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September 2005

28/09/2005, 16:14pm GMT
The Official Doctor Who site has added some more details about the Children In Need dinner:
David Tennant, Billie Piper, Russell T Davies, Julie Gardner and Phil Collinson will be hosting a unique event for 500 guests in support of BBC Children in Need.

The Doctor Who Galactic Dinner takes place in Cardiff on Friday October 14 at the Holland House hotel.

With tickets costing 100 each, the event isn't intended for children, but offers their parents a chance to see Doctor Who in a more relaxed gathering.

The black tie evening includes a drinks reception, three course meal, with Russell T Davies acting as auctioneer, and taking part in a question and answer session with David Tennant and Billie Piper.

Tickets cost 100 per head and can by obtained by calling the following number: 029 2032 3855.

28/09/2005, 16:07pm GMT
The ABC network will be showing Casanova in Australia soon. Click here for more details.
25/09/2005, 20:37pm GMT
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David and Billie are on the front cover of the new issue of SFX, out on Wednesday 28th September 2005. The issue is available with two covers, one being a limited edition for subscribers of the magazine.
25/09/2005, 17:20pm GMT
Thanks to Jack for making a great Barty Crouch Jr wallpaper for all of our visitors to download. The photo is of Barty at the Wizengamot court trial and can be found in the Official Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire 2006 Calendar.
25/09/2005, 17:14pm GMT
The final caps from Episode 6 of Blackpool can be seen here. All of the Blackpool caps can be seen in in the Photos section.
24/09/2005, 21:00pm GMT
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Many thanks to Danielle for this fabulous photo of David as Barty Crouch Jr.
22/09/2005, 09:50am GMT
Our thanks go again to Simon from our forums for posting this HQ version of the Barty Crouch JR pic!
21/09/2005, 16:53pm GMT
Another quick update today. The Members Only section has a choice of exclusive Blackpool wallpapers to download.  Plus many thanks to Janet for sending us a new interview with David which you can read here.
18/09/2005, 19:06pm GMT
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Another picture of David as Barty Crouch JR has appeared, this time in a Japanese magazine. Many thanks to Simon from our forums for posting this earlier today.
18/09/2005, 14:34pm GMT
Some more Blackpool caps, this time from Episode 5 are here for your viewing pleasure.
17/09/2005, 10:13am GMT
Just a quick update today, I've uploaded some caps I made from Episode 4 of Blackpool here, to see the other caps from Episodes,1, 2 and 3 click here.
16/09/2005, 14:19pm GMT
Image of David Tennant as Doctor Who and Billie Piper as RoseThe competition to win tickets to have dinner with the Doctor has closed, but you can still go if you've got 100 to spend!  BBC Wales and Children In Need are organising a Special Galactic Dinner with Doctor Who, his assistant Rose plus a Dalek in attendance. You could also meet Roy Noble and Kath Martin from BBC Wales.
The dinner will take place on Friday 14 October at the fabulous Holland House Hotel in Newport Road, Cardiff and tickets are on sale for 100 per head, with profits going to Children In Need.
If you'd like to book tickets, call 029 2032 3855.
16/09/2005, 06:47am GMT
Have you got a burning question that you would like David to answer? Well hopefully we can help. Jack from Team Tennant came up with the wonderful idea of for gathering lots of fans questions, queries etc and asking David if he would be kind enough to answer them. It's simple really, just fill in the form here and we will add your question to the list that we will then send to David's agent. Then fingers crossed the man himself, if he's not too busy killing Cybermen!, might have time to answer a few! We can but hope and try!
15/09/2005, 20:08pm GMT
Three new Doctor Who books will be released in the spring of 2006 featuring the Tenth Doctor as played by David Tennant. The novels include "The Genesis Casket" by Justin Richards, "The Ultimate Prophet" by Jacqueline Rayner and "Feast of the Drowned" by Stephen Cole.
15/09/2005, 16:34pm GMT
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Here is an eagerly anticipated glimpse of David Tennant as Barty Crouch Jr. David is featured in the new Goblet Of Fire trailer. You can download it here.
Many thanks to Judith and Jayann for posting it on our forums earlier today.
15/09/2005, 16:24pm GMT
The Doctor Who section has been updated with some 'spoilers' about the new series, you can read about them here. We have a new Fan Of The Month and we've tried to answer more of questions on the You Ask Us page.
I have also updated the diary page with info on the channel 4 screening of the short film, One Eyed Jacques, which David stars in alongside his Secret Smile co star Kate Ashfield.
14/09/2005, 16:12pm GMT
The new issue of DWM is out tomorrow. The official site has this to say:

