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March 2007

Site Updates!
Last Update 31/03/2007, 17:30pm BST
The Weakest Link
The Doctor Who Weakest Link Special managed to draw in 5.7 million viewers last night easily beating it's rivals in the same time slot.
Fans in Scotland who didn't get to see the show may be interested to know that it is available via Virgin's On Demand sevice.
New Photos
The Weakest Link
MSN Interview
One Water Photo Shoot
DWA #26
Another big photo update for you today, including caps from last night's fantastic Weakest Link and a promo shoot for One Water.
If you want to find out more about One Water visit

Freema Fantastic!
David has revealed that he is confident about Freema Agyeman becoming a hit with Doctor Who fans. She's already won us over!
He promises that Freema is "brilliant" and added that her character Martha Jones's instant crush on the Doctor will spice up the show.
"Freema is absolutely brilliant. She's pretty much hit the ground running," David tells today's Daily Star. "She has been so assured from day one that really there wasn't a second of worry. She's brilliant.
"I suppose you could say Martha's a bit more honest about what she is feeling than Rose ever was. But it's good because it's a format that's essentially static, so you've got to keep finding ways of looking at it from a different angle. I think the relationship between the Doctor and Martha is just different enough to move the story on."
The Fanzine
The Fanzine will be retuning next month and we would like your contributions in now.
We're particularly interested in any Doctor/Martha fan art you may have.
Perhaps you would like to send us a letter about your Doctor Who collection..maybe you have met David and want to share your photos? may even just have some avatars or fan art that you would like a wider audience to see. Well now's your chance because we will be publishing our favourites on the site! So if you have something you want to share with other fans email us at before Thursday 5th April.
David Meets Fearne And Reggie
David was on Radio 1 again this morning, this time chatting to Fearne Cotton and Reggie Yates. If You missed it you can listen to it agan via ther website here.
BBC Radio Wales
At 1.05pm today, Julian Carey meets new girl Martha Jones and talks to David Tennant and series supremo Russell T Davies.
Listen live or use the listen again facility here.
Two Worlds Will Collide
Something is supposed to be happening today isn't it?
Oh yes! How could we forget, it's the moment we have all been eagerly anticipating since last July! The Doctor is back and with him he brings us a brilliant new companion in the shape of the lovely Martha Jones and 13 weeks of pure televisual joy! So sit back and enjoy the ride which all kicks off on BBC One at 7pm!
Doctor Who Confidential
And don't forget that there is a brand new series of Doctor Who Confidential starting on BBC Three straight after Doctor Who!
We have details of the first two episodes:
Episode 1: Meet Martha Jones
He's back, she's new and there's a whole galaxy of things to know about David Tennant and Freema Agyeman alias the Doctor and Martha.
Episode 2: Stage Fright
With extensive footage both in the studio and on location at London's Globe Theatre, this episode shows how the journey to Elizabethan England was created.
The Shakespeare Code & Gridlock Press Releases
The BBC Press Office have released the following details about episodes two and three of the new series of Doctor Who...just when we thought things couldn't possibly get any more exciting!
07/04/2007 The Shakespeare Code:
For Martha's first trip in the Tardis, the Doctor takes her back in time, to Elizabethan England, as the third series of Russell T Davies's Doctor Who continues. When they find William Shakespeare under the control of deadly witch-like creatures, they must battle forces from the dawn of the universe to stop history being changed for ever.
More updates will take place throughout the day.
16/04/2007 Gridlock:
The Doctor takes Martha to the planet New Earth, in the far future, as the third series of Russell T Davies's Doctor Who continues. But when they find the streets being ruled by the sinister Pharamacists, they must brave the ordeal of the mysterious Motorway in order to discover the terrible secret at the heart of the city.
Live Chat
Don't forget that we will be having our usual after episode live chat on the forum.
It will start directly after Doctor Who Confidential finshes on BBC Three at 8:20pm and will give you the chance to chat about the show with other fans.
Newsround Review
Newsround presenter Lizo has already seen Smith and Jones at the press launch and has writen his review of it. If you really can't bare to wait the 12 hours until you can see it for yourself you can read it online here.
Site Updates!
30/03/2007, 17:39pm BST
New Interviews
We have a couple of new interviews with David in the Interviews section today including a smashing article from The Times. Check them out here.
New Photos
The Graham Norton Show
Screen caps from David's appearances on Dead Ringers and The Graham Norton Show have now been added.
Don't forget that you can see an extended version of The Graham Norton Show this Sunday on BBC Two at 22:30pm.
MSN Video Interview
MSN have an exclusive video interview with David as well as lots of other Doctor Who goodies here. There will be a further part to the interview up tomorrow.
Listen To David And Freema On Podcast
One To Listen To
David Tennant and Freema Agyeman have been chatting to Natalie Jamieson (pictured with David) about the new series of Doctor who in the latest BBC Radio 1 Entertainment News podcast. The half an hour of celebrity interviews, are available to download now and also feature chat from Comic Relief Doctor Rowan Atkinson. Click here to listen.
Blackpool Welcomes David Back With Open Arms

As we previously reported, last month, David will be turning on the Blackpool Illuminations on 31st August, and it seems the people from Blackpool couldn't be happier!
Jackie Potter, Strategic Director, Tourism and Regeneration said: "We are absolutely delighted that David Tennant has accepted our invitation to switch on the Lights on Friday 31 August 2007.
"Blackpool's Switch On celebrations are enjoyed by a huge family audience and we are sure this will be a popular choice.
"The free concert during which he will throw the switch marks the start of Blackpool's Big Switch On Weekend.
"We hope that thousands of fans of David, and of Blackpool, will join us in the celebrations and that they stay to enjoy all the free events Blackpool will be hosting throughout the weekend and indeed during the Illuminations Season."
David Smashes Up The TARDIS?!
Freema Agyeman has been telling What's On TV some backstage secrets: "David loves getting up to mischief and he's always breaking things off the TARDIS. We'll be in the middle of this dramatic scene and he'll reach to grab a lever or something and it will snap off in his hand.   We did this scene once when he had to throw the sonic screwdriver to me, but I dropped it, and it broke. We then spent ages arguing about whose fault it was!"

