doctor and Martha novels, an illustrated dictionary, and a new activity book called Time Lord In Training for the younger fans.
There are also 12" figures of the Ood and the Clockwork Droid being released this month.
You can purchase these, and browse our new homeware and school shop sections, in our shop here!
Site Updates!
03/01/2007, 16:27pm GMT
Who's In Who's Who?!
Having vanquished Daleks and defended the Earth from an alien invasion the Time Lord has now been rewarded for his efforts. Actor David Tennant, who's played the lead role in hit TV series Dr Who since 2005, has been included in this year's edition of Who's Who.
He enters the compilation of 33,000 "noteworthy and influential" people under his real name, David John McDonald.