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David Tennant

In this section you can download MP3 audio files of David Tennant's audio work.
The audios are sepearted into seperate categories and include interviews with David as well as many radio plays and audio books.

Watch clips of David in interviews, short films and more...
Listen to David in plays, interviews, commentries and more...

David Tennant spoke to Doctor Who executive producer and show-runner Russell T Davies in a special programme for Radio 2 broadcast just days before the Time Lord's latest regeneration.
Download the show here.

David joined Russell T Davies and Julie Gardner in Los Angeles to post their regular 'radio postcards' to BBC Radio Wales listeners. Listen here.

Listen to David Tennant during his guest presenting stint on Absolute Radio here.

"When David Tennant was a boy, he tells Kirsty Young, he kept a little book in which he noted what was in the pop charts each week. Once he was given a big box of chocolates and he entered all of the contents and marked off what he'd eaten and when. He was, he confesses, a geek. But it was as a youthful geek that he announced to his parents that he wanted to be Doctor Who. The rest is time-and-relative-dimensions-in-space history."
Download the show here.

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