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July 2005

30/07/2005, 09:22am GMT
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Our thanks go to Shobna once again for sending us some photos of David on the set of Doctor Who in Camberwell, London. Yesterday was the end of filming there and Monday will see the cast and crew start filiming in Cardiff, South Wales. You can see pics from the set here. I have also scanned some pics from the press here.
29/07/2005, 09:24am GMT
David and Billie are in today's issue of The Sun make sure you grab it for your cuttings collections!
Here's Doctor Who David Tennant - in the first scenes for his new role.
The Time Lord clutches the hand of assistant Rose Tyler, played by Billie Piper, as they film on a South London council estate.
And the pair have already travelled in time - this is the CHRISTMAS special.
The Tardis was sprinkled in fake snow while a trio of killer robot Santas added to the chilling plotline. 

David, 33, donned a natty pinstripe suit for one scene with Billie, 22 - before changing into a leather jacket. 

As The Sun has revealed, Xmas becomes a time of terror in the hit BBC1 show.Mankind is threatened by alien Sycorax in the one-off, followed by the second series to be screened in Spring. 

Casanova star David - the tenth Doctor - must save the planet. But in one scene he and Rose run off.
28/07/2005,15:24pm GMT
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Thanks again to Shobna for sending us some more photos of David on the set of Doctor Who. The pics show David and Billie filming for 'The Christmas Invasion' earlier today. Click here to see more.
28/07/2005,14:11pm GMT
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The above photo of David Tennant with Billie Piper on the set of Doctor Who appeared in today's Daily Star.
There is also an interview with David in today's issue of The Sun, which you can read here.
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Thanks to Heather for sending us the above photo of David from a 2002 Christmas advert for Boots.
27/07/2005,17:44pm GMT
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Thanks very much to Shobna for sending us some photos of David on the set of Doctor Who, reading through his lines with Billie Piper, earlier today. You can see more here.
27/07/2005,16:50pm GMT
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The BBC are having a debate about David's new 'geek chic' look as the tenth Doctor Who, over on their website.  There's an article about how David's look compares to that of the past Doctors here. The look has got the thumbs up from users of our forum, but you can let everyone know what you think here. Thanks to Janet for the info.
26/07/2005, 09:28am GMT
Scotland are launching their very own Style Awards and David has been nominated in the Most Stylish Male catergory. The full list of nominees are as follows:

Alan Cumming
Ewan McGregor
Jamie Byng
David Tennant
Dougray Scott
Dougie Anderson

The event wil take place at The Tramway in Glasgow, on Friday 30th September.


