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August 2008

31/08/2008, 15:17pm BST
Love's Labour's Lost Update
The costume designer Katrina Lindsay has confirmed that Love's Labour's Lost, which will star David as Berowne, will be played in Elizabethan costume.
Rehearals for the production are now underway and the play will open for previews on Thursday 2nd October at The Courtyard Theatre, Stratford Upon Avon.
30/08/2008, 12:46pm BST
Takin' Over The Asylum On BBC Four Tonight
BBC Four continues its repeat run of Takin' Over The Asylum from 22:00pm tonight with the next two episodes airing back to back.
You Always Hurt The Ones You Love:
Will Eddie and the team raise enough money to save the radio station? A plan is carefully hatched by the obsessive-compulsive Rosalie.
Takin' Over The Asylum: You Always Hurt The Ones You Love airs tonight on BBC Four at 22:00pm.
Fool On The Hill:
The possibility of a discharge means Fergus must find a job. Meanwhile, the aftermath of the Hospital Open Day is felt by Campbell, Eddie, Francine and the hospital radio.
Takin' Over The Asylum: Fool On The Hill airs tonight on BBC Four at 22:50pm.
  • Visit the Takin' Over The Asylum section here.
29/08/2008, 17:00pm BST
Doctor Who Wins Festival Award
Doctor Who has won the trophy for Best Programme Of 2008 at the Edinburgh TV festival's annual awards.
It was the second year in a row that the series has won in the Best Programme category.
The winners were chosen by a panel of TV industry executives and journalists.
Doctor Who Tops Radio Times Film Poll
Doctor Who has been named the TV show that UK viewers would most like to see turned into a movie in a poll conducted by Radio Times. The top ten was follows:
1. Doctor Who (new) (11%)
2. Friends (10%)
2. Red Dwarf (10%)
4. Heroes (9%)
5. CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (7%)
6. Spooks (6%)
7. 24 (5%)
-. Lost (5%)
-. Torchwood (5%)
-. The Prisoner (5%)
The full results can be viewed on the Radio Times website here.
Doctor Who Adventures #79
Why was Dalek Caan mad?

In this week’s Doctor Who Adventures you can find out why Dalek Caan was the maddest Dalek of all time in a brilliant monster fact file.

We also share the five best Dalek exterminations so far. They’re a nasty bunch that have blasted loads of people, so it took ages to decide which ones are the meanest!

Remember the Roboform that worked for the Empress of the Racnoss? You can win a Roboform head worth 350, in the first of our three-part competition.

The issue comes with a free Sontaran notebook and pen. Move the notebook and watch the creature lose his helmet – revealing a scary monster beneath! Yikes!


  • Interview: Ryan Sampson, who played genius, Luke Rattigan talks about working with Sontarans and his time on Doctor Who.
  • Posters! Brilliant pictures of Luke Rattigan, Lucius, Dalek Caan and the Doctor.
  • Ultimate Ood: More fascinating Ood facts.
  • Tales from the TARDIS: Rose meets the Doctor for the first time. 
  • Adventure Guide: We look at Warriors of Kudlak from The Sarah Jane Adventures.
  • Quiz: Be careful – we’ve got Weeping Angel quiz!
  • Comic strip: Part two of Attack of the Mange Mites – the Doctor has been sucked into space.
  • Doctor’s Data: All about Bannakaffalatta the little Cyborg.
  • Time Teasers: Hidden horror and Odd Hath Out.
  • Maze: Save Donna and reach CAL in this week’s quest.
  • Woven wordsearch: Win some books!
  • Win: The latest Doctor Who DVD and cool books could be yours!
  • Subscription offer: Subscribe and you’ll get a FREE Doctor Who TARDIS and Doctor Files.

    Doctor Who Adventures issue 79, priced 2.10, is out on Thursday 28 August! Dalek Caan predicts you will like it…

    27/08/2008, 16:58pm BST
    The Quatermass Experiment Repeated On BBC Four 
    BBC Four will be showing a repeat of The Quatermass Experiment on Tuesday 2nd September at 22:30pm.
    26/08/2008, 17:00pm BST
    The Chatterley Affair On BBC Four Tonight
    Don't forget that The Chatterley Affair, featuring David as Richard Hoggart, will be repeated on BBC Four at 22:30pm tonight.
    • Visit The Chatterley Affair section here.


