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June 2005

30/06/2005, 17:08pm GMT
I've made some caps from the Death At The Opera episode of The Mrs Bradley Mysteries which David appeared in. I'd also just like to say a big thank you to everyone who has e-mailed us over the past few months to say that they enjoy the site. We're glad to be of service and hope that you all continue to visit us :o)
29/06/2005, 07:24pm GMT
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Thanks to everyone who e-mailed me to say that BBC FOUR will be repeating the live Quatermass Experiment on Monday 04/07/2005 at 22:00pm GMT. For more details of David on TV and radio click here.
29/06/2005, 06:12am GMT
Rumours on the new series of Doctor Who are abounding in the press again, according to The Daily Star, Russell T Davies has decided not to bring Captain Jack back for Series 2 as he thinks he will get in the way of a blossoming relationship between the Doctor and Rose, however he said tht he may be seen again in Series 3!
Stephen Fry is also in the frame for writing an episode of the new series, which would be excellent news, if it comes about.
Also the official Doctor Who site has some great downloads including a clip of the regeneration scene and a 'Countdown To Christmas' screen saver!!

28/06/2005, 17:54pm GMT

Don't forget that Dixon Of Dock Green is on again tomorrow at 11:30am on Radio 4. This week's episode is called Crawford's First Pinch.
Some unsavoury postcards turn up on the Dock Green beat and the link to a recent spate of bicycle thefts makes Andy desperate to notch up his first arrest.
You can use the Listen Again feature on the Radio 4 website if you can't listen live.

28/06/2005, 17:49pm GMT
I've added some screen caps that I have made from The Quatermass Experiment here.


27/06/2005, 16:12pm GMT
Thanks to Kate who told us thatThe Daily Mirror are reporting that David may be speaking with his native Scots accent in the new series of Doctor Who. They say:
"New Dr Who David Tennant will speak in his Scots accent in the next series of the show. Scottish fans were shocked to hear the Paisley-born Tennant speaking in posh English tones during his debut as the Doctor last Saturday. It was all the more surprising because Tennant had said he hoped to give the role a tartan flavour. The accent sparked an outcry among Scottish Who fans and now producer Russell T Davies has hinted Tennant will be speaking naturally come his first full adventure at Christmas. He said: 'Every planet has a Scotland. You'll have to wait and see, there are revelations on the way.' The line about Scotland refers back to when Billie Piper asked why the Doctor - as then played by Christopher Eccleston - sounded Mancunian and he replied: 'Every planet has a North.' A BBC insider said: 'The accent will be up to what Russell and David want to do during filming."
26/06/2005, 19:12pm GMT
Jack has made some David Tennant  MSN Display Pictures and some AIM Icons for your PC.
26/06/2005, 14:53pm GMT
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Thanks to Dale who e-mailed us about David's interview at The Glastonbury Festival which was shown on BBC THREE last night. David was heading off to see The Proclaimers on the Avalon stage, he said he was rather smelly and scruffy and that he hoped his Mum wouldn't see him like that! He also said that he looked a state and that it was his usual kind of thing but that he got the vibe.
It was also hinted there will be an explanation for his lack of Scottish accent in the new series of Doctor Who and that we should all just wait and see....


24/06/2005, 16:23pm GMT

Just a quick update today, I have updated the Photos section with some screen caps that I have made from David's appearance in the 'A Lesson In Murder' of Foyle's War.

23/06/2005, 17:42pm GMT
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David is in the new issue of OK! magazine. The photo above and the following text are in issue 475:
If you're still getting over Doctor Who, you'll be pleased to hear that a Christmas Special is planned for later this year. And apparently the Time Lord will battle a bad Santa!
'Just wait til you see what we do with him' David Tennant, the new Doc, teased.
The adverts for 'The Christmas Invasion' are currently running on the BBC. Yes it is June! ;o)
22/06/2005, 16:44pm GMT
Thanks to Sam for sending us a clip of the Doctor Who regeneration scene you can see it here. The BBC have also done some brill wallpapers here.
21/06/2005, 16:01pm GMT
Don't forget that Dixon Of Dock Green is on again tomorrow at 11:30am on Radio 4.
This week's episode is called Needle in a Haystack.  A baby's life is in danger when some pep pills go missing and Dixon causes a stir at home when he offers PC Crawford the spare room.
You can use the Listen Again feature on the Radio 4 website if you can't listen live.
19/06/2005, 16:12pm GMT
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The BBC have revealed that last night's episode of Doctor Who was watched by 6.1 million viewers.
Over 41% of TV viewers chose to watch David's debut performance as the Time Lord and they saw the Doctor regenerate after a battle to save the Earth from a Dalek army. It was the most watched TV show of the evening.
Don't forget you can see screen caps from the show here.
Doctor Who The Parting Of The Ways is repeated tonight at 19.00pm GMT on BBC THREE.