Site Updates!
29/03/2007, 16:05pm GMT
Doctor Who BBCi Trailer
There is currently a preview trailer for the new series of Doctor Who running on a loop on the BBCi service. Many clips from episodes such as Human Nature, Utopia and The Sound Of Drums are shown.
The trailer can be watched on Sky Digital, Virgin Media and Freeview.
If you are a Freeview user and are experiencing trouble simply tune your box to channel 302.
The Graham Norton Show
As you know David will be appearing on The Graham Norton Show tonight on BBC Two at 22:00pm.
David chats about the new series of Doctor Who and reveals some behind the scenes secrets:
"We get very competitive about farting in the tardis..." David jokes, "...farting before performing is a kind of exorcism. John feels the same way ... it's our Glasgow heritage. Freema really didn't like it, which spurred us on."

"Seriously though, it's the best job in the world, I'm having a ball. It's a big responsibility, people are very enthusiastic about it, and that can be a bit of an undertaking."

And as for the rumoured Doctor nuptials, David says: "It's very difficult to answer – he doesn't not get married."

Graham also welcomes to the show comedienne Jo Brand, who joins David in reminiscing about their separate exploits for this year's Comic Relief.

David, who had a walk-on as part of the audience in The Proclaimers' video, reveals he didn't actually meet his favourite group on the day – "Matt Lucas knew I was a big Proclaimers fan ... I didn't really know what I was turning up for and it was an interesting collection of people ... but the band had been and gone by the time I arrived.

"I was devastated, so tonight I'm a bit over-excited..." – and proceeds to meet his musical heroes on the show when The Proclaimers perform their number one hit I'm Gonna Be 500 Miles.

Site Updates!
28/03/2007, 17:40pm GMT
Listen Again: Radio Gaga
David was a guest on Chris Moyles' Radio 1 show this morning and you can listen to a special message that David recorded for the show's blog as well as the whole interview again here.
David was also on the Steve Wright show on BBC Radio 2 this afternoon to chat about Doctor Who. He also spoke briefly about his new project "Einstein and Eddington". You can now listen to the interview again here.
The News Stand
Click a pic to enlarge!
David and Freema are featured on the cover of yet more magazines this week, as they grace the cover of both TV&Satellite Week and Total TV Guide. They are also featured in What's On TV and TV Times.
And don't forget the 14 page Radio Times exclusive!
Plus there will be an exclusive inteview and set report in The Times this Friday.
Doctor David Is The Coolest Person On TV
David has been voted the coolest person on TV in a poll carried out by Radio Times magazine's website.
Over 4,000 people took part in the poll and voted for who they thought was the coolest TV character or personality ever and David's portrayal of the Doctor topped the list!
Radio Times deputy TV editor David Butcher said: "David Tennant is so hugely popular as the Doctor - he looks like becoming a bit of an icon.
The poll results are as follows:
  1. The Doctor in Doctor Who (David Tennant)
  2. Jack Bauer in 24 (Kiefer Sutherland)
  3. The Fonz in Happy Days (Henry Winkler)
  4.  Mr Darcy in Pride and Prejudice (Colin Firth)
  5. Cat in Red Dwarf (Danny John-Jules)
  6. DCI Gene Hunt in Life On Mars (Philip Glenister)
  7. Dermot O'Leary
  8. Columbo (Peter Falk)
  9. Dylan in The Magic Roundabout
  10. Sawyer in Lost (Josh Holloway)

David A New National Treasure?

The Telegraph are today pondering the fact that Sir Elton John has been crowned "A National Treasure" and are wondering which other famous faces might follow in his foot steps and be worthy of the title or indeed be more worthy of the title. They have come up with a list of nominees they think are the real National Treasures and David is on there alongside his former co star Billie Piper. They say: He brought a new edgy humour to the elderly Dr Who format. His native Scots distrust of 'going over the top' will keep him accessible and his smart sexiness makes him a long term treasure. Read the article online here.

David Unable To Attend Script Auction
David was unable to attend the auction of The Satan Pit script due to prior work commitments.
New Look For BBC Site
The BBC Doctor Who site has had a fab Smith and Jones make over!
Click here to check it out.
Doctor Who Adventures Magazine
Click pic to enlarge!
Be prepared for the return of Doctor Who with the exciting new issue of Doctor Who Adventures.

Inside, there’s a sneak preview of the first two episodes – Smith and Jones and The Shakespeare Code. There are loads of new pictures, so look out for Judoon and some very sinister witches…

Also this issue:

* Monsters – meet the moody Adherents of the Repeated Meme.
* Comic strip – there’s a new adventure for the Doctor aboard a futuristic space station. What evil menace is hiding there?
* Win – we’ve got part two of our life-size Dalek Sec competition. And if you missed part one, you can still enter by collecting the bonus token printed in issue 27.
* Adventure Guide – there’s all you need to know about the day the Doctor met Donna in The Runaway Bride.
* Make a mask – wind your self up and put a Clockwork Robot mask on your head!
* Picture puzzle – prepare for mayhem at a New Earth hospital.
* Quiz – are you a Who expert? Take our quiz to find out.
* Posters – fantastic pictures of the Beast, the Doctor, Martha and Donna.
* PLUS more things to win, more puzzles and your Doctor Who questions answered.

This issue comes with three free gifts. You get a great Doctor Who folder, a set of felt-tip pens and a choice of two different sketch pads – either a sonic screwdriver pad or a TARDIS one.

