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February 2008

29/02/2008, 16:44pm GMT
Doctor Who Filming Update
February 29 2008 11:42:53.
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David was out and about on location in Cardiff yesterday filming for Doctor Who. Visit the forum to see more photos from fans who attended.
Image Archive Update
February 21 2008 09:56:23. February 21 2008 10:53:52.
The LA Without A Map section has been updated with screen caps from the DVD. Click here to view them.
27/02/2008, 17:28pm GMT
Dixon Of Dock Green On Radio 4
Radio 4 are starting a repeat run of Dixon Of Dock Green, which features David as PC Andy Crawford.
The show was originally aired in 2005 and will start the repeat run on 10 March at 11:30am.
25/02/2008, 16:08pm GMT
Free Jimmy To Be Released On DVD
During a chat on BBC Breakfast this morning Hugh Welchman, who received the Oscar for Best Animated Film last night, said that Free Jimmy will be released on DVD in the UK in June 2008. David provided the voice of the character of Hamish for the film.
Click here to find out more about Free Jimmy.
Banner Competition
Congratulations to Carl Davies who won our banner comp, and many, many thanks for the hundreds of entries that we had! We will be displaying the best of the rest in the next day or so, so keep your eyes peeled for those.
24/02/2008, 16:31pm GMT
Birthday Book 08
We are now taking your enteries for David' s 2008 Birthday Book. If you would like to be included you have until Thursday 20th March to do so. Click here to get full details and to leave your message. (You will need to be a member of our forum.)
Pest Control Details
There will be a new Doctor and Donna story released exclusively on audio CD on 8th May 2008. Pest Control will be read by David Tennant and tells the story of how the Doctor and Donna find themselves in the thick of trouble on a distant planet, where soldiers transform into monstrous beetles, and everyone falls under the threat of a huge, mechanical exterminator.
New Heroes Of Comedy
David will be a guest on the next episode of New Heroes Of Comedy on Friday night on Channel 4. He will be talking about Matt Lucas and David Walliams. The show goes out at 21:00pm.
21/02/2008, 09:50am GMT
BRITS Update
February 21 2008 04:46:48. February 21 2008 04:46:53. February 21 2008 04:46:48.
What a show! Congratulations to Kylie Minogue on winning The Best International Female award at last night's BRITS. The award was presented to her by David, click here to see some great pics from the night.
February 21 2008 05:16:14. February 21 2008 05:16:17.
February 21 2008 05:26:42. February 21 2008 05:26:43.
Screen Caps from the live showing of The BRITS on ITV1 and The BRITS Encore on ITV2 have now been added to the gallery. Click the links below the photos to see the full selection.
There's a fantastic video interview with David and Kylie over on the Radio 1 site now. Click here to view it.
20/02/2008, 10:46am GMT
BRITS Tonight
Just a quick update on tonight's BRIT Awards. As you know David will be presenting an award and we can reveal that it will be the award for Best International Female.
David's Doctor Who pal, the gorgeous Kylie Minogue is up for the award, so fingers, toes and possibly even eyes crossed that she wins!
The ceremony will be shown live on ITV1 tonight at 20:00pm.
And check the diary for times of other backstage shows.
Image Archive Update
February 19 2008 11:03:49. February 19 2008 11:04:30.
The Quatermass Experiment section has been updated with better quality caps. Click here to view them.
17/02/2008, 17:25pm GMT
David To Present BRIT Award
David will be attending the BRIT Awards on Wednesday night and has been lined up to present an award.
The ceremony will be shown live on ITV1 at 20:00pm on Wednesday 20th February.
To find out more about the nominees and the acts that will be performing on the night visit the official BRITS site here.
14/02/2008, 15:28pm GMT
New Articles & Interviews
Lots of new articles and interviews with David have been added including the second part of the DWM Ask & Answer. Click here to view them.
14/02/2008, 10:30am GMT
David & Catherine Drop In On Mayor
David and Catherine Tate were in Swansea again yesterday to film more scenes for Doctor Who. Whilst there they signed their names in the Lord Mayor's visitors' book at the Guildhall.