19/06/2005, 16:09pm GMT
Tonight BBC THREE are offering viewers the choice of watching the usual schedule OR by pressing the Red button you can tune in to watch their three most popular shows, one of which just so happens to be Casanova. They are showing Episode one this week with screening times from 21:00pm GMT until 01:00am GMT.
So after you've finished watching the Doctor Who repeat at 19:00pm GMT you can flick the red button had even more David!
For information visit our diary page.
19/06/2005, 16:08pm GMT
Thanks to Jen for sending us some pics of David at the Royal Court Gala night in London last week. Click here to see them.
18/06/2005, 20:00pm GMT
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David made his debut as Doctor Who in tonights end of series finale.
His first words as the Doctor were 'Hello, ok, new teeth, that's weird, where was I? Oh that's right,  Barcelona.'
It was a brilliant end to a brilliant series and we're already counting the days to to the Christmas Special.
I've made some screen caps of David from the show and you can see them here.
Discuss David's debut as Doctor Who on our message board here.
17/06/2005, 16:13pm GMT
I have uploaded the last of the Casanova Screen Caps that I made for Episode 3 here. Thanks to Emerald for sending us a scan of her signed David pic you can view it here.
And I've added some more photos and info about tomorrow's Doctor Who here. Don't look if you don't want to know what happens.
16/06/2005, 15:40pm GMT
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Last night saw the BAFTA screening of 'The Parting Of The Ways' at the Princess Anne Theatre in London. If you would like to know what happens in the last episode of the current series and find out what David's first words as the Tenth Time Lord will be click here!
In a question and answer session after the screening the BBC  confirmed that they aim to have Series 2 on our screens in around March 2006 and  series 3 will follow in 2007, each series will have 13 episodes and 2 Christmas Specials.
Russell T Davies announced that Billie Piper will be staying with the show for the whole of Series 2 at the least, and that Series 2 will include trips to alien planets and the return of the Cybermen!
Talking to SFX magazine about what he thought David would bring to the role he said:
"His sheer David Tennantness. Look at him, he can do anything! And he will! This is the wonderful legacy of Chris Eccleston, he's made the part desirable to our finest actors. I'm not gonna talk to much about the tenth Doctor, 'cause the great joy of this year was that as transmission approached, no one really knew what a Chris Eccleston Doctor was going to be like. And it was a great surprise. So I'm gonna do the same with David. I'm not going to analyse him to death before you've had the chance to see him."
He also commented on whther David's Doctor would have different charcteristics to Chris Eccleston:
"The clothes will be different, 'cause it'll be David's preferences. We'd never ask him to inherit clothes from a previous Doctor. We've already talked about it in deatil and David had very precise ideas, which sound fantastic!"
Steven Moffat who wrote the two Blitz set episodes of this year's Doctor Who clearly thinks they've got the right man he told SFX "The first time I saw David Tennant he was in Blackpool. I e-mailed Russell and said 'There's Doctor Ten', but before you think I'm too clever, Russell replied 'You're not the first person to say it - in fact you're the fourth!'.
For the full interviews with Russell T Davies and Steven Moffat get this months SFX magazine out now!
*NB We have opened our new Doctor Who section today, obviously this will grow when the filming starts and the series is aired :o)
15/06/2005, 15:17pm GMT
Russell T Davies has revealed that one of the first baddies that David will do battle with is an 'evil Santa Claus' in the Christmas special! It is thought the show will be a one hour long episode. He also denied rumours of a Doctor Who movie in todays Daily Star.
15/06/2005, 14:46pm GMT
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David is the new cover star of the TV Times! It's not just any old pic though, it's the first glimpse of his new Doctor Who persona! Ooooh it's all getting rather exciting now is it not!
Thanks to Kimberly for the pic, credit goes to Outpost Gallifrey.
15/06/2005, 14:40pm GMT
Thanks to Lynn for pointing out that the new issue of the Radio Times has David listed as The Doctor alongside Christopher Eccleston in the cast list for The Parting Of The Ways. So it is looking increasingly like he will be appearing this Saturday!