Doctor Who Adventures Issue 26 is out on Thursday 29 March. Don’t miss it!
Site Updates!
27/03/2007, 20:29pm GMT
Smith and Jones Preview On Blue Peter
The absolutely lovely Freema Agyeman, Martha Jones in Doctor Who, was a guest on Blue Peter this afternoon. They showed some previously unseen clips from Smith and Jones, including one where Martha realises that all is not what it seems after discovering that Mr Smith has two hearts!
A Mug's Game Clips
Thanks to Bex from we have some clips of David in A Mug's Game.
He played Gavin Chambers, a posh music student auditioning for music school.
Right click over the links above and select 'save target as' to watch the clips. You will need Quick Time Media to play the clips.
New Projects
David will be working on some new projects during his break in filming Doctor Who.
Cheerful Weather For The Wedding will see him team up with The Devil Wears Prada actress Emily Blunt in an adaptation of the 1930's novel by Julia Strachey. It tells the tale of a woman from a dysfunctional family who is marrying the wrong man.
He has also signed to appear as Sir Arthur Eddington in a BBC and HBO Films collaboration called Einstein and Eddington.
British scientist Sir Arthur Eddington (Tennant) was one of the most prominent astrophysicists in the first decades of the 20th century and the first physicist who understood Einstein's ideas of relativity.
Einstein and Eddington kept a correspondence while their countries squared off in World War I. Because of the military conflict, no new developments in German science were being made known to the rest of the world. So it was Eddington's 1920 article, which offered proof of the relativity theory of gravitation using data from the 1919 solar eclipse, that introduced Einstein's theory of general relativity to the English-speaking world.
"Einstein and Eddington" was written by Peter Moffat, with Philip Martin set to direct. The two worked together on "Hawking," the BBC's 2004 biopic of Stephen Hawking, who is considered the greatest mind in physics since Einstein and took Einstein's general relativity theory one step further, unifying it with quantum theory. 
Final Doctor Who Episode Titles Revealed
The final unknown episode titles from the third series of Doctor Who have now been revealed. The running order is as follows:
  1. Smith and Jones
  2. The Shakespeare Code
  3. Gridlock
  4. Daleks In Manhattan
  5. Evolution Of The Daleks
  6. The Lazarus Experiment
  7. 42
  8. Human Nature
  9. The Family Of Blood
  10. Blink
  11. Utopia
  12. The Sound Of Drums
  13. The Last Of The Time Lords
David To Attend Script Auction
David will be attending the auction of his signed Satan Pit script tomorrow at John Nicholson Auctioneers in Surrey.
The auction will be filmed for the ITV show Dickinson's Real Deals.
There is a reserve price of 1,000 on the item but it is expected to fetch between 3,000 and 5,000.
The Graham Norton Show
David will be a guest on this Thursday's Graham Norton Show on BBC Two at 22:00pm.
To keep up to date with all of David's appearances visit the diary.
Site Updates!
26/03/2007, 17:00pm GMT
Radio Times Collectable Covers
Click a pic to enlarge!
Radio Times, out Tuesday 27 March, is the only place to find an exclusive Doctor Who 16-page new series special including interviews with David Tennant and his new companion, and exclusive information on the new monsters plus a complete episode guide by Russell T Davies.  Plus two collectors edition covers!
Many thanks to Radio Times for the info.
Site Updates!
25/03/2007, 22:03pm GMT
500 Miles At No.1
The Comic Relief single (I'm Gonna Be) 500 Miles that features a cameo from David in the video has shot straight to No.1 in the UK Singles Chart.
To download the track click here. All downloads will raise money towards Comic Relief.
Dead Ringers
David will be appearing as a guest on the comedy/impressionist show Dead Ringers at 21:30pm on BBC2 on Thursday 29th March.
Fearne & Reggie Rescheduled
David's chat with Fearne Cotton and Reggie Yates on their Radio 1 show, Fearne & Reggie, has been rescheduled for Saturday 31st March.
Smith and Jones Wallpapers
We have added some wallpapers to the Smith and Jones section here.
Sunday Telegraph Seven TV Guide
Click pic to enlarge!
David and Freema Agyeman are the cover stars of the latest edition of The Telegraph's Seven TV Guide.
Scotland On Sunday
There is an article about David in today's edition of Scotland On Sunday. You can read it online here.
The Birthday Book Project
Don't forget that you only have until Saturday 31st March to post a message for David's Birthday Book.
Click here for more details.
Mag Stand
Radio Times have more treats in store for readers with their extensive Doctor Who coverage continuing in their latest issue due out on Tuesday 27th March.
SFX are releasing a Doctor Who Special on Wednesday 28th March it will have news and gossip from the 2007 series of the show as well as episode guides for the 2005 and 2006 series and Torchwood.
Then their new issue is due out on Wednesday 11th April and will have the new Official Doctor Who Sticker Collection album as a free gift!
Doctor Who Magazine has been put back a week, it will now be published on Thursday 5th April. It will be worth the wait though because as usual it will be packed with news, pics and info on the new series.
Site Updates!
24/03/2007, 16:59pm GMT
The Doctor & Martha On You Tube
The Doctor and Martha get close - what could this mean?
Well you can try and work it out by watching an excluive clip courtesy of the BBC on You Tube here.
Photo Updates
We have some fantastic new photos of David from the Doctor Who press launch courtesy of Brian Jordan.
We have also capped David's interview with Newsround and The One Water advert, as televised.
Doctor Who Press Launch
One Water TV Advert
Site Updates!
23/03/2007, 13:54pm GMT
Smith and Jones Previews In Wales
If you're a Doctor Who fan and you're in Wales then you could be watching a preview of Smith and Jones!
The first epsode of the new series will be exclusively screened on Saturday, 31 March at 10.30am at a number of venues across the principality.
Tickets are available on a first come, first served basis from 9am on Monday, March 26 by calling 08703 667 887 (Calls from a BT line cost up to 8p per minute. Some operators and mobiles vary and calls may be recorded for training). Tickets will not be available before this date.
BBC Radio Wales and BBC Radio Cymru will also be giving listeners the chance to win a ticket when a small number are released as competition prizes
The Venues are:
Odeon cinema in Cardiff, Swansea and Wrexham
Aberystwyth Arts Centre, Aberystwyth
Neuadd Dwyfor, Pwllheli
Press Launch Update
The press continue to report on Wednesday's launch with a fantastic look at the Q&A session courtesy of The Stage:

RTD: Hello, I’m Nadine Baggott! (to DT, explaining who she is) She minces on about moisturiser.