25/07/2005, 16:29pm GMT
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The Official BBC Doctor Who site has had a new Doctor revamp and here are the first official pics of David in cotume as the Doctor! Click here to see more pics!
The site says: 
David Tennant today steps into the role of the tenth Time Lord, as filming commences on the highly anticipated Christmas special and second series of Doctor Who for BBC ONE. Billie Piper returns as the Doctor's feisty young companion, Rose Tyler, and together they will travel through time and space battling new and returning aliens and monsters.  David Tennant says of his striking new look: "I think we've come up with something distinctive that's both timeless and modern, with a bit of geek chic and of course, a dash of Time Lord! Most importantly Billie tells me she likes it – after all she's the one who has to see me in it for the next nine months! " Billie Piper, who will star alongside Tennant in the Christmas special and all 13 episodes in series two, says: "I'm thrilled to be stepping back into the role of Rose. We plan to make series two even bigger and better and challenge the viewers' imaginations like never before. Wait until you get a load of the new doctor!" Russell T Davies, writer and Executive Producer, adds: "We were delighted and honoured by the first series' success, and we can promise new thrills, new laughs, new heartbreak, and some terrifying new aliens. The Doctor and Rose are destined to meet Queen Victoria, an evil race of Cat Women, and the dreaded Cybermen. 2006 is going to be scarier than ever!" Filming of the 60 minute Christmas episode kicks off in London and continues in various locations across Wales, predominantly in Cardiff. Christmas becomes a time of terror for Planet Earth, as the whole of mankind falls under the shadow of the alien Sycorax. Rose needs the Doctor's help, but can she trust a man with a new face?
23/07/2005, 13:29pm GMT
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David is being linked to another beautiful actress in today's Sunday People. They say he is dating 22 year old Keira Malik who will star with him in the ITV thriller Secret Smile.
23/07/2005, 08:39am GMT
The recent live episode of The Quatermass Experiment will be released by the BBC on DVD. According to DWM, David has been recording a commentory for the disc. More info as we get it.
22/07/2005, 13:39pm GMT
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David started work on Doctor Who yesterday, the press have a bit about his first day here:
Billie Piper and the new Doctor Who David Tennant look like they're getting on famously after their first day of filming together. The pair shared a joke as they left the BBC's Cardiff studios after beginning work on the new series of the sci-fi hit.
They were joined by comedy star Stephen Fry who is writing part of the series and Billie's boyfriend, law student Armandu Sowe.
Tennant said he had been looking forward to working with Miss Piper who plays his assistant Rose saying 'I didn't know her before, but obviously I've been admiring her in the show. She's just great. Fantastic. Just absolutely perfect. Spunky and quick and sexy... Just the ideal companion really. So I'm very very pleased that she's doing the whole series.'
The Scottish actor takes over from Christopher Eccleston in the forthcoming series.
Tennant said, 'Chris was so good in it, so sure footed with what he did, so it left me thinking, there's an awful lot to live up to here! I just hope people like it. I hope they stick with it and give it a chance. I know everyone loved Chris, and so did I, but hopefully I won't dissapoint people!'
Thanks go to SoakyBlokey on our forum for posting the above artice!
21/07/2005, 17:59pm GMT
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We've got the eagerly anticipated Doctor Who magazine interview with David online for you here and you can see some pics from the mag here. To subscribe to monthly issues of DWM online go to Panini Comics, alternatively fill out a form in the current issue, which is out now priced at 3.99. You will be able to find it at WH Smiths.
21/07/2005, 17:56pm GMT
Outpost Gallifrey has learned that production on the second series of "Doctor Who" begins this coming Friday, 22 July. Like last year, it is expected that the first day to several days will incorporate action sequences with the principal actors - Billie Piper and David Tennant - joining the production within the week. Locations have been scouted for the first production, The Christmas Invasion, which includes locations in Newport; as we previously reported, this will include Christmas-time decor in storefronts, and several area retailers have cooperated with the production.
21/07/05, 17:48pm GMT