The BBC are hosting a Doctor Who extravaganza on Saturday, starting at 18:15pm GMT with 'Doctor Who: The Ultimate Guide' followed by the season finale at 19:00pm GMT 'The Parting Of The Ways' both on BBC One, then over on BBC Three at 19:45pm GMT 'Doctor Who Confidential' looks back at the best bits from the ninth Doctor and Rose's adventures.
14/06/2005, 16:44pm GMT
I was very pleased to receive a letter and some signed pics from David this morning. I wrote to him a couple of weeks back to say how pleased I was that he had got the role in Doctor Who and to tell him about our site. You can read the letter and see the pics here.
14/06/2005, 16:21pm GMT
Don't forget that Dixon Of Dock Green starts tomorrow at 11:30am on Radio 4. This week's episode is called London Pride. George Dixon is showing new boy Andy Crawford the ropes on the beat of Dock Green. To PC Crawford's surprise, Dixon is prepared to bend the rules in order to arrest one of a gang of safebreakers. 
If you can't listen to it live you can use the 'Listen Again' feature here.
14/06/2005, 16:10pm GMT
Thanks to everyone who has e-mailed to say that there is a rumour going round that David will be appearing in the last episode of Doctor Who, The Parting Of The Ways, this Saturday! I honestly don't know how true this is and I can't find out any more info on it at the moment, but I reckon it could be quite possible. The BBC have updated their website with pictures from the new episode and they will be putting daily teasers on for you to download!
The press will be seeing a special screening tomorrow so we should know more about David's presence after that!
Click here to visit the BBC Doctor Who site.
12/06/2005, 18:20pm GMT
I've uploaded some more HQ Caps from episode 2 of Casanova here. Also many thanks to Sue for sending us some great scans from the CD sleeve of The Wasting, which you can see here!
11/06/2005, 15:20pm GMT
I've been making some high quality caps of Casanova for the site, I've done epiosde 1 so far and you can see them here. Cos they are a bit bigger you may have to wait a while for them to load, but they shouldn't be too bad.
11/06/2005, 13:30pm GMT
You can vote for David in the TV Quick Awards. He has been nominated in the Best Actor catergory for his role in Casanova and both Casanova and Blackpool are nominated for Best New Drama!
To vote just click here! You can only vote once so make sure you choose wisely!
10/06/2005, 15:22pm GMT
Many thanks to Kay who has sent us some brilliant Bright Young Things photos which you can see here. Also thanks to Jenny for the Dixon Of Dock Green interview which you can see here!
09/06/2005, 15:07pm GMT
We've decided to hold designated chat times on the message board the first of which will be: Saturday 11th June 2005 @ 2.00pm until 4.00pm
Chat times mean that hopefully we'll have a time to aim for to be online at the same time as other board users.
If you have any questions that you would like to ask about David then the Chat Time is good time for you to be online as hopefully Sarah and Jack will be there to answer your queries.
If you aren't registered what are you waiting for? All you need to do is think of a username, enter your e-mail address and then respond to the confirmation e-mail and hey presto you're fully signed up and ready to chat to other fans.
* Guests may also take part in the chat.
06/06/2005, 13:00pm GMT
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We're delighted to say that David Tennant won the Best Actor award at yestersdays Critics Awards for Theatre in Scotalnd (CATS). He picked up the premier accolade for stage acting in his native Scotland.
The award was for for his portrayal of Jimmy Porter in John Osborne’s Look Back in Anger in a Royal Lyceum Theatre, Edinburgh, production earlier this year.
Accepting the award at the Tollbooth in Stirling, he said it was a play he had always loved, adding: “To get a prize as well seems almost unjust. I am especially grateful to the rest of the cast, the best playmates any actor could have.”
The judges said: "David Tennant's performance swept us off our feet, electrifying and mesmerising as he paced the stage like a caged animal. Whether he was perching on furniture or strutting dictator-like, it was impossible to take your eyes off him as he summoned up the hateful but irresistible Jimmy Porter".
Congratulations David!
We have added some pics from the ceremony here and you can read a couple of articles about the win here.
Photo Credit: The Scotsman.
05/06/2005, 15:40pm GMT
The last two episodes of the latest series of Doctor Who can be seen on BBC One. This Saturday 11th June 2005, ' Bad Wolf ' will be shown and next Saturday 18th June 2005 the final episode ' Parting Of The Ways ' will air, they are well worth tuning in for as they will be the build up to the dramatic Dalek War that will see the regeneration of the Doctor and the take over of the role by David Tennant.