RTD: We’re not going to answer any questions about Series 4… if you do [ask], I’ll come down there and slap you!

Question: Does the Doctor get married in Series 3?
DT (pondering the question): Yeeess…
RTD: All suspense, gone…
DT: He doesn’t not… That’s actually quite a difficult question to give you a truthful answer to.
RTD: Where’s Jessica Stevenson? (scans audience) She didn’t turn up!

Sam (Jo Whiley’s son): Did Yvonne Hartman [played by Tracy Ann Oberman] get sucked into the void?
DT: Let’s ask her!
TAO: I got turned into a Cyberperson. Although, frankly, Russell, listen…
RTD: For the rest of your life!
DT: Would you like to see her again? Well, she’s on the Weakest Link on Friday!
RTD: She’s too posh now, she’s got a column in the Guardian and everything! How to lose weight after having a baby. I follow it religiously.

RTD, to Daily Star reporter: The man who invented ‘Britney Spears is going to be in Doctor Who as a sex mad clone’. Were you bored that day, Peter? What was going on? You just made it up, didn’t you!
Star reporter: On a very serious note — David and Freema, when you had to kiss, did either of you slip the tongue in?

Jonathan Ross: You know, watching on the big screen with the sound, I thought, this has got to be a movie. It’d be great to have a Doctor Who film. Have you got any plans?
RTD: There are, er, we really haven’t got hours in the day to— I haven’t even got time for breakfast, let alone anything else. One day! One day, and it will be brilliant. But you know, we say that and then they come along and they say…
DT: “It’s got to have Britney Spears in it!”
RTD: And it would become a piece of trash…
DT: Not that we wouldn’t love to have Britney Spears in Doctor Who. I just want to slip that in.
RTD: As a good, bald alien… (to Ross) Give us the money, then. You’ve got it!
JR: I’m funding the Primeval movie.
RTD: ITV’s answer to Doctor Who!… We’re the BBC’s answer to Primeval!

South Wales Echo: What’s the best thing about filming in South Wales?

Young boy: When are you going to go to the 1980s?
RTD: I never left!

Boy: Are you ever going to go back in time and meet Jesus?
RTD: Every year I hand that script in, every year… and he’s gay!

They also have a fantastic podcast from the night here.

Meanwhile The Daily Star say that the episode one monsters, the Judoon and the evil  Plasmavore, were too scary for kids at the launch of the show with children including Radio 1 DJ Jo Whiley's kids fleeing in terror. Jo admitted "We lasted ten minutes, the kids were terrified." Also at the bash were Catherine Tate and Tracy-Ann Oberman.

David spoke to DigitalSpy at the launch and told them that he would be up for the idea of past Doctor's appearing with him in a future episode:

 "Sure... it's a lovely idea, but I just don't know about the practicalities of it, really. It's one of those shows and because it goes on for a long time it has this history. It gets tougher though... as the years move on," Tennant continued. "Let's be honest, we've lost three, unfortunately," he added, referring to the fact that William Hartnell, Patrick Troughton and Jon Pertwee - the first three actors to play the role - have all passed away.

David reminisced about the impact such a reunion show had on him as a young fan, specifically the 1983 90-minute special: "I remember as a kid 'The Five Doctors' being the most important thing that had ever happened, so it's a nice idea. I just don't know if practically we could make it happen again."

You can also watch David and Freema chatting to BBC news online here.
Site Updates!
22/03/2007, 15:07pm GMT
The Doctor Who Series Three Launch
This report contains spoilers!!!
As you all know it was the launch of Series Three of Doctor Who last night.
The launch took place in London where press and celebs were invited to get the very first look at the Doctor and Martha on their adventures.
They were shown two episodes, Smith and Jones and The Shakespeare Code.
We have a collection of articles and reviews, but do be warned not to read them if you don't want to know too much about the first two episodes of the series.

David and his co star Freema Agyeman both attended and spent alot of time chatting to TV and Press about the new series.

David spoke about playing the Doctor, he said: "It is unlike anything else, Doctor Who, it does get a level of analysis unlike pretty much any other acting job I can think of, except maybe James Bond."

And when asked whether he would be staying for the now officially confirmed fourth series of the show he said "The first question I got asked was when are you leaving, I mean it's mental the amount of attention that gets. I think one learns from Tony Blair not to announce your resignation until it's imminent."

And there are a few challenges for the doctor...

"There are a few emotional rolleroasters for the Doctor in this series, probably more than we've seen before and I think that might surprise a few people, but it's good, in a way the character of the Doctor must always stay the same, so it's quite nice to just nudge that and play with it."

There's also a mysterious newcomer to watch out for....Mr Saxon.

David says: "Yeah the mysterious Mr Saxon, who we learn little bits about all the way through the series and at the very end we find that he's played by John Simm, from Life On Mars and many other things, and he's more than a match for the Doctor in a way that the Doctor never even thought could be possible."