Blue Peter are running a competition to design a monster for David's Doctor to fight in the new series. You must be 15 or under to enter. The winning monster will be used in the new series and the winning designer will get to visit the set of Doctor Who in Wales!
It must be a prosthetic monster, which means that an actor must be able to wear a costume to become your creation. The competition is split into three age catergories and full details can be found on the Blue Peter website.
More great news for kids (big ones as well!) is that the new Doctor Who figurines will be available at the end of the month. The first set will feature Christopher Eccleston as the Doctor, but there are plans to replace him for David, as the new Doctor to be on sale in 2006.
Starburst Interview!
20/07/05, 12:08pm GMT
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Thanks to Lynn for sending us a preview of an interview from Starburst magazine. They caught up with David in the USA. You can read it here. The full interview will be in the September issue of Starburst.
20/07/05, 10:38am GMT
Don't forget that Dixon Of Dock Green is on again today at 11:30am on Radio 4. It is the last episode this week's and it's called Roaring Boy. Mary and Andy have some exciting news for George but George is nowhere to be found - and on the other side of Dock Green a desperate young man with a gun is on the run.. You can use the Listen Again feature on the Radio 4 website if you can't listen live.
19/07/2005, 01:10pm GMT
Viva Blackpool will be start on Sunday 23rd October 2005 on BBC America. More deatils to follow. You can read a quick interview with David at the BBC America press launch here. Thanks to Lynn.
19/07/2005, 12:55pm GMT
According to today's issue of The Daily Star David is dating his Blackpool co star Sarah Parish.  Here's what they say:
Doctor Who in waiting David Tennant is playing Casanova to the beautiful Sarah Parish - despite our ill-informed rivals insisting oherwise.
Back in April, we told you how they had just begun dating when they were spotted leaving the BAFTA awards together. So how delighted were we when our snitch at Heathrow Airport spotted the Cutting It beauty and David kissing and cuddling after landing following a romantic break in LA.
Our man on the runway said "There was no doubt about it, they are boyfriend and girlfriend and they looked very much in love. When they realised they were being watched they tried to hide and left very quickly in seperate cars."
David has previously been linked in the press to Louise Delamere and Amy Nuttall. David and Sarah were in America to promote the launch of Blackpool in the States.
18/07/2005, 17:04pm GMT
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Thank you very much to, 'Gin Soaked',  a kind visitor to the site who sent us this preview of the latest issue of Doctor Who Magazine.
As you can see David is the cover star and it will include his first full interview about his new role as the Doctor. You can also find out how the regeneration scene was shot and whether the rumours that he'll be wearing a kilt are true.
The magazine is on sale on Thursday 21st July priced at 3.99.
We'll have the interview, photos etc on the site as soon as possible.
16/07/2005, 08:36am GMT
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David is currently over in the USA promoting the launch of Blackpool, renamed Viva Blackpool, on BBC America. He attended a panel discussion, alongiside his co star Sarah Parish, at the BBC America 2005 Television Critics Association Press Tour at the Beverly Hilton Hotel, in Beverly Hills Calafornia. For more pics click here.
14/07/2005, 17:03pm GMT
Many thanks to Jeeshee from our Forum who has made some excellent avatars for everyone to use. Click here to view the full selection.
13/07/2005, 17:08pm GMT
Loads of updates today. Firstly thanks very much to Lynn for sending us some great interviews with David, you can read them here.  I've also added a reviews section to the site for press revies etc, if you would like a review you have written to go on the Fans Reveiws page then send it to me at
I've uploaded some screen caps of The Last September that I have made here. And lastly I've updated the Diary page with new dates.
12/07/05, 19:38pm GMT
Don't forget that Dixon Of Dock Green is on again tomorrow at 11:30am on Radio 4. This week's episode is called Rock, Rattle and Roll. When a fanatical Spurs fan has his prized football rattle stolen, an FA cup tie provides the perfect excuse for a weekend away in Blackpool for Andy and Mary. You can use the Listen Again feature on the Radio 4 website if you can't listen live.
12/07/05, 19:35pm GMT
Thanks to Kelly-Ann for telling us that David's character Barty Crouch Jr will be in the opening scene of the latest Harry Potter Movie, Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire! If you would like further details of the film clcik here. Courtesy of Mugglenet.
05/07/2005, 16:38pm GMT

