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March 2009

30/03/2009, 16:29pm GMT
From Shakespeare - With Love Released 1st April
Naxos Audio Books have kindly sent us the following info on David's latest audio book:

Imagine David Tennant wooing you with Shakespeare’s immortal lines of love in his seductive Scottish accent...

From Shakespeare – with love is a collection of Shakespeare’s finest sonnets which celebrates the 400th anniversary of their first publication in 1609. David Tennant, Anton Lesser and Juliet Stevenson are among the magnificent cast of actors who illuminate the emotional depth and the poetic ingenuity of this exquisite sonnet cycle.

David Tennant performs Shakespeare again after his acclaimed performance as Hamlet in the recent RSC production.

Released to coincide with the 400th anniversary of the first publication of the sonnets.

A cast of leading actors perform fresh and exciting interpretations of the sonnets.

  • Available for pre order in our shop here.
  • Listen to a clip of David reading Shakespeare here.
  • Download an eCard to send your friends here.

    27/03/2009, 13:18pm GMT
    Planet Of The Dead Press Release
    The BBC Press Office have released the following synopsis of the Doctor Who Easter Special, Planet Of The Dead:
    When a London bus takes a detour to an alien world, the Doctor must join forces with the extraordinary Lady Christina, in this one-off seasonal special. But the mysterious planet holds terrifying secrets, hidden in the sand. And time is running out, as the deadly Swarm gets closer.
    Planet Of The Dead features David Tennant as the Doctor, Michelle Ryan as Lady Christina and Lee Evans as Malcolm. It is written by Russell T Davies and Gareth Roberts.
    There is sill no exact air date but it is expected to be shown on the Easter weekend of the 11th and 12th of April.
    26/03/2009, 08:41am GMT
    David On The Christian O'Connell Show
    David called in to The Christian O'Connell Show yesterday morning, you can listen to what he had to say here by downloading an MP3 of the best bits. It's about 13 minutes into the clip.
    24/03/2009, 15:52pm GMT
    BAFTA Nominations Revealed
    Two of David's recent projects have received nominations at the 2009 BAFTA Awards.
    Doctor Who has been nominated in the Drama Series category. Also nominated in that cateogory are Shameless, Spooks and Wallander.
    And Einstein And Eddington is in the Single Drama category alongside Hancock And Joan, White Girl and The Shooting Of Thomas Hurndall.
    The awards take place on Sunday 26th April. You can view the full list of nominations here.
    21/03/2009, 08:29am GMT
    Last Update: 21/03/2009, 20:23pm
    More Planet Of The Dead Photos
    March 21 2009 04:14:10. March 21 2009 04:14:18. March 21 2009 04:14:16.
    Some new images from the Doctor Who Easter Special, Planet Of The Dead, have been released. Click here to view the full set but please note that they do contain spoilers!
    * More images added
    March 21 2009 04:21:59. March 21 2009 04:22:01. March 21 2009 04:22:03.
    Some new filming photos have also been released and can be seen here.
    19/03/2009, 08:04am GMT
    David's Doctor Who Video Diary Part 4
    David keeps his cool in freezing conditions to talk with Michelle Ryan, James Strong and Sarah Davies about wire work, broken buses and killer cats.
    March 19 2009 04:33:14. March 19 2009 04:33:15. March 19 2009 04:33:15.
    New Planet Of The Dead Images
    March 21 2009 16:19:22. March 21 2009 16:19:25. March 21 2009 16:19:17.
    It's getting nearer by the day and now to get you even more excited about Planet Of The Dead we have some fab new pics of David as the Doctor. You can view the whole set of pics here.
    Thanks to Ben Evans.

    16/03/2009, 12:54pm GMT
    Comic Relief Update

    You can watch David revealing the final total on Comic Relief alongside Alan Carr, Catherine Tate and Graham Norton above. You can still donate online at

