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March 2008

31/03/2008, 17:47pm BST
David In Radio Times
The new issue of the Radio Times is released tomorrow and features a new interview with David and Catherine Tate, plus an episode guide of the new series written by Russell T Davies.
The Friday Night Project Update
Just a few more goodies courtesy of David's appearance on The Friday Night Project..
Some wallpapers can be downloaded here. New promotional photos here and you can watch the show here.
30/03/2008, 16:08pm BST
Doctor Who: The Commentaries
An exciting new BBC7 radio show will tie in with the new series of Doctor Who.
Doctor Who: The Commentaries will feature cast and crew from the show discussing the latest episode. It will begin on Sunday 6th April at 18:30pm on BBC7, when David and Catherine Tate will be chatting about Partners In Crime. The show will be repeated on Monday 7th April at 12:30am.
Check the diary for more details here.
New Doctor Who Trailer Caps
March 30 2008 10:58:38. March 30 2008 10:58:39.
Some caps from the new Doctor Who Series 4 'Camp Fire' trailer have been added to the site. Click here to view them.
Watch the new trailer here.
Doctor Who Magazine #384
Click the pic to enlarge!

Actress Sarah Lancashire speaks exclusively about playing the villain in Partners in Crime, the mysterious Miss Foster, in the latest issue of Doctor Who Magazine. "Miss Foster is, essentially, a nanny, a guardian, to some rather unusual children," explains Sarah. "I see her as a slightly warped Mary Poppins. She’s quite austere. She’s a strong woman. When I first read the script, I thought, oh, well, of course she’s a baddie… but the more I read it, I thought, no, she’s doing what she’s doing for legitimate reasons." Seriously? "Yes! You can’t blame her at all. Hers is perfectly reasonable behaviour"

Also this issue:

  • Doctor Who’s executive producers Russell T Davies, Julie Gardner and Phil Collinson answer the most probing of questions as DWM’s readers become the interviewers.
  • Previews of the first five episodes of Series Four, Partners in Crime, The Fires of Pompeii, Planet of the Ood and The Sontraran Stratagem/The Poison Sky, featuring new and previously unpublished photos!
  • DWM interviews award-winning writer Steven Moffat who breaks his silence about his forthcoming two-parter, Silence in the Library/River’s Run.
  • Russell T Davies reveals more of Series Four’s secrets in Production Notes.
  • The Fact of Fiction visits a devastated Earth and uncovers the horrific truth behind The Sontaran Experiment.
  • Actress Jacqueline King talks exclusively about her role as Donna’s mum in the new season.
  • The Doctor experiences a holiday with a deadly difference in a brand new comic strip, Hotel Historia.
    Neil Harris recalls the great days of video tape in You Are Not Alone.
  • Double trouble for the The Time Team as they watch the adventures of The Two Doctors.
    PLUS all the latest news, exclusive photos, reviews, previews, competitions and even more!

DWM is on sale from Thursday 3rd April 2008.

29/03/2008, 17:06pm GMT
The Nicest Man On The Planet?
We've known it for a while now, but it's good to have it confirmed in the national press.. David is officially the nicest bloke on earth, click here to read an article in today's Independent about the charming Mr Tennant.
The Friday Night Project Update
155 125
Screen Caps from The Friday Night Project can now be seen on the site. Click here to view them. Don't forget you can double click to enlarge them and also view them as a slideshow.
New Doctor Who Trailer
The BBC have released yet another new trailer to whip fans into a frenzy. Click here to view it.
28/03/2008, 15:49pm GMT
The Friday Night Project
March 28 2008 11:45:04.  March 28 2008 11:45:06. March 28 2008 11:45:05.
Don't forget to tune into The Friday Night Project on Channel 4 tonight at 22:00pm to see David as the guest host.
As well as answering questions from the audience and taking part in Who Knows The Most About The Guest Host with co star Freema Agyeman, David also stars in some hilarious sketches with Alan and Justin. It's not to be missed!
26/03/2008, 17:05pm GMT
Doctor Who Partners In Crime Date & Time Confirmed
The BBC have officially announced that Series Four of Doctor Who will commence with Partners In Crime at 6.20pm on Saturday 05 April 2008, BBC One.
Tell all your friends, cancel any prior engagements and settle down for what promises to be the most spectacular series of Doctor Who yet!As always, Doctor Who Confidential will be going behind-the-scenes with the cast and crew, starting at 7.05pm on BBC Three.
25/03/2008, 16:25pm GMT
Doctor Who Nominated At The Hugo Awards
Two stories from Doctor Who's third series, starring David as the Doctor, have been nominated for a prestigious Hugo award.The nominations, in the Best Dramatic Presentation, Short Form category are:
Human Nature/Family of Blood, written by Paul Cornell and directed by Charles Palmer.
Blink, written by Steven Moffat and directed by Hettie Macdonald.
Steven Moffat has won this category for the past two years - with The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances and The Girl in the Fireplace.
The winner will be announced at Denvention 3 convention this August.
24/03/2008, 15:49pm GMT
Doctor Who Series 4 Cinema Trailer Update
40 41
Screen Caps from the Series 4 cimema trailer have been added to the site here. If you missed the trailer or simply want to relive it ! The BBC have kindly uploaded it. You can view it here.
Teasers of some of the monsters and aliens you can expect to see the the Doctor battle in Series 4 click here.
It's all getting just a teensey weensey bit exciting now...

