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Chic Options is based between Wirral and North London.
Our aim is to bring you individual and tasteful items that will complement your home and improve your living space.
Postal Design Service:
Bored of your decor, need new ideas for your home?
Simply supply us with the details and for just 55 per room one of our designers will send you design tips and ideas on wallpapers, paints, fabrics and flooring.
Please include a photograph of the room, tell us the purpose of the space, the dimensions and what your budget is. Likes and dislikes may also be included.
Send all info to
Home Consultation:
Our home consultation service is currently fully booked.
Sourcing Service:
We also provide a service where we will source a particular item for you for a nominal finding fee of just 60.
Just email us the details of the item. Eg: Bookcase for study. Vintage china for kitchen and we'll cut out the hard work for you!

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