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August 2005

12/08/2005, 09:58am GMT
As you know David will be on Blue Peter next week, and younger fans can ask him a question, the Blue Peter website says:
Are you a 'Doctor Who' fan? Did you enter the 'Doctor Who' Monster competition? The new Doctor, David Tennant, will be in the studio on August 17th to announce the winner!

If you'd like to ask David a question or send him a message, get in touch and your question or message could be read out on the show!

If you'd prefer to text in your question or message from your mobile phone, text 'BP' and then start your message with 'Doctor'. Send to 62222. Operators' standard text rates apply. Ask permission before sending us a text message.

Click here to send your message via e-mail.

11/08/2005, 17:50pm GMT
We've joined forces with the Preston Time Meddlers on a 10th Doctor Forum, you can join here.
Many thanks to Judith for some 'interesting' pictures of David from an appearance in Rab C Nesbitt ;o) You can see them here.
11/08/2005, 09:40am GMT
David will be in the Blue Peter studio on Wednesday 17th August, along with Doctor Who writer Russell T Davies, to reveal the winners of the Doctor Who competition. The show starts at 5:00pm on BBC1.
11/08/2005, 09:30am GMT
Mike Collins, the man who illustrates the Doctor Who magazine comic strip, has been talking about going back to the drawing board and learning to draw David , just as he had got used to etching Christopher Eccleston! He told BBC Wales:
"I had just got to the stage when I can draw Christopher Eccleston quite comfortably," he said. "But I have no problems, he has made a decision that was interesting for the show. "It is a fresh new broom - David Tennant has a great face, and I have to get it right as he is a big fan and is going to read it."
To read the full interview click here.
11/08/2005, 10:18am GMT
Any young fans of David or in fact fans with young children may be interested to know that the latest audio CD narrated by David, the brilliant children's book 'The Beasts Of Clawstone Castle', is on offer at Amazon.  The CD was reviewed in The Independent earlier this week. They say:
David Tennant's reading of The Beasts of Clawstone Castle (Macmillan CD/cassette 13) is the one to get. Like most of Britain, I am in love with the new Doctor Who, but he is even better as a reader than as an actor, and shares Miranda Richardson's insane glee in realising eccentric characters. Eva Ibbotson's thespian ghosts, determined to rescue the snow-white cattle of a crumbling Northern castle by staging dramatic hauntings for tourists, get the full treatment, with dreamy, spooky music to calm things down in between. Especially good at mad, posh voices, Tennant renders Rolf, the rat-gnawed aristocratic spook, so well that my children were begging to go back into the hot car to hear what happened next.
It is currently on sale at Amazon for just 7.80! Click here to purchase it.
11/08/2005, 09:10am GMT
I have scanned the new photos of David from the latest issue of Starburst. You can see them here.
09/08/2005, 21:10pm GMT
I have uploaded some caps from Episode 1 of Blackpool, you can see them here. They are large files so may take a while to load.

09/08/2005, 15:42pm GMT
Many thanks to 'whovian' from our formus who has sent us some rumoured storylines and details for some of the new episodes of Doctor Who. If you would like to read the rumours click here.
08/08/2005, 15:03pm GMT
The interview with David from the current issue of Starburst magazine has now been added for all site visitors to view. You can read it here. Starburst is on sale now priced at 3.99.

08/08/2005, 15:00pm GMT
The popular Who Spy feature has retuned to the BBC's Doctor Who site. You can view the first photos here.

06/08/2005, 16:17pm GMT
I have scanned the photos that accompany David's interview in Now Magazine here. I have also scanned a pic from yesterday's issue of The Sun here. Today's Daily Mirror covers the story about flash photography interrupting filming Doctor Who in Cardiff. You can read it here.
05/08/2005, 15:00pm GMT
I've made some caps from David's interview with the BBC News. Many thanks to Sue who recorded it for me :) You can see them here.
I've also added a new interview and photo of David to the Members Only section.
04/08/2005, 15:40pm GMT
There is an interview with David in the current issue of Now magazine. You can read it here. Now magazine is out now and is priced 1.00.
04/08/2005, 09:59am GMT
I have uploaded some caps of David from Takin' Over The Asylum. You can see them here. Many thanks to Bex from