    15/03/2009, 15:28pm GMT
    David And Davina On Mastermind
    You can watch David displaying his Doctor Who knowledge on the Comic Relief Mastermind special above.
    Please remember you can still donate online at
    March 15 2009 11:03:31. March 15 2009 11:03:32. March 15 2009 11:03:32.
    The official Red Nose Day stills have been released you can see the full set here.
    14/03/2009, 08:56am GMT
    Last Update: 14/03/2009, 16:29pm
    Comic Relief Update
    Comic Relief has raised a record 57m smashing the previous best of 40.5m the last time the charity TV event was held in 2007.
    A Comic Relief spokeswoman said: "We've had an absolutely phenomenal campaign. The overwhelming total goes to show that even in this economic slump and time of belt-tightening the great British public has still found a way to dig deep and give to those less fortunate than themselves. Comic Relief would like to thank each and every person who donated or gave their time to do something funny for money. We couldn’t have done it without you."
    David had a busy night, as well as hosting the opening segment of the show he competed in Mastermind...
    March 14 2009 09:27:11. March 14 2009 09:27:14. March 14 2009 09:27:13.
    Managed to snog the gorgeous Davina McCall..
    March 14 2009 12:19:39. March 14 2009 12:19:40. March 14 2009 12:19:42.
    And performed with Franz Ferdinand on a special Top Of The Pops!
    March 14 2009 12:21:47. March 14 2009 12:21:46. March 14 2009 12:21:52.
    If you missed any of the action you can watch it all again via the BBC iplayer here for the next 7 days!
    And don't forget that you can still donate very easily in the following ways..
    By Text: Text 'Yes' to 66609 from your mobile and 5 will go directly to Comic Relief.
    13/03/2009, 09:52am GMT
    Last Update: 17:32pm
    Red Nose Day
    Graham Norton, Davina McCall, Jonathan Ross & David Tennant
    Red Nose Day is, quite simply, a day like no other! Take some fantastic fundraising in schools, offices and homes across the land, mix it with the nation’s favourite celebrities getting up to all kinds of mischief, sprinkle a new Red Nose (or three!) across the entire UK and add a cracking night of comedy on BBC One to make Red Nose Day the phenomenon it is.
    All this funny business unites the nation in trying to make a difference to the lives of thousands of people – and the best thing is - it works!
    Don't forget that you can catch David presenting the first hour of Comic Relief with the lovely Davina McCall from 7pm on BBC One tonight and stay tuned for the whole night as it looks set to be a fabulous show. The full schedule for David's hour of the show can be seen below:
    7:00pm David Tennant and Davina McCall kick of the fundraising extravaganza. The fun begins with a special edition of Harry Hill's TV Burp, The Saturdays performing their Comic Relief single and Ronnie Corbett landing in a Sarah Jane Adventure.
    7:30pm David and Davina go head to head as they take to the Mastermind chair, Outnumbered kids outsmart the adults, and there are highlights from Let's Dance For Comic Relief.
    Then at 10pm turn over to BBC Two where David will be presenting a link on Top Of The Pops!
    Fans on our forum have got lots of fundraising ideas going on today so why not join them here
    You can view loads of great videos for Red Nose Day on You Tube here.
    And most importantly you can donate online easily by visiting
    10/03/2009, 13:38pm GMT
    Comic Relief Schedule
    As you all know it's Red Nose Day on Friday and David will be presenting the first hour of Comic Relief.
    The schedule for David's hour of the show has now been revealed but please do bear in mind that as this is a live show times etc are subject to change:
    7:00pm David Tennant and Davina McCall kick of the fundraising extravaganza. The fun begins with a special edition of Harry Hill's TV Burp, The Saturdays performing their Comic Relief single and Ronnie Corbett landing in a Sarah Jane Adventure.
    7:30pm David and Davina go head to head as they take to the Mastermind chair, Outnumbered kids outsmart the adults, and there are highlights from Let's Dance For Comic Relief.
    To donate to Comic Relief please click here.
    David On SFX Cover
    Click to enlarge pic!
    David will be featured alongside his Doctor Who co star Michelle Ryan on the cover of this month's SFX magazine.
    The mag, released on Wednesday 11th March 2009, will feature an interview with Russell T Davies about the forthcoming Doctor Who specials.
    New Doctor Who Audio Books Released
    March 10 2009 09:57:43. March 10 2009 09:57:43. March 10 2009 09:57:44.
    Click a pic to enlarge!
    Three new Doctor Who audio books are to be released on Thursday 12th March 2009.
    Shining Darkness, The Doctor Trap and Ghosts Of India all feature the Doctor and Donna as portrayed by David and Catherine Tate in the TV series.
    They will be narrated by Doctor Who actors Russell Tovey, David Troughton and Debbie Chazen. You can buy them online in shop here.
    06/03/2009, 20:27pm GMT
    David's Doctor Who Video Diary Part 3

    It's a busman's holiday for David as he chats to the cast and crew of Planet Of The Dead about late nights, famous godparents and stripey scarves.

    March 06 2009 15:31:22. March 06 2009 15:31:22. March 06 2009 15:31:22.


    04/03/2009, 16:58pm GMT
    Radio Times Cover For Comic Relief
    Click pic to enlarge!

    The Radio Times has taken the unprecedented step of producing its latest issue with 21 different covers, featuring various stars to mark next week's Red Nose Day. A cover featuring David will be available on Scottish newsstands. "Radio Times readers have an amazing track record in donating stupendous amounts for Comic Relief, so let's hope that the 2009 fundraising easily matches our past efforts," said the Radio Times editor, Gill Hudson. Radio Times is out now.