Don't forget that Dixon Of Dock Green is on again tomorrow at 11:30am on Radio 4. This week's episode is called Dixie.  When things go missing from the Dixon household Doris, the downtrodden girl from next door, is exposed as a petty thief. But it's Mary Dixon who comes to her rescue, against George's wishes, and who earns the admiration of Andy Crawford. You can use the Listen Again feature on the Radio 4 website if you can't listen live.


05/07/2005, 16:22pm GMT

The Daily Star are reporting in today's issue on a comment made by Russell T Davies regarding David's costume as the next Doctor Who. They say:
Doctor Who fans could be in for a shock when new Timelord David Tennant starts his adventures.
Show writer Russell T Davies revealed he might put the hunky star in drag! Viewers saw outgoing Doctor Christopher Eccleston regenerate into Tennant in the final episode of the last series.
David, who has starred in Casanova, was seen inside the Tardis morphing into the old Doctor's body - and his trademark black leather jacket - after defeating the daleks.
But Russell has hinted that he may do something 'dramatic' when it comes to choosing an outfit for his new Timelord traveller.
He joked "What about drag? I can't rule anything out. With Chris gone it wouldn't be right to put David into his old clothes. He needs something new. To be honest we haven't discussed costumes for him. But I would want to give him a totally different look."
Meanwhile it has been revealed that Scottish David will be keeping his accent when the series returns for a one off Christmas special. Telly fans were amazed that when he regenerated as the new Doctor last month he spoke with a posh English accent. That left Scottish viewers baffled as to what was going on. Now Russell has revealed that the star will revert to his native accent during the series. He said 'Every planet has a Scotland. You'll have to wait and see what we do. There are revelations on the way'.
*NB Sarah is away until Friday, so she says she will answer any e-mails sent to her then. :o) - Jack.
03/07/2005, 19:52pm GMT
David's childhood hero has given him the thumbs up for his Doctor Who debut. Wales On Sunday reports:
New Doctor Who David Tennant has been given an intergalatic seal of approval by his hero, former Timelord Tom Baker.
Paisley-born Tennant, 34,  has said Baker's performance in the BBC series inspired him to become an actor.
Tom, 72, said: "It makes me feel very happy and proud.
"I have caught a glimpse of Tennant and he has a kind of mercurial quality.
"I suppose it's star quality. You can believe he has secrets. I'm looking forward to David being hugely successful."
Casanova star Tennant will star in the Christmas special.
Tom starred as the Timelord for seven years from 1974.
03/07/2005, 18:48pm GMT
According to today's People newspaper, David has signed a contract to do the next three series of Doctor Who for the BBC. Each series will include 13 episodes and a Christmas Special. They also say that the new series will be aired in February 2006. To read the full article from the People click here.
01/07/2005, 14:58am GMT
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The above photo of David is taken from the this weeks TV Times. It shows David in the new ITV thriller, Secret Smile, which he will be starring in later this year. To read the interview that accompanies the picture click here.
01/07/2005, 14:48am GMT
Many thanks to Lynn for letting us know that you can listen to the Radio 1 interview with David at The Glastonbury Festival online here
You need to listen to The Magical Mystery Tour Part 4.
01/07/2005, 10:08am GMT
I've just uploaded some screen caps that I have made of David in the comedy film Being Considered. I've also added all of last months news and update sto the News Archive. Plus there's more TV been added to the Diary.
01/07/2005, 08:41am GMT
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The Television Critics Association press tour will be showcasing Blackpool in Los Angeles this month. The show which will be shown on BBC America will be renamed Viva Blackpool for the US audience.
Kathryn Mitchell, who joined BBC America as general manager in January, said the network is particularly seeking to lure more women, younger viewers and people who live "in the middle of the country."
She described "Viva Blackpool" as a "very different" show with a "karaoke approach" to song-and-dance routines using an eclectic mix of music ranging from Elvis Presley to Billy Idol songs. The hourlong series -- which stars David Morrissey, Sarah Parish and David Tennant -- tells the story of Ripley Holden, a wannabe Donald Trump who dreams of creating his own Las Vegas. The show will be shown in six hourly installments.
01/07/2005, 08:30am GMT
Canadian fans will be pleased to know that the second series of Doctor Who, starring David Tennant as the Doctor will be screened there next year.
Doctor Who writer Russell T. Davies said "We're delighted to have the CBC on board for another season. They have been the perfect partner on Doctor Who - sharing the editorial vision at the outset, then running a strong campaign from sexy posters to slick witty trailers, and best of all having the confidence to schedule the series in a big showy prime time slot."
"Once again Canadian viewers will be amongst the first to see the adventure. It all kicks off with a Christmas Special - just wait till you see what we do with Santa..."
01/07/2005, 08:26am GMT
David is in the current issue of the TV Times talking about his role Doctor Who. We'll have the interview up on the site later.
Andrew Marr also mentioned meeting David at a charity function at Downing Street in his Telegraph colum, he said of their meeting: "David Tennant told me he was off to Glastonbury with a tent to get covered in mud. As he said, rather wistfully, it was probably the last time he'd be able to do something like that without being mobbed."