One particular scene of Smith and Jones certainly grabbed the attention of everyone at the screening. The Doctor and his new travelling companion Martha sharing a 'kiss' which is in fact a genetic transfer.  But there is romance for the Doctor in later episodes, which may leave Martha feeling a tad jealous. The Doctor is said to be seen getting married in a flash back sequence. David says "Yes. He gets married. Well, he doesn't not. Actually, it's quite difficult to answer that question truthfully."

Photo Updates
Press Launch
New Publicity Stills
Smith and Jones
BBC Breakfast News
New Trailer

Site Updates!
21/03/2007, 12:07pm GMT
The Countdown Hots Up
Click the pic to enlarge!
The countdown to the new series of Doctor Who is hotting up with only 10 days to go until it hits our screens!
The Official BBC Doctor Who Site has a fabulous new home page in which you get a glimpse at some of the exciting places the Doctor and Martha will be visiting! Click here to view it.
The official press launch takes place in London tonight and we should have some news from that tomorrow. It's all getting very exciting indeed!
BBC 7 To Air Double Income No Kids Yet
BBC 7 will begin airing the sit-com Double Income No Kids Yet from Sunday 25th March at 11:30am repeated the same day at 21:30pm
David plays the lead role of Daniel in this show, which originally aired on BBC Radio 4 in 2001.
Watch Clips From The Weakest Link
Weakest Link Special
The Doctor Who website has some exciting clips from the Doctor Who Weakest Link special.
The show will be aired on Friday 30th March at 20:30pm on BBC One.
Comic Relief DVD Sets Record
BBC News are reporting that the Catherine Tate Comic Relief DVD featuring David is selling record numbers!
The DVD which is sold exlusively via had a surge of orders whilst the show was being aired, with thousands of people reserving a copy for it's 16th April release date.
"We saw a surge of demand for the DVD on Friday night whilst the sketches were being shown on BBC One," said Amazon's Rakhi Parekh.
"If sales continue at this rate, this may well be our biggest-selling DVD of all time."
Site Updates!
20/03/2007, 16:53pm GMT
World Water Day
Thursday 22nd March is World Water Day and David has taken part in a new advert for One water.
One billion people in the world don’t have access to clean water and two million people die each year as a result of water related diseases, but there is a simple way that you can contribute.
Simply buy a bottle of One water – all their profits, every last drop, go to building unique PlayPump™ water pumping systems overseas which will improve people’s lives by providing free, clean water.
  • To find out more about One water, World Water Day and the work they do and to watch David in the advert visit their official site here.
Totally Doctor Who
Totally Doctor Who, the magazine style show for younger fans of the Doctor is returning to our screens on Monday 2nd April 2007 at 17:00pm and they need young fans to help make the show bigger and better than ever before! They say:
If you're into Doctor Who we want to hear from you. If you're good at drawing Doctor Who monsters or maybe even writing stories of your own; perhaps you've made your own Doctor Who costume or you think your cat could be a new Doctor Who enemy! Whatever it is, if it's about Doctor Who we want to hear it, see it, show it.
  • If you are keen to get involved visit their official site here.
Get Your Tickets Now!
As you will have read on here yesterday David and Catherine Tate are taking part in the BBC Radio 4 show Chain Reaction and you could be at the recording. Well if you want some of the free tickets make sure you apply as soon as possible.
The show will take place at The Duchess Theatre in London on Monday 26th March.
  • You can apply for tickets online here or by calling 0870 9011227.
Photo Update
Scans from SFX and Doctor Who adventures have been added to the gallery.
Site Updates!
19/03/2007, 20:04pm GMT
Get Tickets To See David and Catherine Tate
Catherine Tate will be interviewing David for the BBC Radio 4 show Chain Reaction at the Duchess Theatre in London on Monday 26th March at 19:30pm and you could be at the recording.
All you need to do is call 0870 9011227 or click here to apply for tickets online.
Site Updates!
18/03/2007, 17:13pm GMT
New Trailer Caps
There are two versions of the new trailer currently airing across the BBC channels. One is a 40 seconds the other 20 seconds.
We have caps from both of them here. There are some spoilers.
David Meets Fearne And Reggie
David will be chatting to Radio 1 presenters Fearne Cotton and Reggie Yates in a special show on Saturday 24th March 2007 from 07:00am.
  • Check the diary for full details of all TV, Radio and Appearance dates.

Who Is The Weakest Link?

The Doctor Who Weakest Link Special is due to be screened on Friday 30th March 2007 at 20:30pm on BBC One.

Site Updates!
17/03/2007, 15:19pm GMT
New Doctor Who Trailer This Weekend
A new trailer for the new series of Doctor Who will air this weekend. It features the Doctor and Martha and previews some clips from the new episodes.
  • Watch the trailer via the BBC Doctor Who site here.
Comic Relief Screen Caps
We have added lots of screen caps from Comic Relief including the Catherine Tate Sketch, The 500 Miles video and David in the studio.
Comic Relief Update
Well the big night may be over but that doesn't mean that you can't still help!
David has been involved in lots of Comic Relief projects this year and there are lots of ways that you can help and get your hands on some great goodies at the same time!
Buy The Catherine Tate Comic Relief DVD!
David appeared as a teacher in a hilarious new sketch with Catherine Tate's character Lauren. You can now buy this on DVD along with Catherine's other sketches from the night which include other special guests such as Daniel Craig and Tony Blair!
  • Click here to purchase the DVD.
Buy (I'm Gonna Be) 500 Miles Single!
You probably also managed to see David in the video for the new Comic Relief single by Peter Kay, Matt Lucas and The Proclaimers.
You can download the track from the official Red Nose Day site now and it will be available in shops on Monday 19th March 2007.
  • Click here to download the track.
Buy A Red Nose!
Don't forget that you can still buy a red nose online via the official Red Nose Day site. You might even find a chocolate featuring the Doctor inside!
  • Click here to buy a Red Nose.
All money raised from the sale of these items goes to Comic Relief.
  • And if you would rather just donate some money straight to the charity then visit
Site Updates!
16/03/2007, 16:29pm GMT
Red Nose Day, Friday 16 March
To Donate on the phone call 08457 910910
Click the pic to enlarge!
Comic Relief - The Big One from 19:00pm on BBC One Tonight!
We hope that you are all getting into the spirit of things for this year's Red Nose Day and are suitably nosed!
If you still haven't got your red nose don't worry because you can buy one via the official Comic Relief website here.
Don't forget that you can see the sketch that David has done with the fabulous Catherine Tate on the show tonight. It is due to be shown between 20:00pm and 20:30pm but as with all live shows this is subject to change.
We are also hoping for the premiere of the new Peter Kay & Matt Lucas video for the new single 500 Miles, which also features a cameo from David so fingers crossed for that one.
Comic Relief Wallpapers
800x600 | 1024x768                       800x600 | 1024x768
What you can look forward to tonight!