    23/08/2008, 13:32pm BST
    Takin' Over The Asylum On BBC Four Tonight
    Don't forget that BBC Four start a repeat run of Takin' Over The Asylum tonight from 22:00pm, when they will show the first two episodes of the BAFTA winning series back to back.
    Hey Jude:
    Eddie after being sacked from his slot at Hospital Radio Glasgow, reluctantly agrees to resurrect the dilapidated radio station at St Jude's Mental Hospital. This episode focuses on manic depressive, Campbell, who has a difficult and complex relationship with his father.
    Takin' Over The Ayslum: Hey Jude airs tonight on BBC Four at 22:00pm.
    Fly Like An Eagle:
    Campbell has decided to dedicate himself to becoming a professional DJ. His father pours cold water on the idea however.
    Takin' Over The Asylum: Fly Like An Eagle airs tonight on BBC Four at 22:50pm.
    • Visit the Takin' Over The Asylum section here.
    19/08/2008, 13:53pm BST
    Doctor Who Magazine #399
    Doctor Who Magazine have released the cover of issue #399 which will be released on Thursday 21st August.
    This issue will include an interview with Catherine Tate.
    15/08/2008, 10:49am BST
    Takin' Over The Asylum Repeats On BBC Four
    Takin' Over The Asylum will start a repeat run on BBC Four on Satuday 23rd August from 22:00pm with the first two episodes, Hey Jude and Fly Like An Eagle being aired back to back.
    The Chatterley Affair Repeated On BBC Four
    The Chatterley Affair will be repeated on BBC Four on Tuesday 26th August at 22:30pm.
    13/08/2008, 09:29am BST
    David Voted Planet's Greenest Star
    David has been named the Greenest Star on the Planet in the Playhouse Disney's Playing for the Planet Awards.
    Families across the UK voted online choosing him  as their favourite eco-friendly star in the shortlist which included Sienna Miller, Lily Allen, Lily Cole, Stella McCartney, Madonna and Johnny Depp. Gwyneth Paltrow and husband Chris Martin earned a joint nomination.
    David was put on the shortlist for driving a hybrid car.
    Peter Duncan, awards judge and ambassador said: "I am delighted that David Tennant has won the Greenest Star award - he's a great role model for kids everywhere and clearly is as passionate at saving the planet as his character 'The Doctor'.
    12/08/2008, 15:08pm BST
    David In The Stage
    This week's issue of The Stage features a double page poster of David as Hamlet to mark his official opening night. It's on sale until Thursday.
    Doctor Who Series Four Companion
    Doctor Who Magazine have announced that the official guide to the latest series of Doctor Who will be released on Thursday 14th August for 6.99.
    David Voted One Of Sci Fi's Hottest Stars
    Readers of the US magazine, TV Guide, have voted David one of their 'Hottest Sci Fi Stars'. He came in at No.7 in the poll.
    Click here to view what fans who voted thought and to see the full list of winners.
    06/08/2008, 08:21am BST
    Hamlet Opens To Great Reviews
    Hamlet officially opened with its Press Night last night and the eyes of the British media were on David. The story has been covered by many, with positive reviews in the newspapers as well as the BBC News At Ten and BBC Breakfast.
    Michael Billington from The Guardian called David the "best Hamlet in years" and awarded it four stars.
    "He is a fine Hamlet whose virtues, and occasional vices, are inseparable from the production itself," Mr Billington said.
    He said the play was a "quicksilver intelligence, mimetic vigour and wild humour", calling David an "active, athletic, immensely engaging Hamlet".
    The Daily Express said he deserved praise for his handling of the "challenging" soliloquy, writing that his "near-whispered delivery is sensitive and polished".
    The Independent's Paul Taylor gave the play four stars and called David's display "an extremely captivating performance".
    He said David was "adept at most aspects of the role but he excels when the prince becomes a prankish provocateur".
    Benedict Nightingale of The Times said the play's "fluent, pacey, modern-dress revival" of Hamlet gave Tennant the chance to shine "and, praise be, he seizes it".
    He wrote: "I've seen bolder Hamlets and more moving Hamlets, but few who kept me so riveted throughout."
    You can watch the BBC news report here and see the BBC at the Stage Door here.
    The best of the press reviews can be read in full here.
    You can listen to a review by BBC Radio Five Live, which also features a snippit of an interview with David here.
    It's approx 2hrs 24mins into the show.
    And don't forget that Front Row will be bringing you their review of the show tonight on BBC Radio 4 from 19:15pm.
    05/08/2008, 16:06pm BST
    Hamlet: Press Night, Ticket Availabilty etc
    Hamlet officially opens with its Press Night tonight, having had previews since 24th July.
    The play is long since sold out, but judging by the amount of emails we're getting on a daily basis enquiring about how to get a ticket there are many of you still wanting to attend.
    The only tickets that are available now are returns which can be purchased from the Royal Shakespeare Company Box Office on 0844 800 1110.
    Public booking for the London run of the show will open on Friday 12th September.
    04/08/2008, 13:52pm BST
    Hamlet Update
    Credit: RSC Thanks: Jamie Wallace Credit: RSC Thanks: Jamie Wallace Credit: RSC Thanks: Jamie Wallace
    More new Hamlet images can be seen here. There are also some fan reviews online here and we've got a new section for interviews and articles about the play here.