Find out exactly what the kids thought of the new series of Doctor Who. Did they take to the Ninth Doctor and Rose? Did they find the Daleks scary? And what about that oh-so-cute Space Pig?

Also in this issue - production designer Edward Thomas takes an episode-by-episode look at the last series; a peek at how the new Doctor Who exhibition on Brighton Pier was created; and a chat with authors Justin Richards, Gareth Roberts and Steve Lyons about their latest Doctor Who novels.

Meanwhile, in the third part of The Cruel Sea, the new comic strip adventure written by TV writer Robert Shearman, things take a turn for the surreal. Just what is real and what is imaginary?

Plus there's a chat with the Doctor Who Confidential producers; a sneak preview of BBC Audio's Doctor Who At the BBC - Volume 3; and for one issue only, script editor Helen Raynor takes over Production Notes.

Also on the Doctor Who theme, Volume 4, of the  Series 1 DVD set is out now. It features the episode Parting Of The Ways, which was of course David's debut as the Doctor. Amazon have it here for 9.99.

11/09/2005, 14:47pm GMT
Ever fancied having dinner with a Dalek? Possibly not, but we bet you fancy having dinner with the new Doctor? Yes? Well here's how you could be doing just that. BBC Radio Wales are running a competition and one lucky listener will win a pair of tickets for a charity dinner attended by among others, David Tennant and Billie Piper. This is what their website says:
BBC Wales and Children In Need are organising a Special Galactic Dinner with Doctor Who, his assistant Rose plus a Dalek in attendance. The dinner will take place on Friday 14 October and tickets will be on sale for 100 per head. The ticketline will open this Friday on Roy Noble's programme but as usual BBC Radio Wales is ahead of the game and has a pair of the hottest tickets in town up for grabs.

To be in with a chance of winning tickets for this special evening, all you have to do is phone our message line on 08700 100 120 or
email us  with your question for the Time Lord. Yes, Doctor Who (David Tennant), is yours to quiz.

If you're the lucky winner you even get overnight accommodation in a luxury hotel in Cardiff plus a space at the same table as Roy Noble and Kath Martin. Now it doesn't get better than that!

The two finalists will be announced on Roy Noble's programme on Friday 16 September and will then battle it out on the
Afternoon Show with Alan Thompson later that day. So get in touch and you could be taking off in the Tardis!
10/09/2005, 09:39am GMT
Many thanks to Claire from our forum who spotted that the wonderful Tom Baker mentioned David in his Monarch Of The Glen press release:
"Well, let's face it, this country is littered with Dr Whos at the moment, starting with Christopher Eccleston," he jokes. "I haven't seen the new series, but then I didn't watch it when I was in it either, so I'm not about to study someone else being him.
"I am really pleased it has done so well. I saw some pictures of David Tennant the other day and I thought he'd got a lovely face. It will be interesting to see how he goes from classical lothario into a timelord," ponders the 72-year-old actor. 
Tom has already spoken kindly of David in July he told a newspaper,  "It makes me feel very happy and proud.
"I have caught a glimpse of Tennant and he has a kind of mercurial quality.
"I suppose it's star quality. You can believe he has secrets. I'm looking forward to David being hugely successful."
10/09/2005, 09:37am GMT
I have uploaded some caps from David's L.A Without A Map interview here.
09/09/2005, 13:21pm GMT
Casanova  (ABC)
Thanks to Myke for letting us know that Casanova will be released on DVD in Australia on 6th October 2005. You can order it online here.

04/09/2005, 14:26pm GMT
Thanks to Simon from our forum who has discovered that the Quatermass Experiment DVD will be released on 24th October 2005. You can pre order it here.