This year will see the biggest roll call of top presenters ever! Jonathan Ross, Russell Brand, Lenny Henry, Davina McCall, Graham Norton, Chris Evans, Paul O'Grady, Fearne Cotton and Kate Thornton will be beaming live into your living room on a night guaranteed to keep you glued to your couch.

You can see Kate Moss make an appearance as Vicky Pollard's sister in Comic Relief Does Little Britain Live and Dennis Waterman finally meets his mini version and gets to sing the theme tune!

You'll be wiping away the tears of laughter and sadness when Dawn French dons the collar one final time, and it really is the last one, in a special Vicar Of Dibley written by Richard Curtis and featuring an A-list visitor to the village – the one and only Sting.

Richard Curtis also got behind the camera to film a brand new Mr Bean sketch especially for the Big One. This time the loveable yet clumsy Bean finds himself at the wedding of an unsuspecting couple played by Michelle Ryan and Matthew MacFadyen. Expect mishaps and mayhem as well as a very angry father of the bride played by David Haig.

Catherine Tate has teamed up with Lenny Henry and Doctor Who star David Tennant as well as some other surprise guests for some un-missable new sketches.

Of course it wouldn't be Red Nose Day without some of your favourite TV shows getting the Comic Relief treatment.

Tune in to see the conclusion of Comic Relief Does The Apprentice – two teams will be battling it out in a Sir Alan Sugar style girls v boys showdown.

Doing their very best not to be fired or even get torn off a strip in the boardroom will be Cheryl Cole, Rupert Everett, Maureen Lipman, Jo Brand, Ross Kemp, Trinny Woodall, Alastair Campbell, Karren Brady, Piers Morgan and Danny Baker.

The two hottest girl bands on the planet have teamed up for this year's official Red Nose Day single. Sugababes and Girls Aloud will be releasing their version of the Run DMC/ Aerosmith classic Walk This Way. Expect an electrifying performance from the girls on the night!

Comic Relief Does Fame Academy is back by popular demand and only two celebrities will be left standing and rasping to battle it out and follow in Edith Bowman's footsteps to win the viewers' votes, raise some cash and be crowned champion.

Presenters Patrick Kielty and Claudia Winkleman will be on hand to protect them from the judges' comments. Sparks and microphones will fly...

Harry Hill will provide us with a special Comic Relief themed TV Burp, Armando Ianucci presents his worst moments from Comic Relief while Simon Pegg and Nick Frost present their favourite Red Nose Day clips.

The Mighty Boosh bring their own brand of anarchic humour live to the Comic Relief studio, and Mitchell and Webb will also treat us to two live versions of popular sketches from their hit BBC Two show.

Tune in for a very special surprise from Peter Kay, plus see Ricky Gervais as you've never seen him before.

There will be some new Creature Comforts from Aardman Animations who have also teamed up with cutting-edge comic Marc Wooton to create an exclusive new character.

Tim Westwood and the crew of MTV's hit show Pimp My Ride UK, made a special pit stop to surprise the elderly ladies of Leek, Staffordshire, with news that their shabby, rust-encrusted mini-bus was to be pimped. Tune into the show to see the result of all their hard work.

The Big One will also feature the biggest names in music.

Two of the greatest bands in the world today - Take That and The Killers - will perform live.

There will also be special reports from Billy Connolly and Ant & Dec.

During the night viewers will also see how their money has helped Comic Relief make a real difference to vulnerable people in the UK and Africa.

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15/03/2007, 15:10pm GMT
Comic Relief DVD
The Catherine Tate Comic Relief sketch featuring David will be released on a special DVD to raise money for the charity.
It is exclusive to Amazon and will be released on 9th April 2007.
You can pre order it for just 5.00 via our shop here.
Recovery DVD
Thanks for all your emails enquiring whether Recovery will be available on DVD anytime soon.
Unfortunately there are no plans to release Recovery at the moment but if that does change we will let you know.
Site Updates!
14/03/2007, 16:00pm GMT
Doctor Who Press Launch
The press launch for series three of Doctor Who will take place at The Mayfair Hotel in London on Wednesday 21st March.
David will be attending as will his new co star Freema Agyeman and Russell T Davies.
It will be the first screening of the first episode Smith and Jones to the UK press.
Newsround Report
The latest edition of the CBBC Newsround Blog has some news on David after their presenter, Lizo, bumped into him whilst filming some episodes of Doctor Who Confidential. He says:
Another fab thing about working at the BBC's TV studios is that you bump into all sorts of interesting people. And this afternoon I was on my way to get a late lunch when I spotted David Tennant - Dr Who himself - being interviewed by a TV crew.

Despite being one of the famous faces on TV, David's always really friendly and he bounded over to say hello. And we had a quick chat about the new series.