20/03/2008, 15:49pm GMT
Support Headway Essex & Get A Signed Card From David!
Click the pic to enlarge!
As many of you will know David is Patron of Headway Essex. To help raise funds for the amazing work that they do, supporting people with brain injury and their families and carers, he has signed 1000 cards, which you can now buy via Your donation to Headway will be explained on the back of the card.
David says:
"I am absolutely delighted to be able to help Headway raise the profile of brain injury. While researching my role in Recovery, I spent time at Headway Essex where I observed some of the group sessions as well as chatting to some of the members. It was a truly humbling experience. There was so much hope, humour and positivity, mixed with occasional anger and sadness. It was a very powerful experience, seeing first-hand the effects brain injuries can have on people. It made me realise just how lucky I am and brings fresh meaning to the phrase 'there but for the grace of God go I'. Headway is a wonderful organisation and one I am only too happy to help."
  • For more details and to purchase your card signed by David click here.
Ask David Anything! Send Your Question Now!
The Friday Night Project are looking for huge fans of David to come along to London Studios next Thursday evening (27/03/08) and quiz David in "Ask Me Anything" - the part of the show where the audience get to ask the guest host everything and anything! If you're interested in grilling David then please email
Doctor Who Returns On 5th April
Doctor Who will be returning to our screens on Saturday 5th April 2008.
In the Time Lord's fourth series since he returned in 2005, The Doctor, played by David Tennant, teams up again with Donna, played by Catherine Tate.
The pair first met in the 2006 Christmas special, The Runaway Bride.
Last year head writer Russell T Davies told CBBC Newsround that the first episode features: "the most unusual monsters we've ever created". "It's the sort of creature we've never tried before," he added. The first episode is called Partners in Crime.
The series will also give us a chance to find out more about the Ood - last seen in the episodes The Impossible Planet and The Satan Pit.
But the most frightening story looks likely to be a double episode written by Steven Moffat, the man behind the scary statues in Blink.
CBBC Series Totally Dr Who won't be back this year, but there willl be some old friends returning to The Tardis.
Martha, (Freema Agyeman) who left The Doctor last summer, will be returning. As will Rose (Billie Piper), who was stranded in another universe at the end of the second series.
19/03/2008, 17:34pm GMT
Doctor Who Articles Update
With the new series due on our screens soon, we have a couple of new articles focusing on what's in store for the Doctor, Donna, Martha and Rose...
Click here to view.
18/03/2008, 18:14pm GMT
David & Catherine To Chat To Jonathan Ross
David and his Doctor Who co star Catherine Tate will be chatting to Jonathan Ross on Friday Night With Jonathan Ross on Friday 4th April 2008 at 22:35pm on BBC One.
The Colin Murray Show
David will be a guest on the In The Company Of ... section of The Colin Murray Show on Monday 14th April 2008 from 22:00pm on BBC Radio 1.
Doctor Who Series Four Trailer Coming Soon
After an exclusive cinema-only run, the BBC Doctor Who site has announced that the new Doctor Who Series Four trailer will make its official TV and web debut on Saturday 22 March 2008.
Tune in to BBC One or visit the site at around 19:00pm to catch some action from the forthcoming series with David returning as the Doctor.
17/03/2008, 17:25pm GMT
Birthday Book Reminder
Don't forget that you only have until Thursday, 20th March 2008, to submit your messages for David's Birthday Book.
If you want to send some fan art or photos you need to email them to us here. Otherwise you need to be a member of the forum and post a message here.
And if you would like to make a donation to ACCORD in honour of David's birthday you can do that here.
16/03/2008, 13:08pm GMT
Get Tickets To See David On The Friday Night Project
David will be hosting a new episode of The Friday Night Project and you could be in the audience.
The show will be filmed on Thursday 27th March 2008 at The London Studios, London SE1.
Tickets are free and are subject to availability. Click here to book online now.
15/03/2008, 16:10pm GMT
Doctor Who Filming Update
The Doctor Who cast and crew have been back out on the streets of Cardiff filming for the finale of the new series.
David and Billie Piper were captured on camera. Click here to see a couple of pics.
14/03/2008, 15:26pm GMT
Voyage Of The Damned Air Date For US Fans
Good news for all David's American fans the Sci Fi Channel have announced that they will begin showing the new season of Doctor Who from April 2008.
The season will kick off with Voyage Of The Damned which will be shown on 18th April.
David Voted As A Top Role Model For Children
David has been revealed as one of the top role models for children in the UK. Teachers across the country were asked who they thought the children in their class looked up to.
Children copy their hairstyles, clothes and behaviour, a survey by the Association of Teachers and Lecturers found.
The full list was as follows:
  1. David Beckham 53%
  2. Victoria Beckham 30%
  3. Frank Lampard 26%
  4. Keira Knightley 25%
  5. David Tennant 23%
  6. Paris Hilton 23%
  7. Lewis Hamilton 21%
  8. Sugababes 21%
  9. Leona Lewis 20%
  10. Nadine Coyle (Girls Aloud) 17%
13/03/2008, 16:53pm GMT
SFX Issue 168 | Out Now!
Click the pic to enlarge!
Russell T Davies has spoken exclusively to SFX about the future of Doctor Who.