The photo below shows the Doctor, currently played by Christopher Eccleston, shown as a hologram in the last episode after a dramatic battle with the daleks.
The BBC have issued the following press release for ' The Parting Of The Ways ' :
The Doctor's travels reach a terrifying conclusion as the Earth is plunged into an all out war, in the final episode of the popular series written by Russell T Davies.
Rose Tyler has faced danger and seen wonders alongside the Doctor, but now their friendship is put to the test as Earth plunges into an epic war. With the human race being slaughtered, the Doctor is forced into terrible actions. Will the time travellers ever be reunited?
Thanks to Lynn for saying that rumours are abounding that David may well appear in 'The Parting Of The Ways'  on Doctor Who fansites. I don't know the likelyhood of that as most sources seem to say that his first appearance will be in the Christmas Special, but you never know, fingers crossed eh!
Meanwhile yet another BBC spokesman, (they must have them stored in cupboards they seem to have so many!), has confirmed that although Billie Piper will return to star alongside David in Series Two they can not confirm for how many episodes as they are still awaiting confirmation the storylines.
David has speaking about his new role too.  He was asked how long he'd been signed to appear in Doctor Who. In response he said "Let's get through one at a time. I'd love to do 100 years but they might sack me." He added: "The expectations are fierce".
04/06/2005, 15:40pm GMT
Click on a pic to enlarge!
David is currently featured in the latest issues of Hello! and OK! magazine. Hello! has a feature about the Billie Piper 'will she won't she quit Doctor Who' story saying that despite the fact that she had lunch with David at The Wolsey restarant in London she is still leaving the show. Billie has of course since denied this rumour and confirmed she has not quit and will continue to play Rose Tyler next season.
OK! has much the same report saying the usual thing that Billie is going and suggesting replacements if she does go. They also referred to David as Neil Tennant, who if I'm not mistaken is actually the lead singer from the Pet Shop Boys! Both magazines are out now!
04/06/2005, 16:35pm GMT
I have adeed a new Radio section to the site for info on the radio shows that David will be doing. 
I've also uploaded 4 brand new exclusive wallpapers to the Downloads section.
Many thanks to Kay for sending us some fabulous photos of David in the film  we've just uploaded them for your viewing pleasure.
I've tracked down a couple of new DVDs that feature David there's the 'Lesson In Murder' episode of Foyle's War and the British comedy Being Considered you can buy them through links in our Shop.
And we're pleased to say the message board is now fully functional and back online here!
03/06/2005, 14:51pm GMT
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Dixon Of Dock Green airs on Radio 4 from Wednesday 15th June 2005.
The BBC have issued the following press release:
Fifty years after he uttered his first "Evenin' all", the most beloved of British bobbies is back on the beat on BBC Radio 4. PC George Dixon – star of TV's longest-running police series – returns to Dock Green for six new stories, updated for a modern audience, with David Calder in the title role.
"The announcement about the radio series really seemed to capture people's imaginations," says Calder, pictured above with co stars Charlie Brooks and David Tennant. "It took me by surprise at first, but of course so many people have good memories of the original. It's delightful to be revisiting something that's so well-known and loved."
02/06/2005, 15:45pm GMT
Click to enlarge!
This is the first photo be released from the set of Secret Smile and the first photo of David as a psycho stalker!
Source: The Sun
01/06/2005, 16:09pm GMT
Russell T Davies is in the latest issue of the Radio Times talking about whether he thinks David will make a different type of Doctor to Christopher Eccleston...
'He'll be different. He'll have his own traits. I'm writing that
now. The marvellous thing is that the Doctor is still fundamentally
the Doctor, no matter what happens to him. What's good about having
a new lead actor is it stops anyone getting complacent, because it
has to be as good for David's sake.'
01/06/2005, 16:03pm GMT
Click to enlarge!
As we told you last week David attended the first night of Arthur Miller’s Death of a Salesman at the Lyric Theatre with his, Bright Young Things co star Fenella Woolgar. Above is a picture of them taken from The Times. Thanks to Carys.
01/06/2005, 16:00pm GMT
OK a couple of minor updates today, I've updated the News Archive with all of last months news and updates and I've added a couple of new sites to the Links page.