    Hamlet runs at The Courtyard Theatre, Stratford Upon Avon until 15th November. 0844 800 1110. Returns Only.
    03/08/2008, 08:32am BST
    More Hamlet Images
    Credit: RSC / Daily Mail / Alastair Muir Credit: RSC / Daily Mail / Alastair Muir Credit: RSC / Daily Mail / Alastair Muir
    Credit: RSC / Daily Mail / Alastair Muir
    Today's edition of the Daily Mail has more fantastic images of David as Hamlet. You can view the full set here.
    The Guardian has a Q&A with Hamlet's director Gregory Doran, you can read it online here.
    Hamlet runs at The Courtyard Theatre, Stratford Upon Avon until 15th November. 0844 800 1110. Returns Only.
    FaceBook, MySpace, Bebo etc
    Just another reminder that David doesn't use any social networking sites or use the internet to talk to fans. It has come to our attention that there are people impersonating him again. Please do not talk to these people you don't know who they are or what their agenda is and it will only encourage them to continue.
    You can find tips on how to stay safe on the internet via the BBC Newsround site here.
    01/08/2008, 14:28pm BST
    Journey's End On Sci Fi Tonight
    The entire universe is in danger as the Daleks activate their masterplan, in the concluding episode of Russell T Davies's Bafta Award-winning time-travelling drama. The Doctor is helpless, and even the Tardis faces destruction. The only hope lies with the Doctor's secret army of companions – but as they join forces to battle Davros himself, the prophecy declares that one of them will die.
    The dramatic series finale Journey's End airs tonight on The Sci Fi Channel at 8.30/7.30 C.
    • Visit the Journey's End section here.
    New Doctor Who Novels Details
    Doctor Who: Judgement Of The Judoon: Judgement of the Judoon Doctor Who: The Slitheen Excursion Doctor Who: Prisoner Of The Daleks: Prisoner of the Daleks
    Another new batch of Doctor Who novels featuring David as the Tenth Doctor will be released in April 2009.
    You can pre order all the new Doctor Who novels in our shop here.
    Prisoner of the Daleks
    The Daleks are advancing, their empire constantly expanding in to Earth's space. The Earth forces are resisting the Daleks in every way they can. But the battles rage on across countless solar systems. And now the future of our galaxy hangs in teh balance... The Doctor finds himself stranded on board a starship near the frontline with a group of ruthless bounty hunters. Earth Command will pay them for every Dalek they kill, every eye stalk they bring back as proof. With the Doctor's help, the bounty hunters achieve the ultimate prize: a Dalek prisoner - intact, powerless, and ready for interrogation. But where the Daleks are involved, nothing is what it seems, and no one is safe. Before long the tables will be turned, and how will the Doctor survive when he becomes a prisoner of the Daleks? Featuring the Doctor as played by David Tennant in the hit BBC Television series.
    The Slitheen Excursion
    1500BC - King Actaeus and his subjects live in mortal fear of the awesome gods who have come to visit their kingdom in ancient Greece. Except the Doctor, visiting with university student June, knows they're not gods at all. They're aliens. For the aliens, it's the perfect holiday - they get to tour the sights of a primitive planet and even take part in local customs. Like gladiatorial games, or hunting down and killing humans who won't be missed. With June's enthusiastic help, the Doctor soon meets the travel agents behind this deadly package holiday company - his old enemies the Slitheen. But can he bring the Slitheen excursion to an end without endangering more lives? And how are events in ancient Greece linked to a modern-day alien plot to destroy what's left of the Parthenon? Featuring the Doctor as played by David Tennant in the hit BBC Television series.
    Judgement of the Judoon
    Elvis the King Spaceport has grown into the sprawling city-state of New Memphis - an urban jungle, where organized crime is rife. But the launch of the new Terminal 13 hasn't been as smooth as expected. And things are about to get worse... When the Doctor arrives, he finds the whole terminal locked down. The notorious Invisible Assassin is at work again, and the Judoon troopers sent to catch him will stop at nothing to complete their mission. With the assassin loose on the mean streets of New Memphis, the Doctor is forced into a strange alliance. Together with teenage private eye Nikki and a ruthless Judoon Commander, the Doctor soon discovers that things are even more complicated - and dangerous - than he first thought... Featuring the Doctor as played by David Tennant in the hit BBC Television series.
    Space Travels
    Space Travels ("Doctor Who")
    Journey through space with the Doctor! Visually stunning, with highly interactive features such as flaps and pull-tabs, this amazing book is packed with facts along the way. A 3D pop-up features at the end.
    Space Travels, the follow up to last year's Time Travels will be released on 25th September 2008 and can be pre ordered in our shop for just 11.69 (RRP 17.99)
    Doctor Who Complete Fourth Series Box Set
    Doctor Who : Complete BBC Series 4 [2008]
    The Doctor Who Complete Fourth Series Box Set is released in the UK on 17th November 2008. It is available to pre order in our shop for just 52.50 (RRP 69.99).
    The Box Set will be released in North America on 18th November 2008, as will the animated Doctor Who adventure The Infinite Quest.