He also gave away a few snippets about what he was doing here. He was filming for the fab behind the scenes show Dr Who Confidential which comes on BBC3 straight after each episode. In fact, he was doing the whole episode himself - and it was all about the 10th story in the new series which is called Blink.

The team filming with David, from the camera crew to the boss, Gillane, were all really great as well - I love chatting to fellow Dr Who fans. I tried to overhear a bit of what David was talking about during the filming, but could only catch a few snippets. Which I'd better not repeat here.

David's been filming since last summer, and revealed that filming will finally finish at the end of this week. But he did promise me that series 3 will be 'bigger and better than ever'.

  • Read the rest of Lizo's blog here.

Signed Script Up For Auction

David's personal script from the Doctor Who series 2 episode, The Satan Pit, is going to auction on Wednesday 28th March. It has been signed by David, Billie Piper and Russell T Davies and all proceeds will go to charity (the PTA of David's Godson's primary school). The auction wll take place at the John Nicholson Auction Rooms in Surrey.

There is a reserve price of 1,000 on this item. The lot number is 421 and it is expected to appear at approx 12:00pm to 12:30pm

Members of the public are invited to attend.

Details of the Auctioneer are as follows:

John Nicholson Auctioneers
The Auction Rooms,
Midhurst Road,
GU27 3HA

Tel: 01428 653727
Trailer Caps
We have added a few more screen caps from the new Doctor Who trailers to the gallery.
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13/03/2007, 17:24pm GMT
New Photos
We have a couple of new portrait shoots that David has done recently for you today. Click on the links above to view them in full.
Radio Wales Q&A
Radio Wales want your questions to ask the cast and crew of doctor Who for a show. They say:

Radio Wales' totally Doctor Who show Doctor Who Back In Time will return on Saturday 30 March, with 'New Rose' a special thirty-minute episode previewing season three of Doctor Who and focussing on his new companion Martha Jones.

There will be another programme looking at the unique Welsh contribution to the show and the effect Doctor Who has on Wales through boosting the local economy and offering opportunities to Welsh talent. The final show of the run will be Interrogation where the fans set the questions.

Doctor Who Back In Time wants your help to make the next series. We want your questions for the cast and crew for a special one-off programme called Interrogation, where the fans take over and get to ask all the things you've always wanted to ask about Doctor Who.

You can quiz David Tennant, Russell T Davies, the stunt men, the people who make the monsters, the special effects team... anyone you like.

All we need you to do is to email us your question, tell us who you want to answer it and then leave your name and address and a contact email. If you are one of the lucky inquisitors selected we'll try to record you asking your question and get it answered on air.

  • Click here to submit your questions and find out more!

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12/03/2007, 18:23pm GMT
New Photos
We've added some new photos including some of David and Freema filming scenes from the new series.
Find out more about the new series of Doctor Who here.
Series Three Articles
There are a couple of new articles about Series Three here.
Be warned though they are best avoided if you don't want to know any spoilers!
Rondo Award For Doctor Who
The Girl In The Fireplace scooped the award for Best TV Presentation at the Rondo Awards.
For more information visit their website here.
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11/03/2007, 14:50pm GMT
Two Worlds Will Collide
Click a pic to enlarge!
It's nearly time for the new series of Doctor Who and things are starting to get very exciting now with the new season trailers airing for the first time on BBC One last night.
You can also see the short but sweet ads on  now!
Chocs Away!
Click pic to enlarge!
Don't forget to get your red nose ready for Friday's Comic Relief! And anyone who buys one is in for a surprise as you get a hidden chocolate square free! The chocolate by Choc Pix reveals a hidden picture when held up to the light and there are six to be found, with 3 characters from Doctor Who to collect. A Cyberman, a Dalek and the Doctor himself. A Comic Relief spokesman revealed "The chocolate with David on is by far the most popular."
Buy them in Sainsburys, Oxfam or online at
Creatures And Demons
Click pic to enlarge!
BBC Books have revealed the cover of the forthcoming Doctor Who book Creatures and Demons.
The books is the follow up to the highly successful Aliens and Enemies and Monsters and Villains.
It is published on 10th May 2007 and is availble at a special pre order price from our shop here.
The Doctor And Martha On SFX Cover
Click Pic To Enlarge!
The new issue of SFX (Out Wednesday 14th March) features the Doctor and Martha on the front cover and inside it's packed with Doctor Who new series info!
There's a six page special which includes an interview with Russell T Davies in which he reveals his guide to the new episodes and even your fridge can get a Who makeover thanks to some snazzy free magnets!
Plus there's a Doctor Who SFX Special coming at the end of March!
They're not to be missed!
Doctor Who Adventures
More fun for younger fans is guaranteed  with the new issue of Doctor Who Adventures (Wednesday 14th March) including an exclusive new interview with Freema Agyeman.
“My first day on set was without David Tennant,” says Freema. “It involved walking through corridors and taking notes. Martha had arrived!”

“She’s very independent,” Freema continues. “Martha lives on her own and you get the sense that the Doctor interrupts her life! She’s spent a very long time training to be a doctor herself – and is close to qualifying.”

We find out what it’s like to be the new girl aboard the TARDIS, and ask Freema if she thinks Martha and Rose would get on if they met.

Also this issue:

* Cool competition! – Want to win a life-size Dalek Sec? Don’t miss part one of a special competition to win a brilliant black Dalek!

* Preview – There’s a full preview of the first episode Smith and Jones with exciting photographs from the new adventure.

* Monster facts – Oodles about the frondly aliens called the Ood.

* Comic strip – Will the Doctor escape the hungry plants?

* Make it! – Find out how to build a Dalek dome so you can exterminate your friends.

* Quiz – Discover if you’ve got what it takes to travel in the TARDIS by taking our companion quiz.

* PLUS posters, puzzles and adventure on every page!

This issue comes with a free Dalek or Cyberman camera – choose your favourite monster or collect both! There’s also a bonus wall chart to prepare you for the return of Doctor Who.