13/02/2008, 16:37pm GMT
Graphics Comp
We would like your designs for a banner.
Here's a few details of what we would like.
The banner must include the words David Tennant | The Site and the address it must also be 1000px wide and 290px deep.
A selection of the best designs will be displayed on the site.
Email your designs to us at:
Reveiwers Required
The BBC Doctor Who site are looking for school groups to review the latest Doctor and Martha novels. Find out how to get involved here.
Monster Invasion At Spaceport
Click the pic to enlarge!
The Cybermen will be at Seacombe Spaceport on the Wirral this weekend as part of a special exhibition dedicated to Doctor Who.
Other arch-enemies of the sci-fi hero, including The Dalek's creator Davros, the bat-like Tetrap from Sylvester McCoy's debut story Time and the Rani' and The Ogrons, ape Dalek servants from Jon Pertwee's time in the series, will feature in the special display this Saturday and Sunday, February 16 and 17.
On Sunday lookalikes of The Doctor, his assistant Rose and robot dog K-9 will be at the Spaceport for a battle with Sycorax, Ood, Scarecrows and Clockwork Droids as part of an event organised by Hyde Fundraisers.
Ken Moss, Spaceport manager, said: "Although they are some of the most feared villains off all time I'm sure they will go down a treat with our many visitors to Spaceport - young and not so young! We hope people come along and get into the spirit of the weekend, which should be great fun."
The weekend compliments a new exhibition, "Sci Fi at the Movies" featuring memorabilia from some of the world's most famous sci-fi movies.
Running until March 30, it includes models of Dobby the house elf from the Harry Potter films, Gremlins, Gollum from Lord of the Rings, a life-size version of Star Wars villiains Jabba the Hut and Darth Vader.
There are also props and models from Spider-Man, ET and Batman.
Complete with weaponry and costumes from the films, the exhibition gives visitors an amazing insight into the films' history and character profiles, plus some little known film trivia.
For more information vist the Spaceport site here.
12/02/2008, 17:31pm GMT
David's Doctor One Of Nation's Favourites
David's portrayal of the Doctor in Doctor Who has been voted one of the nation's favourite television characters in a poll conducted by Sky Mag.
The top 10, in order, were: Del Boy, Basil Fawlty, Homer Simpson, Father Ted Crilly, David Tennant's Doctor, Joey from Friends, Alan Partridge, Jack Bauer of 24, Jim Royle of The Royle Family and Victor Meldrew from One Foot In The Grave.
Click here to check out the latest issue of the Fanzine.
08/02/2008, 14:13pm GMT
Chain Reaction Air Date
The new series of Chain Reaction starts on 21st February at 18:30pm on BBC Radio 4.
The press release is as follows:

BBC Radio 4's talk show with a twist returns with a new series. It is tag-team interviewing with some of the brightest stars of the entertainment field.

Recorded in front of an audience, Chain Reaction dispenses with the formality of a regular host, and last week's interviewee becomes this week's interviewer instead.

Catherine Tate kicks off the chain in an interview with David Tennant. The following week, David Tennant interviews Richard Wilson. Richard then interviews Arabella Weir and, in the final week, Arabella interviews Paul Whitehouse.

The interviews focus on the life, career and passions of the interviewee but often prove to be as revealing about the interviewer. They also bring insights that listeners won't have heard before because of the unexpected questions that could only be asked by a peer.

Each interviewer also brings to the show their own unique style and each pairing has its own rapport which makes the whole series varied and exciting.

Press Round Up
Kent Online runs the story that members of the Tunbridge Wells Soroptimists are organising a Doctor Who themed knitathon.
On Saturday, March 8, adults and children are invited to each add a row of knitting to a scarf.
The finished scarf will be sent to David Tennant for his charcter of the Doctor to wear but Soroptimist member Judy Farnie, who is organising the event, said she had no idea how long it would be. As well as the knitathon, other knitted goods are being made in to sell during the event at the Oxfam shop in Mount Pleasant, Tunbridge Wells, between 11am and 3pm.
The knitathon and sale are being held to mark the United Nations International Women's Day and to raise funds for needy women and children in Sierra Leone.
Alan Carr mentions working with David on The Friday Night Project in a very funny interview with The Mirror.
Meanwhile David says that he managed to get the snog with Kylie Minogue written into Voyage Of The Damned. 
He says: "Getting Kylie on the show left me with stars in my eyes. I suggested the kiss, I might add. It wasn't in the script but I wasn't missing that for anything." have an interview with Theatre Newcomer of the Year nominee Colin Morgan who tells them that one of his favourite TV co stars was David.
"Big learning for me in television was with David Tennant on Doctor Who - he puts 110 percent into everything he does."