03/08/2005, 20:29pm GMT
The Official Doctor Who Website has posted an important notice for those of you lucky enough to be able to go along and watch David, Billie and the rest of the cast and crew filming the new series of Doctor Who. They say:
Doctor Who is now filming - it may even be in your area, as we speak. If you find out that Doctor Who is filming near you, and plan on turning up to watch, then can we ask that you respect the wishes of the cast and crew and follow any instructions that are given to you by security and staff on set?
The most important request is please don't take photographs during an actual take. Filming last week was disrupted both by cameras with flash, and those that made a "beep" every time they took a picture. Both are enough to stop a take, and it takes a long time for the entire cast and crew to reset for another go.
If in doubt, please don't take any pictures at all, but, if you must, please ensure that your flash and any sounds are turned off.
Everyone is working very hard to make the best possible programme. We don't advertise where we're filming as large crowds cause added disruption, both to a tight schedule and to people who live and work in the surrounding area. Sadly, this also means that we can't confirm rumours of upcoming locations.
02/08/2005,16:26pm GMT
Click to enlarge!
Many thanks to John Williams and our friends at Outpost Gallifrey for the above photo taken of David and Billie Piper filming in Cardiff yesterday.
Alot of the newspapers have reported on the first day of filming in Wales, this piece comes from The Scotsman:
FILMING has started on the new series of Dr Who. The makers of the hit TV series took over a restaurant in the Mermaid Quay area of Cardiff Bay for a morning shoot. A 13-part series of the BBC show will be aired sometime in the spring following a Christmas special. New Doctor Who David Tennant was filming along with Billie Piper.
Kids news show Newsround has also been chatting to David you can read the interview here.
01/08/2005,19:26pm GMT
Members of our forum can now access the Members Only section of the site and read an interview with David from the current issue of Starburst magazine. Many thanks to Judith for the scans.
01/08/2005,19:21pm GMT
David and Billie Piper were interviewed on the set of Doctor Who in Cardiff for Wales Today. Welsh fans can see the interview at 22:25pm
You can also see the interview on the Wales Today website.
01/08/2005,14:22pm GMT
Click to enlarge!
David was again featured in the Daily Star newspaper today, I have scanned the photo above.
Doctor Who has been voted as the No.1 British fantasy TV show of all time by SFX magazine. You can read more about that here.
01/08/2005, 14:20pm GMT, edit 16:42pm GMT
Thanks to everyone who emailed us to say that David was on the BBC news at lunchtime talking about Doctor Who. It is currently also being shown on BBC News 24. We're hoping that it will be repeated tonight at 6.00pm on BBC1. You can watch the interview online here.
This waht BBC Online say:
New Doctor Who star David Tennant said it was "pretty daunting" to play the sci-fi character, as filming of new episodes began in Cardiff.
Ex-Casanova star Tennant, 34, said it was an intimidating role because "the series is so huge". "I'm aware of all that but I try to keep it in my back pocket and just get on with the job," he added. A 13-part series of the BBC TV show will follow a Christmas special, with scenes shot in London on Friday.
Ratings success
Tennant, a long-term Doctor Who fan, also said he was excited about beginning work on the show. "It's great - you get to play a Time Lord and have a Tardis. You can't knock that," he said. Revived after a 16-year absence, Doctor Who proved to be a ratings success on its return in March.
Tennant replaced Christopher Eccleston in the lead role, appearing briefly at the end of the last series in June. Last week the Doctor's "striking" new outfit was revealed, consisting of a striped suit, trenchcoat and trainers. Billie Piper returns as companion Rose, with a cameo appearance by Buffy the Vampire Slayer star Anthony Head. The 60-minute Christmas special tells of the earth being under threat from alien Sycorax and features actress Penelope Wilton. The Cybermen will return in the new series, and the Doctor and Rose will meet Queen Victoria and an evil race of Cat Women. One episode will be written by comedian Stephen Fry while The League of Gentleman star Mark Gattis will once again contribute to the writing.

01/08/2005, 09:20am GMT
Click to enlarge!
Don't forget that the fabulous Blackpool is released on DVD today! You can buy it online at  If anyone wants to write a review of it for our Fans Reviews page then please email us at Thanks!