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08/03/2007, 14:13pm GMT
New Doctor Who Publicity Still Released
Click pic to enlarge!
The BBC have released this new publicity still of the Doctor and Martha and by the looks of things the new series will be back with a bang! For further info visit
New Comic Relief Photos
We have added some more publicity stills of David from the Comic Relief Catherine Tate sketch.
Comic Relief - The Big One is on Friday 16th March from 19:00pm on BBC One.
The Who Crew
Thank you to everyone who submitted a review to take part in our Who Crew section. We were overwhelmed by the response with over 500 of you entering!
We've been busy over the last few days wading our way through some truly fantastic reviews, they were all of a very high standard, and it was a very difficult decision to make...
So much so that we have decided to have a few more members than we originally intended!
The winners are listed below and will also be emailed later today.
You will be able to read some extracts from their reviews on the site in the next few days.
Male or Female under 13
Fiona Taylor
Lorna Cole
Sophie Taylor
Abigail Taylor
Millie Wiltshire
Male or Female 13 to 20
Rosie Hill
Frankie Eden-Smith
Victoria Tranter
Alex Werra
Emily Cook
Daisy Allen
Rosie Carlisle
Georgia Shippen
Natalie Peaston
Louise Green
Harriet Veale
Katy Mitchell
Becca Walker

Male or Female 20 to 35
Emma Shepherd
Brendan Kennedy
Zoe Brown

Male or Female 35 to 50
Annette Bean
Ruth Waterton
Libby Aldrich

Male or Female 50 and over
Julie Bayman
Pamela Nickless
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06/03/2007, 19:19pm GMT
Red Nose Day!
Click pic to enlarge!
David is pictured, alongside Catherine Tate, on the front cover of the new issue of TV&Satellite Week to publicise their sketch for Comic Relief.
David will be in a scene with Catherine's school girl character Lauren playing her new teacher. It will be shown on Friday 16th March on BBC One from 19:00pm. David and Catherine will be on from 20:00pm.

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04/03/2007, 16:09pm GMT
The 50 Greatest TV Dramas
Doctor Who was voted the 26th greatest televison drama from the past 50 years in last night's C4 show, The 50 Greatest TV Dramas.
The list was voted for by the some of the UK's top TV professionals. David was on hand to offer his insights into some of his favourite dramas including Alan Bennett's Talking Heads and GBH and of course Doctor Who. C4's The Sopranos was voted 1st.
New Issue Of Doctor Who Adventures!
Click the pic to enlarge!
Looking for amazing facts about Doctor Who? Look no further than the latest issue of Doctor Who Adventures.

What’s inside?

* News! A look at a new 13-part animated adventure for the Doctor and Martha
* Monsters! Meet the scary Sycorax, and there’s a fact about the Face of Boe
* Adventure Guide - The Slitheen attack in World War Three
* Comic strip - A brand-new story for the Doctor
* Make it! Wow your friends with a K-9 illusion and your very own Chip mask
* Posters - The Wire, Cybermen and the Sycorax for your bedroom wall
* Win loads of goodies!
* Behind-the-scenes Doctor Who Confidential Extra!

All this plus fun and adventure for Doctor Who fans!

This issue comes with a great mousemat set – and you can choose between a Cyberman or Dalek set! Which one will YOU choose?
Out Now!
Doctor Who Nominated For Bulldog Awards
Doctor Who has been nominated for Best Series and Best Writers in the Televisual 2007 Bulldog Awards. The Awards will take place in May.
Series Three Of Doctor Who To Air In Canada
Canadian fans will be pleased to know that CBC have bought the rights to air the third series of Doctor Who, starring David as the Time Lord. It should air in June 2007.
Thanks to Chris.
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02/03/2007, 17:52pm GMT
GQ Photo Shoot
Click to enlarge a pic!
The above photos are taken from the new GQ shoot.
Many thanks to Sue for the scans.
Who's On You Tube!
Who's on You Tube?
The BBC has struck a deal with YouTube, the web's most popular video sharing website, to showcase a range of news and promotional material from its shows.
Always at the forefront of technology, Doctor Who is represented on the site by two exclusive video diary clips, filmed by the series' stars.
In the first, David Tennant reveals his new costume, whilst in the second, Freema Agyeman talking about the fun of her first day on set.Follow the links below to watch the clips.
The 2007 Birthday Book Project
After the success of our other projects (See the Team Tennant section) we at the forums and would like to invite you to submit items to go into a Birthday Book for David.

We would like to collect general Birthday wishes, fan art, poetry, or maybe even photos or anecdotes of when you met him. Tell us about your Doctor Who collections or anything else that you like!

Please keep it clean - we reserve the right to reject any items we think are unsuitable, which will have to include fanfiction on this occasion - we would like as many people as possible to be able to make a contribution.

If you are sending a poem, drawing etc then please submit your entry to at any time before 5pm on Saturday 31st March 2007.
We will send an email within a few days to confirm that we have accepted it - PLEASE DO NOT SEND MULTIPLE EMAILS either of the same thing, or to ask whether we've received your entry.

Send A Message

If you would just like to send David a message then please leave it in the birthday project section of the forum here.
Please make a new post for each message and don't reply to other peoples messages or chat in there as it will make it more difficult for us to sort them out for printing.
New Recovery Wallpapers
We have uploaded a few new Recovery Wallpapers which you can find here.
Made Of Steel
Don't foget that the first Doctor and Martha book is available now!
Made Of Steel sees the terrifying Cybermen making a comeback and is a must have to get you even more excited about the new series than you already are! You can order it online via our shop for that bargaintastic price of 1.99!
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01/03/2007, 16:00pm GMT
GQ Magazine
David and Freema appear in the current issue (April 07) of GQ Magazine. Out in shops now!