The show returns this Spring for a fourth series, and will encore as four specials in 2009 before returning for a fifth full series in 2010. While there has been no official comment on the future of Doctor Who beyond that, Davies reveals that the establishment of this transmission pattern will help to ensure the show's longevity.

"Doctor Who is now one of the BBC's biggest flagship shows," he tells SFX. "And this sort of pattern will guarantee it being on air for twenty years.

"It's no good looking at that American pattern of making seven years if you're lucky - that's just not going to work. Who wants it to die after seven years? It's much bigger than that.

"It needs looking after, in the sense that it needs pauses, it needs its legend revamping every so often. If you build these pauses in now and say this will always happen, that's part of the plan now - it's literally a twenty year plan, which can't be guaranteed, because different people will be in charge in years to come - but if you present them with something rock solid, that is working, and has a unique transmission pattern that shouldn't be interfered with, then it will stay."

You can read the full, world exclusive interview in SFX 168, on sale Wednesday 12 March, where Davies tackles such topics as the casting of Catherine Tate, the rise of the online critic and the true story behind the return of Billie Piper. All part of SFX's first-look preview of Doctor Who series four.

Free Doctor Who DVDs With The Sun & The News Of The World

If you can’t wait for the new series of Doctor Who, which is back on our screens soon, then The Sun and The News Of The World have got just what the doctor ordered! Starting on Saturday March 15, they're offering every reader a FREE Dr Who DVD.

The fantastic new DVD collection includes six great episodes from the last two series -three episodes each from Series Two and from Series Three - starring David Tennant as The Doctor and his companions Rose Tyler and Martha Jones along with much loved characters such as Sarah Jane Smith and K-9 and adversaries including the Master, the Cybermen and of course, the Daleks. Watch The Doctor as he battles to save the Earth and travels through time and experiences wonderful adventures.

To get your hands on your DVDs simply cut out each of the vouchers printed in The Sun on Saturday March 15 - the News of the World on Sunday, March 16, and The Sun from Monday March 17 until Thursday March 20 - and take them into any participating Asda or Martin McColls store each day for your free DVD.

Alternatively, keep hold of your vouchers and we'll post the whole lot to you for just 4.50! Plus, if you sign up to be notified about other great offers first, you’ll also get a FREE Sarah Jane audio book worth 5.99 thrown in!

Image Archive Update
10 83
The Casanova section has been updated with better quality caps. Click here to view them.
Doctor Who Adventures 55 | Out Now!
Click the pic to enlarge!
This week’s Doctor Who Adventures looks at the (almost) silent stars of Voyage of the Damned, the Heavenly Host.

Read all the essential information on these horrible androids and find out what happened to them aboard the Titanic.

Our special photo story this issue is about Time Crash, where the Fifth Doctor ends up in the Tenth Doctor’s TARDIS.

The issue comes with an essential piece of kit for all Time Agents – a special Doctor Who log book with a pen and some cool stickers.


  • Posters: we’ve got Judoon, the Fifth Doctor and Host!
  • The Ultimate Guide to Doctor Who – The Runaway Bride to Evolution of the Daleks.
  • Quiz: this week we have some questions about the Doctor.
  • Doctor’s Data: who is Donna Noble?
  • Comic strip: Part two of a comic strip – Reign of the Stone Monkey.
  • Make: a child of the Slitheen mask – yuck!
  • Time Teasers: help Bloodtide and Doomfinger with this week’s word search and brain teasers.
  • Who knows! Your questions answered.
  • Secrets: discover who the Catkind of New Earth were created.
  • Win: loads of Doctor Who goodies!
  • Subscription offer: subscribe and get a free Cyberman watch!