The Wiltshire Times has an small article on famous faces, including David, who have helped raise money for Crime Stoppers.

And the Arran Banner run a story about David filming an episode Dramarama on Arran 20 years ago.
06/02/2008, 16:57pm GMT
David In The Radio Times
Click a pic to enlarge!
David is featured in the latest issue of the Radio Times which goes behind the scenes of last months Covers Party.
They have a quick chat with him:
On the RT Party:
"It's great to see everyone - plus I was on five covers, so that's a really nice thing. But I can't party too hard - I'm back on set in Cardiff tomorrow at 7am.."
On Doctor Who:
"We're still working on the new series, but then I've got the whole of May off. I start rehearsals for Hamlet in Stratford-Upon-Avon in June, and I'm doing that from July until 9 January next year - on 10 January I'm back to Cardiff to start making the 2009 Doctor Who Specials. And after that I don't know. Nothing has been decided...honestly!"
On landing a film role:
"It's not something I'm thinking about. My aspirations don't really go beyond the next thing I'm doing. Besides I don't want to disappoint myself. But I would love to have been in a Robert Altman or Hitchcock film. Actually, there's a thought for Doctor Who - but who would you get to play Hitchcock?"
DWM #392 Details
Click the pic to enlarge!
Actress Freema Agyman talks exclusively in DWM 392 about her visit to Torchwood and meeting the Sontarans in the forthcoming series of Doctor Who…

Freema laughs as she recalls her first encounter with the squat race of aliens: "When I first saw the guys in prosthetics I couldn’t stop giggling – I found them really cute and quite funny! Er, that’s probably not the desired reaction, is it? Russell (T Davies, Executive Producer) sent me a text saying, 'It’ll be the first time you’ve towered over a baddie' Ha ha! And I did. I felt quite tall."

Also in this month’s feature-packed issue: writer Stephen Greenhorn talks about his forthcoming Series Four episode; director Graham Harper braves questions from Out of the TARDIS Tin; the the Team Team view the voyeurs in Vengeance on Varos; The Fact of Fiction examines the murky truth behind Warriors of the Deep; there’s werewolves and weirdness in the full colour comic strip, Part 2 of Universal Monsters; Russell T Davies pays tribute to a very special lady in Production Notes; Neil Harris stresses the importance of location, location, location in You Are Not Alone; discover if Duncan James minds being interviewed on tape in Who on Earth is…; Sapphire and Steel answer your questions on Voyage of the Damned in the last ever edition of the Matrix Data Bank; plus all the latest Series Four news, previews, reviews, exclusive photos, competitions – and find out if the Doctor can bring some Valentine’s Day joy to Bradley and Stacey from EastEnders!
More Series Four Episode Titles Revealed
The new issue of DWM also reveals two new episode titles from Series Four of Doctor Who.
Episode Two written by James Moran is entitled The Fires Of Pompeii and Episode Ten written by Russell T Davies in called Midnight.
Click here to visit our Dctor Who Series Four Section.
Doctor Who Filming Update
Filming has now begun on Stephen Moffat's two part Doctor Who story.
The episodes, which are being filmed as part of Block Eight, star ER's Alex Kingston as River Song, a mysterious character who joins the Doctor on an expedition to uncover the secrts of an abandoned library.
New Doctor And Donna Novels To Be Released
Three new Doctor Who novels will be released in September 2008 by BBC Books and will feature the Tenth Doctor and Donna Noble.
The titles are as follows:
Ghosts Of India by Mark Morris
India 1947. When the Doctor and Donna arrive in Calcutta, they are sweot up in violent events. They discover the city is rife with tales of 'half-made men', who roam the streets at night and steal people away. With help from Mohandes 'Mahatma' Gandhi, the Doctor and Donna set out to investigate these rumours...
Shining Darkness by Mark Michalowski
From the desert world of Karris to the interplanetary scrapyard of Junk, the Doctor and Donna discover that the centuries-long peace between humans and machines may be about to end...
The Doctor Trap by Simon Messingham
Sebastiene might look like a ninteenth-century nobleman, but in truth he is a ruthless hunter. And he's caught them all from Zargregs to Moogs, even the odd Eternal. In fact Sebastiene is after only one more prize. He's brought together the finest hunters in the universe to hunt for the last of the Time Lords...
05/02/2008, 15:48pm GMT
Voyage Of The Damned DVD Info
Click the pic to enlarge!
We have been sent the fantastic new artwork for the DVD release of Voyage Of The Damned. The DVD will be available from 10th March 2008 and you can pre order it online via our shop here.
Doctor Who Series 4 To Air On Sci Fi
Good news for fans of Doctor Who over in the USA, Sci Fi have announced that they will begin showing series four of the show in April:
SCI FI Channel has acquired the fourth season of People's Choice Award-nominated Doctor Who and the phenomenally popular series' new spin-off The Sarah Jane Adventures from BBC Worldwide America. Both series are slated to premier on SCI FI in April 2008.