Doctor Who Adventures issue 55, priced 2.10, is out on Thursday 13 March. Grab your copies before the Host get you!


10/03/2008, 09:16am GMT
Takin' Over The Asylum Released On DVD
Good news for fans of David's early work, Takin' Over The Asylum is finally going to be released on DVD!
It will be released on 2nd June 2008 and you can pre order your copy now via our online shop! It's worth noting that an import version of Secret Smile is also now available...
06/03/2008, 16:24pm GMT
New Doctor & Donna Images
March 06 2008 11:19:32. March 06 2008 11:19:33.
Click a pic to view... (c) BBC
The BBC have released two new promotional images of David and Catherine Tate as the Doctor and his new assistant Donna Noble. Click here to see more promotional pics of the Doctor and Donna.
Doctor Who Update
The latest issue of Doctor Who Magazine, out tomorrow, confirms that Series 4 of Doctor Who will air in April 2008.
It also reveals that Episode 8 will be called Silence In The Library.
The BRITS On BBC America
Fans of David in the US can see him present Kylie Minogue with her award for Best International Female at the 2008 BRITS this Sunday, 9th March, at 20:00pm on BBC America.
05/03/2008, 17:32pm GMT
DWM #392 Details
Click the pic to enlarge!

Cuddle up with the latest Doctor Who Magazine!

There’s a complete new Doctor Who audio adventure FREE with the latest issue of DWM!

Cuddlesome is a brand new adventure for the Fifth Doctor, Peter Davison, co-starring Roberta Taylor, Timothy West, and David Troughton.

"It’s about a dastardly plot to infect the world," says Peter, "because someone was nasty to someone when they were young! It’s a nice idea – toys are the perfect way to get to the population. Evil!"

Also this issue, DWM counts down the 100 Greatest Doctor Who Death Scenes of All Time!

Doctor Who’s current executive producer Russell T Davies leads the comments on the programme’s most memorably morbid moments. Speaking about the battle between the Raston Warrior Robot and the Cybermen in 1983’s The Five Doctors – out now on DVD! – Russell enthuses, "Best. Massacre. Ever. Heads go flying! Arms! Guts! On Children in Need night! We should really bring those Rastons back one day, they were brilliant..."

"I hope so," laughs Terrance Dicks, the writer of the story, "there’ll be a few quid in it for me!"

Meanwhile, writer Steven Moffat is full of praise for Pete Tyler’s death in 2005’s Father’s Day ("just chilling, and tragic and unforgettable") while fellow scribe Paul Cornell raves over Harrison Chase’s grisly demise in 1976’s The Seeds of Doom – "Just gorgeous. Apt and relishable. One of the absolute best Doctor Who deaths."

But whose demise could top the list as the all-time Number One...?

And there’s much, much more in DWM 393:

  • "30 Reasons to be excited about Series 30" – with exclusive new photos from the new series!
  • Martha Jones herself, alias Freema Agyeman answers questions from the dreaded TARDIS tin!
  • Script-writer Gareth Roberts reveals how the Doctor and Donna are set to meet Agatha Christie, as he discusses his forthcoming adventure, The Unicorn and the Wasp!
  • The Fact of Fiction uncovers the truth behind 1066 and all that as it examines The Time Meddler!
  • Novice Hame actress Anna Hope speaks about her new Doctor Who audio role.
  • Nightmarish creatures fill the final chilling chapter of full colour comic strip Universal Monsters.
  • Russell T Davies extols the new-found virtues of an oft-neglected Tom Baker tale.
  • Neil Harris bemoans the ‘worst story ever’ in You Are Not Alone.
  • The Time Team find that it’s grim up north as they watch The Mark of the Rani.
  • PLUS all the latest news, exclusive photos, reviews, previews, DVD competitions and even more!

DWM 393 is out on 6 March 2008, priced 3.99

Image Archive Update
1 85
The Secret Smile section has been updated with better quality caps. Click here to view them.
03/03/2008, 15:44pm GMT
David Nominated For Royal Television Society Award
David has been nominated for the Best Actor Award for his work on Recovery and Doctor Who at The Royal Television Society Awards. Doctor Who is also up for Best Drama.
The awards will be presented on Wednesday March 19 at the Grosvenor House Hotel.
For the full list of nominations visit the official RTS site here.
Big Toe Books
David is reading MacB on Big Toe Books for BBC7 all week. It will air every morning at 7am. You can also use the Listen Again feature here.
01/03/2008, 14:59pm GMT
New Heroes Of Comedy Update
March 01 2008 08:38:44. March 01 2008 08:38:45.
Screen caps from David's appearance on last night's episode of New Heroes Of Comedy have been added into the Image Archive. Click here to view them.