The Sarah Jane Adventures is written and produced by the same creative team behind Doctor Who, including multi-award winning writer Russell T. Davies. Having traveled the universe with The Doctor, Sarah Jane is used to alien encounters. Accompanied by her new young friends Maria, Luke and Clyde, she becomes embroiled in an offbeat world of mystery and danger.

In season four of Doctor Who, David Tennant reprises his role as the tenth Timelord. For his latest adventures he is joined by a brand new companion, Donna Noble, played by award-winning actress Catherine Tate (The Catherine Tate Show, BBC AMERICA) who appeared as 'the runaway bride' in the previous season. 'Martha Jones,' played by Freema Agyeman, the Doctor's most recent companion, who had a dramatic role last season's finale, makes a triumphant return in the middle of season four.

"We are excited to have Doctor Who back on SCI FI for its 4th season," said Chris Regina, Vice President of Programming, SCI FI Channel. "It's an exciting franchise that continues to reinvent itself for new generations of viewers. The youthful appeal of The Sarah Jane Adventures will no doubt attract even younger new viewers."

Candace Carlisle, EVP Sales and Co-productions, BBC Worldwide Americas commented, "The imagination of Russell and the rest of the production team in Cardiff who have produced these two incredible shows is outstanding. We are so pleased that the loyal fans of the SCI FI Channel will be able to meet a whole new range of characters and aliens that are intrinsically linked to the Doctor's history. Both 'Sarah Jane Adventures' and the new season of 'Doctor Who' are jam packed with some of the most creative storylines ever produced by the BBC's brilliant team."

The third season of the new Doctor Who averaged 1.3 million weekly viewers on SCI FI.

The deals were brokered by Lisa Hofer, Vice President of Co-Production & Sales, BBC Worldwide Americas. Executive Producers for The Sarah Jane Adventures are Russell T Davies, Head of Drama, BBC Wales, Julie Gardner and Phil Collinson. The series producer is Matthew Bouch. Doctor Who season four is produced by Phil Collinson; Executive Producers are Julie Gardner and Russell T Davies. Doctor Who season four is a BBC production in association with CBC.

SCI FI Channel is a television network where "what if" is what's on. SCI FI fuels the imagination of viewers with original series and events, blockbuster movies and classic science fiction and fantasy programming, as well as a dynamic Web site ( ) and magazine. Launched in 1992, and currently in 93 million homes, SCI FI Channel is a network of NBC Universal, one of the world's leading media and entertainment companies.

BBC Worldwide Americas incorporates the U.S., Canadian and Latin American arms of BBC Worldwide, a commercial and wholly owned subsidiary of the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC). With offices in New York, Los Angeles, Toronto, Sao Paulo and Miami, BBC Worldwide Americas has five core businesses: Channels, TV Sales, Content & Production, Home Entertainment and Digital Media. Profit from BBC Worldwide is returned to the BBC public service.
01/02/2008, 16:38pm GMT
Doctor Who On The Big Screen
The BBC is launching a cinema campaign to back the new series of 'Doctor Who', in almost 2,000 cinemas.

The 90-second trailer, which breaks tonight and was produced by Red Bee Media, will appear before the films 'Cloverfield', 'Juno', 'John Rambo' and 'There Will Be Blood'.

The trailer is part of a BBC test with cinema sales house Carlton Screen Advertising to showcase BBC content. It will appear in 837 Odeon screens, 736 Cineworld screens and 142 Empire screens.

Catherine Tate will reprise her role as Donna, the runaway bride, throughout the new series, alongside David Tennant as The Doctor.

The first episode of the fourth series will see Donna tracking down The Doctor during an alien emergency in modern-day London.

The fourth series of 'Doctor Who' is now in production and will hit BBC One in spring 2008.